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Hi I am interested in submission wrestling . I will be moving to dallas fort worth area soon.



  1. Sweden, Sigtuna kommun
  2. India, Bengaluru
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Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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sailorboy is recommended by Dogfighter5

I had the privilege meeting and wrestling this impressive young man yesterday. He pocesses all of the qualities that are required to be a fantastic wrestler and is on his way of being just that! That's just the tip of the iceberg because he also pocesses all of the qualities required to be an outstanding, high quality, ethical person which seems to be a rare and unique combo these days. We had been scheduling a training day together for a few weeks and then only two hours before our get together we got a surprise! It's very, very rare when the brilliant dual Med student from both Brown and Harvard Provwrslr is able to leave his studies and roll. Next thing I new I had two dynamic sub wrestlers on my mats and the three of us went to town. These two guys are just so impressive on so many levels. We trained several technique variations and did some free rolling. It was cool to have one man out watching and critiquing from the side line and always ready to jump in if one of us needed a break. The hours flew by and I do believe we all had a great workout and took home with us stronger and more refined technique. Some fantastic conversation as well. I mean just think of the combined IQs of these two thank god I was there someone had to bring that number down! Lol I had a blast!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by sailorboy

I met Todd a few days back at his place in Rhode Island, I have been excited to meet him, given his long history in combat sports. I was even for lucky to meet Provwrestler, a strong kid with some very good potential to be a good wrestler. We spent most of our time drilling and practicing a few techniques. Todd is awesome with his techniques. we rolled around for about an hour. He is an even better person to speak to. I noticed that despite being strong he is careful to scale down the intensity of the roll, based on his opponents skill level and strength, and is very careful in ensuring that the other guys has a good experience. He is an even greater pleasure to talk to. He is one guy with who one could have conversations for a while. he also has a good setup and is a gracious host. It was great meeting these two guys and I look forward to meeting them again in future.



sailorboy is recommended by jtidix

Had a great time rolling with Sailorboy. He's strong and explosive, but uses those attributes to back up good technique as opposed to flailing wildly. Solid on his positional basics. Great guy, very easy to interact with. Looking forward to rolling with him again.



jtidix is recommended by sailorboy

Met Joe at his place. He is definitely the best technically sound grappler I have met. he is strong.. but more importantly he uses his technique very well. I thoroughly enjoyed our match. He is also an awesome person to meet to talk to. I would certainly recommend him and I plan to roll with him more often.



sailorboy is recommended by ramesh

Sailorboy is one of the strongest guys i have wrestled with. He is very friendly, personable guy off mat and a very tough opponent on mat. He is very easy to set match with and showed up on time for match. We had memorable interesting conversations during match. I highly recommend match with him if you ever come over this way.