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Love working a guy over with gut punches, testing his limits. I'm told I hit like a bigger guy.

If you're really not interested or just a fantasylander, don't waste either of our time and just say so. Examples of time wasters: ProWrestler12, PA_wrestler.



Fetishes: Gut punching, Nipple play


  1. USA - Washington, Des Moines
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Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

No holds barred No holds barred

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ruinurabs is recommended by 165er

This guy met me where I was at - took it slow at first and gradually got more forceful. I think with his mentoring I can learn to take multiple hard punches in the gut; the hardest part was not punching him back! I appreciate his great attitude.



165er is recommended by ruinurabs

Did well for his first time getting gut punched. Absorbed a lot for a beginner. I know he'll take more in time. Definitely fun to meet up with.



ProWrestler12 is not recommended by ruinurabs

  • Unreliable / no show



ruinurabs is recommended by homoabnormative

If you are a true GP jobber, do NOT pass up the chance to let ruinurabs give you a real challenge. He can mix it up with not just hard punches (his left is lethal) but medicine-ball drops, trampling, knees to the midsection, whacks with a mallet, etc. A great guy who will push you within and/or just beyond your limits. Very cool to talk to as well.



homoabnormative is recommended by ruinurabs

What you see is what you get ... a fun, hot guy who can ABsorb a LOT of abuse. One of the more durable and fun guys I've ever gotten to pound on.



ruinurabs is recommended by Dunlabp2

Good guy-great puncher and very easy to get along with. Had a good session-which I had to abbreviate for personal reasons(which he was very understanding of)-but I totally recommend him if anyone's looking to be worked to their limit. I would certainly be willing to meet again!



Dunlabp2 is recommended by ruinurabs

As advertised ... hard bodied guy who can take hard gut punches. Nice guy. Looking forward to working him over again some day.



ruinurabs is recommended by ctrwash

Finally met this man after 6 years. What a great guy! Skilled and direct with his punches, and one of few guys who gave me bruises! He's strong, confident, with a hot build. And a super person. We will be doing this again.



ctrwash is recommended by ruinurabs

Bob's a good, durable punchee. Hit him with most everything, and he kept right on going. Enjoyable session. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a good human punching bag.



ruinurabs is recommended by dantiandf

Dave was fantastic – friendly, focused, and respectful of my desire to start easy and get harder we went. He's a great puncher ... I worked up a good sweat! And I'm psyched to let him have a go at my abs again.



dantiandf is recommended by ruinurabs

Dantiandf is exactly as advertised: tough and can take a great deal of punishment. He's a nice guy on top of it. Looking forward to the next time I get to work him over again with gut and pec punches.



Keiffa is recommended by ruinurabs

Fun session with a nice guy. Solid, but loves taking it as relaxed as possible.



ruinurabs is recommended by FtLaudFL4GP

Exactly as he presents himself, strong and gives it well. Meeting was great!



FtLaudFL4GP is recommended by ruinurabs

Fun and durable. Can take a lot of abuse. Great attitude. Don't miss out on working him over.



Cylus is recommended by ruinurabs

Cylus was amazing for only his second time out. He took a lot of good, hard abuse ... and I know he could have taken even more.

Looking forward to our next session.