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(April 2018) Looking for buddies to get rough and sweaty with - locally in Sydney or for those visiting - I will do my best to make time. Good muscle on muscle ...fairly evenly matched challenges, mostly. If you're located somewhere I may be traveling I will certainly try to hook up. Nothing planned at this time however. My apologies, but not able to give much time for chat either.



  1. Australia, Sydney
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Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (172 cm), 212 lbs (96 kg)

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CasualWrestler ruffnhard zz9zza

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roughbuddy is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

roughbuddy lives up to his name, more muscular in person than in the pics, a definitely must meet up and hope to meet him again in the states



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by roughbuddy

rasslin_bodybuilder and I have met on a couple occasions. We hit it off right away. He is easy going and fun to roll with. He is flexible and can take a beating as well as show you plenty of moves. We are evenly matched in size and strength. He is an impressive and solid guy worth a match.



roughbuddy is recommended by ruffnhard

Roughbuddy is the perfect name for this fighter I met a while ago... a buddy who likes to take it as rough as he gives it!
Strong, muscled, powerful, and happy to give and take body blows whilst in a hold.
Recommended for a good hard grunting and groaning good time!



ruffnhard is recommended by roughbuddy

This man is as tough and strong as he looks. Watch out for those vice-grip legs. He is a thick bull and difficult to get a hold on.... but great guy and really enjoyed getting to know him as well. In spite of being beat up; I'll be back for more.



roughbuddy is recommended by CasualWrestler

This guy is the real deal, muscle and skill to spare.
It's like trying to wrestle a tank at times but he's careful and respectful and made it a brilliant experience. Highly recommend him to anyone and look forward to trying to pin this guy in the future.



CasualWrestler is recommended by roughbuddy

CasualWrestler and I had attempted to meet once prior and I was unable to do so. We had met another weekend in Sydney while out at an event and vowed to make a match happen. Glad we could finally do so. He is a great guy who I can now count amongst my friends and we had a good even struggle at his hotel. Safe and sane, sweaty and challenging.... we definitely will be meeting again down the track, both to wrestle and to hang out.



roughbuddy is recommended by zz9zza

This bloke has definitely put in the hard yards at the gym, it's like fighting a block of granite. Throws himself into it like he's never been away. I'm honoured to have been his first return match, loved every minute of it, definitely on my rematch list.



zz9zza is recommended by roughbuddy

I was very excited to meet this big guy and to get on the mats again after a long time off. Happy to say, that I was not disappointed at all and, in fact, would call him a friend. I was outmatched by his vast experience and gave up 10 kilos (over 20 pounds) in weight. In spite of not getting any submissions. I would like to think I was a challenge in strength. I am now eager for more matches... so watch out big guy!