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Hi there !

I'm a gay married man living in the Thames Valley and working in London. Always liked wrestling and have had a fair number of bouts over the years, and though not technical in any way, have plenty of enthusiasm for the sport.

Love most styles except pro and can wrestle from competitive through to erotic - but whatever the scene, it has to be fun for both guys.I especially love nude oilwrestling,mudwrestling, tests of strength, frottage and cockfighting - and am happy to wrestle either nude or in fairly minimal gear (always barefooted).

Cannot accommodate (wife knows I am gay and that I wrestle), but can travel within reason. Wrestling is a great way to make friends with other guys and of bonding. Ex marathon runner - also swim regularly and have a wide range of interests.

Thanks for reading this.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship
Fetishes: Want sex, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting


  1. United Kingdom, London
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Age: 65-year-old Gay Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 215 lbs (98 kg)

Languages spoken: Czech, English, French

Gear: Nude or brief thongs

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romanhero is recommended by Traithe

Graham is a strong and skilled wrestler who puts up a good match, I'd be happy to meet up again and I can definitely recommend him.
Off the mats he's a nice and friendly fellow, and always pleasant to chat with.



Traithe is recommended by romanhero

Jonathan is a great guy to wrestle - very strong, very proficient and far better than I was. Even though I sloshed on as much oil as possible in order to try to reduce his efficiency, it was to no avail and even though I was not pinned or forced to submit, there was no doubting who was the better wrestler !

Off the mats, he is a very nice person - intelligent, easy to chat to and very friendly - and there is much that an old timer like me could learn from him. If you want a really good wrestle and workout, I cannot do better than to suggest him as an opponent. Next time, I will have to use even more oil or suggest that we wrestle in mud ! 😉

Thanks Jon - that was great fun ! 😀



romanhero is recommended by blackwrestleruk

Met Graham at a north London matroom.
He's a very friendly and easy-going guy.
He won't admit it but he's also very strong in fact, stronger than I am.
We had been in contact for a while so it was really nice to finally meet for a private wrestle. We had fun horny session which I'm sure will happen again.
A real gentlemen on and off the mats!!



blackwrestleruk is recommended by romanhero

I met Ken at Barnet and he is worthy of all the past plaudits handed out by his previous opponents.

He is a great guy with a good body, very skilled at wrestling and much more technically adapt than I am, even though smaller in build. Not only is he a good wrestler, who is happy to pass on his knowledge, but he is also very easy to talk to both on and off the mats as well as being totally reliable.

I cannot rate anyone more highly than Ken - thoroughly recommended !



romanhero is recommended by davyboy1964

Well what can i say.i met romanhero at chariots and what a delight it was.although limited for space graham showed me some moves.which when we next wrestle i will be applying all of them on him.graham is a true gentleman and a true friend and i look forward to round 2.i recommend him to anyone



davyboy1964 is recommended by romanhero

I met up with Dave last week and he is exactly what he says on the tin - very friendly, totally reliable, slim and in good shape - and although a comparative newcomer to wrestling, was keen to learn the various holds, which he will no doubt apply on me in the future !

Dave is a very personable guy, easy to talk to and is thoroughly recommended both as a wrestler and a friend !



luchadad is recommended by romanhero

I frequently wrestled Tony many years ago and I can only reiterate what others have said - he is a great guy, very friendly, good wrestler and good company both on and off the mats.

I am only sorry that our paths have not crossed for so many years as I would happily take him on again.

If you get the chance to meet him, jump at it !!!



romanhero is recommended by hammersmithuk

Have known Grahame for many years and we have wrestled many times. He is a really nice man, courteous and great to be with on the mat. Totally sane and safe, and a great wrestle.



hammersmithuk is recommended by romanhero

Mark is an extremely nice guy, who is everything he says he is. He is courteous and reliable, a worthy wrestling opponent and well worth the time of those who share his wrestling interests (like I do). Highly recommended !



gazst is recommended by romanhero

I have met Gaz individually and at group meets, and he is a very reliable and nice guy. For his size, he is strong, and although we were not matched in body size, he put up some very tough resistance. I recommend him to anyone who wants a good wrestling match.



crabladder is recommended by romanhero

Derek is a really great guy - the perfect host, friendly, very fit, extremely easy to get along with and someone who loves his wrestling. We wrestled in oil and despite the size difference, I had a great time. He is safe and sane and very adaptable to the needs of his opponent - one of my best ever wrestling experiences. Thanks a lot D - highly recommended ! I definitely hope to meet him again.



romanhero is recommended by Oilman

Romanhero (Graham) is a big guy (6'3") but uses his size in a totally safe and sane way. He likes to discuss beforehand and is happy to adapt his game to ensure a great match for both guys. Had a great wrestle and am sure we'll meet again sometime. So highly recommended for bigger and smaller guys alike!



Oilman is recommended by romanhero

What can I say about Adam that others have not already said ? He is a great guy, full of energy and enthusiasm for the sport and we had a great grapple with plenty of grunting and groaning, despite our difference in size. He is also very friendly, easy to talk to and made me feel at home immediately - in short, the perfect host.I feel I have made a new friend as well as wrestling opponent, and I certainly intend to meet him again. Thank you so much Adam !



romanhero is recommended by wrestling4fun

I'd thoroughly recommend RomanHero as an opponent. We met for a 3- and 4-way tag match (naked and in oil) that was horny, playful, fun and intense. He's a great, reliable and friendly guy who loves to wrestle, so don't miss the opportunity to take him on!



wrestling4fun is recommended by romanhero

Richard is great fun !!!

He is a very hot wrestler, very strong for his size and not afraid to tackle a bigger guy such as myself with a huge amount of enthusiasm for the sport and a good degree of technical skill (which I wish I could match).

Not only did he make our match great fun (it was nude in oil and was very hot and sweaty), but he is also a very nice guy to go with it as well as being reliable and friendly.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for any type of match, and hope I'll get the chance of a rematch at some stage.



Daveyse21 is recommended by romanhero

David is a really nice, friendly wrestler, who belies his size with his fun and feisty attitude to the sport.

I had a great match with him and although I had a big body size advantage over him, he nonetheless could show me a thing or two about how to escape from holds, and how to apply some quite telling holds on me too !!! Believe me, I needed the oil to make sure that I couls shift him !!!

He is also a great guy - friendly and reliable - and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for a match. Hopefully, I'll be able to take him on again sometime soon.



romanhero is recommended by Bearhuggruk

roman hero is a great fella and the tangles we have had have been really hot - ignore those so so pics - once he gets his gear on hes a monster!!!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by romanhero

I've wrestled Matthew a couple of times now and he is a great guy ! He is strong, knows plenty of moves and can really get into the pro-style scene, as well as being equally responsive to other scenarios.

He is reliable, friendly and fun, with a good sense of humour, and interesting to talk to off the mats as well.

Well worth wrestling !



romanhero is recommended by musclemarkuk

Met Graham last night at Iains for a oil match up. Excellent evening with a reliable big strong man. Anytime u ready for a rematch so u can try get out of those holds feel free to let me know . :-))



musclemarkuk is recommended by romanhero

I met Mark last night and had a really good evening with him. He is a very strong guy with a lot of technical knowledge of wrestling, and also a great guy to know both on and off the mats.The oil undoubtedly helped me more than it did him,but hey, you have to try to equalise things a bit if you don't have as much natural ability as your opponent ! Thoroughly recommended for a great match.



Funfightingneil is recommended by romanhero

I can only reiterate what Little John has said below.

Neil and I met last August and had a great time. He is a very friendly guy,reliable, very genuine and easy to get along with,and he is also very strong, as well as being an adept wrestler.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting a good match and I hope to meet him again when time permits.



Virgowrestler is recommended by romanhero

I can only reiterate what just about everyone above has said - Shawn is a really great guy, very friendly, extremely skilled as a wrestler (he completely outclassed me, as I had expected he would !)and everything which it says on the box.

He is also very understanding about the differing levels of wrestling ability which we all have,and went out of his way to make sure that we had a great time, which I certainly did ! Many many thanks Shawn.

Thoroughly recommended and genuine.



mikeswuk is recommended by romanhero

Of all my past opponents, Mike is probably the guy I know better than any other and I think we've had seven or eight matches over the years, many in oil and all, without exception, fun.I was Mike's first ever opponent some years ago at Hendon, and I have seen an enormous improvement in his wrestling skills, strength and technique, since our early battles.Needless to say, despite my height and weight advantage,I don't find it at all easy against him now and technically, he is far my superior, though we still sweat profusely when we battle.

In addition, Mike is a great guy - friendly and reliable - and he certainly won't let you down when you take him on. Give him a go - you'll enjoy it !



romanhero is recommended by Little John

Thanks for the recommendation Graham. Guys I can thoroughly recommend Graham. He is very friendly, reliable and strong (and hot) on the mats. Can't remember the actual result but maybe thats just selective memory kicking in.....:-)



Little John is recommended by romanhero

John is a great guy - have wrestled him a couple of times and the matches were fun as well as hot. He is very friendly and reliable,is as his description states, and is well worth your time.Good guy to know !