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MizzouriGrizzly, Love wrestling in any shape or form –
Like meeting new guys on the mats, no matter skill level, I can learn from the best and teach the rest –
Love give&take matches, like submission, grappling, promission, and pro-fantasy, basically take off your shirt, shut up and wrestle...i'm happy

have access to mats, 12x12 wrestling ring; flexible schedule, travel w/i StLouis metro area = FAVORITES are guys that i am VERY interested in tapping out...or person

i'm safe/sane/discreet - can be easy going or as intense as you want me to be

some skill in JiuJitsu and Judo, grappling for five years, pro-trained in a ring [novice]

not into talking about wrestling...i want to meet and sweat - your call
I can not host, but can help w/ acommodations.




Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking to coach
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Folkstyle, Arm wrestling, Going to matches, Pool wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Photo swapping
Fetishes: Spandex, Gut punching, Rip and strip, Muscle worship


  1. USA - Missouri, St. Louis
    Place of residence
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I am willing to travel 75 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 51-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Gear: speedo, singlet, barefoot, wrestling shoes, pro boots, mask, etc.

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Sumo Sumo
Judo Judo

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rassler 315 is recommended by GrappleVA

My holiday season was made merrier with the advent of Grizz into the jobbers...err...wrestlers that I’ve had the pleasure of dominating...err...meeting.

Grizz is a wrestler’s wrestler and gets my highest recommendation. On and off the mats, you couldn’t ask for a more gracious host or capable grappler. He has a vast arsenal of holds at his disposal - and he suffers well in each of them. Grizz will be on the losing end of a few squash jobs in the future, but I don’t think he’ll mind.

If you’re ever in the Midwest, one word: barbecue. Another word: Grizz. Make them happen. You won’t be disappointed.



GrappleVA is recommended by rassler 315

GrappleVA...where you been all my wrestling career?
This guy is the genuine package of skill, technique, attitude, strength, stamina, and the drop dead good look in boots & trunks.
100% recommend him for those that want to sweat, wrestle, and can swallow their pride losing to a better man.
Our history has 'just' begun...




St Louis wrestler is recommended by rassler 315

Just circumstance we both love wrestling and have been wrestling for so long, but only met up for the first time. Suffice to say, I have found a new sparring partner. Two thumbs Up!!
- Grizz



rassler 315 is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

I had a great time wrestling against rassler_315 and look forward to a rematch soon.



rassler 315 is recommended by daveinillinois

Grizz is a great guy on and off the mat. He is a bit bigger than me but brought it down to my level and safe and sane. It was fun wrestling him alone and the two on one against him as well. I look forward to wrestling him again when I get to St Louis.



daveinillinois is recommended by rassler 315

I was introduced to Daveinillinois by a mutual friend in grappling, and was delighted to find another true warrior that enjoys the thrill of going at it with another man, exchange of holds, jockeying of positions, until one gives in, rest 30 seconds and go at it again. I can't wait to roll with him again and again. +++



rassler 315 is recommended by moto60

Always a great time with Grizz. Wrestled a few times with him several years ago. It's a shame our schedules haven't meshed recently. He always manages to wrestle to the level of his competition. Good time by all



Nightmare01 is recommended by rassler 315

Nightmare is a great kid, big canoe size feet - that he uses to stomp and work over his lesser opponents. He's learning the ropes quick, takes to it naturally, and is a budding heel for sure. He enjoys the contact and learning holds and finishes, and he has the imagination that makes him so much freak'n fun to roll with; never a dull moment. I recommend him for some pro fun and look forward to meeting up again.



rassler 315 is recommended by fig4man

Finally met the Grizz after a few months of emails... A real blast to wrestle..We had a great pro bout. He can dish it out and take it..Cant wait for rematch with my new buddy



fig4man is recommended by rassler 315

fig4man, never put me in a figure four, but damn....he worked every other body part, old school brawler, knows how to break it down and make it real on the mats. he's awesome guy, great shape, and highly recommended by the GRIZZ!!



rassler 315 is recommended by SurreyGuy

Rassler 315 is a great guy to wrestle - strong guy but safe and sane with it. He's just starting out in boxing too. Happy to recommend if you get to St. Louis and hope to have a rematch sometime in a ring.



rassler 315 is recommended by CountryDudeSoIL79

This man is a TANK!!!!! Had an awesome time sparring, grappling and rasslin The Grizz! He showed me how to have a great time and loved making him submit and tap out. It was an honor to lock holds with him and even more just getting to meet and hang out with this champ! I look forward to many more bouts and matches with The Grizz!



rassler 315 is recommended by carolina wrestler

We had a great MATCH, in fact two! We both have been wanting this all star match for many years and finally the eastern champion met the midwest champion and what a match it was with plenty of holds and testing the strength of each other. We both respected each other and we fought with mutual respect for each other. It is always great to meet one who shares the passion of wrestling and Rassler 315 does indeed. I enjoyed my time with this all time great and we have become tag team partners so we are eager to meet others willing to challenge us!!!!!!



rassler 315 is recommended by piledriverva

Grizz vs. Earthquake

A hot match on a quick trip to St. Louis. Hotel match was hot back and forth match. Grizz was a polite, courteous, and kind enough to take a few pictures of our match. We even had dinner after our match. I can't wait for a rematch!!



piledriverva is recommended by rassler 315

PiledriverVa is a beast....nicknamed him 'EARTHQUAKE' as he shakes the mats when he steps on, ready to rumble. He's strong, powerful, not afraid to bring the fight. His attitude is cool, confident, and likable - - - he's tough, and can finish a match. I look forward to our rematch - - - Grizz



rassler 315 is recommended by Txbigb

Always enthusiastic about wrestling. This guy can teach submission, pro, any kind of wrestling you're into. Always friends and always ready to wrestle. I wish I could wrestle this guy more often. Strong and stocky! A real powerhouse. I strongly recommend this guy to anyone who is into wrestling.



Txbigb is recommended by rassler 315

TXBullPup and i have wrestled about five times, each time he impresses me with his stamina, strength, and determination to defeat me. He was learned to leverage and maximize his strengths and has improved every meeting. He is good guy, personable, and easy to roll with. No ego here, he just loves to wrestle. he has singlet, wrestling shoes, and the willingness to give 100% on the mats. - Grizz



rassler 315 is recommended by usawrestler

Is a great guy to wrestle. taught me some good wrestling moves. I enjoyed our match .Can"t wait till our next match 2 see what he is going 2 do 2 get even



usawrestler is recommended by rassler 315

First match jitters are gone, USAwrestler worked me over in headscissor barage of attacks, clawed my pecs, and grinded me in a bulldog headlock...
ding ding




rassler 315 is recommended by bones

great lucky to have finally met him..just wish we had more time to roll

love trading garden pic's!!.....LOL



bones is recommended by rassler 315

Check one off my bucket-list...'Bones' is a mountain of a wrestling opponent. He's a true gentleman off the mats and a tenacious opponent on the mats. I hope we wrestle again and often, he's the REAL DEAL. - Grizz



rassler 315 is recommended by makeyoutap

Rolled with this legendary beast on his home turf and he schooled me! Strong as heck with authentic grappling skills to match. Taught me some pro stuff also. He's patient, kind, and a monster on the mats. This Bulldog looks forward to locking up with the Grizz again!



makeyoutap is recommended by rassler 315

"Bulldog" is his wrestling name y'all....he is the REAL DEAL. Totally fit guy, strong, quick, athletic, and personable to the max. This guy is familiar with rolling and submission, but just getting in to "pro" moves and chain wrestling. Totally recommend Bulldog for a great workout, he will not give in or give up.
"Bones" and "Digger" you have your work cut out for you men.



rassler 315 is recommended by Slater Jackson

One of my favorite pro ring matches ever! Grizz is the real deal. A powerhouse and super fun to take on. Super cool out of the ring. Look forward to our next bout.



rassler 315 is recommended by jackbouvier

GREAT pro rassler



jackbouvier is recommended by rassler 315

i enjoy wrestling this veteran of the mats and ring. He's savvy yet vulnerable, easy to roll with. Thanks for the match Jackie B.




Anyway11 is recommended by rassler 315

I met Anyway for a match, he's quick, strong, big and quick learner. After showing him a few basic submission holds, guillotine, keylock, Americana, Kimora..he was tapping me out!
I would very much enjoy another match with the BIG CAT.



rassler 315 is recommended by ringmaster

An institution in the Midwest wrestling scene. Powerfully built, he is knowledgeable too. Whatever style you want, he can do it. We wrestled for hours. Highly recommended.



rassler 315 is recommended by HeadSqueezeKing

I've had at least four matches with Rassler 315. What a great guy! Nice, kind, respectful...until you get on the mats. Then watch out. This guy will turn you every way but loose. And once he has the quadroplex locked on, it's all over. Love working each other over and look forward to the next time!



HeadSqueezeKing is recommended by rassler 315

Iron Mike
one of the first guys i wrestled on a road trip. His crystal blue eyes and Hulk Hogan size chest...made the trip worth it. looking for a great, wrenching headlock...? Iron Mike has the best, he's great guy on/off mats to know and call my friend. I have wrestled him several times, and everytime gets better.



rassler 315 is recommended by Virgowrestler

One great guy, fun and strong! Had a blast wrestling Grizz! Highly recommended for anyone who wants a good fun match!



Virgowrestler is recommended by rassler 315

Shawn is incredible...fed him coffee, chilichees dogs for breakfast...after a smoke...he then proceeded to 'school' me in grappling, submission and general mat skills...he is a phenom on the mats. Try as I might, I never put him in jeopardy once...he's the KING of the mats; and I his humble servant. --- GRIZZ



rassler 315 is recommended by Want2fight

Mike and I met today before I had to attend a meeting. II had the best time with this man! He can certainly take whatever I dish out and that my friends is a big plus in my book! I'm looking forward to bruising and getting bruised up by him again!!11
A great man off the mats and nice to look at, tooo!



rassler 315 is recommended by Raywrestle

rassler 315 or the Grizz is a super nice guy off the mat. On the mat, he is a great wrestler who also gives hints of what to do for people with less experience. He is super strong and knows many holds. I can't wait to wrestle with him again. I recommend him to anyone who wants a great wrestling experience.



rassler 315 is recommended by Steve Shock

What can I say
Met the Grizz on latest trip to US
phone call to my hotel room and match was set up
a pleasure to meet the man great wrestler can take the punishment as well as give it out
plenty long holds sweat can't wait to meet this wrestler again
genuine nice guy off the mats

glad to know this wrestler can admit when he was beat
another match is def on the cards
just loved wrestling this guy !!!!



Steve Shock is recommended by rassler 315

The GRIZZ met the UK Steve Shock...was supposed to be in a ring, but time restraints complicated matters, so the GRIZZ showed up at SS's hotel and pile drove him, tossed him around, slamming him repeatedly across his bed...just when he was about to cover the for the cocky 'five' count, SS pulls out a low-blow, turning the tide, relentlessly working over the Grizz...chokes, chops, and dirty tactics, not to mention the incessent trash-talking...for a little guy, he TALKS BIG...end result? the war betwee the USA and UK is very much alive, begging a rematch - and i hope, very soon.
Steve is a true gentleman, but crafty not underestimate him, or he'll have you pinned, pummeled, and prone.



rassler 315 is recommended by coboxerbear

I cannot even begin to make the list of why you should meet up with rassler315 - or THE GRIZZ as he is known to the world. He is unbelievably friendly. He took the time to show me (a wrestling novice) some sub and pro moves. Granted, there was so much information to take in, it kind of just whirrled around in my head. But the fact that he tookt the time to do this for me just shows what a class gentleman hs is.

If you have the opportunity to be in STL and meet him, I hope you do. Meeting him is worth the trip. He is definitely one of the best guys I have met in this site.



coboxerbear is recommended by rassler 315

OX,[coboxerbear] is a great guy, great body, and eager to learn grappling holds. We developed a friendship long before we tied up and wrestled and will keep in touch no matter - I recommend him for boxing or grappling meets. - GRIZZ



rassler 315 is recommended by Brown Bomber

this is the BEST no question about it. My favorite guy to heel me and even let's me return the favor once and a while. He enjoys what he does and I enjoy it as well.



Chicago Wrestler is recommended by rassler 315

The Hungarian HAMMER - as i know him...has faced off w/ the Mizzouri Grizzly three times. He is one of the biggest, beefiest, brawling bears you could ever meet.
Strong, good endurance, likes to own the action, but he's found the GRIZZ a bit hard to tame...he get's mauled and still comes back for more.
He's a welcome site on my mats anytime. A true gentleman, competitor, and friend.



rassler 315 is recommended by DarkGnH

Rassler315 - THE MizzouriGrizzly is a great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle. On top of being strong and powerful, he is willing to teach and give pointers here and there when one desires. This Brawler also has a range of explosive moves as well. A great guy who gave a novice like myself a great experience. I recommend to anyone who is passing thru StL to challenge him, you'll have a blast!



DarkGnH is recommended by rassler 315

Drkgnh is a true competitor...not many guys jump the GRIZZ from behind and live to tell about it, this guy did.
He's strong as the day is long, fit, powerful, and a very very decent man. He's true to the sport, and he treats everyone with respect. Just dont make him mad...or you might see the BlackAttack mode. 100% recommended by the GRIZZ in StLouis.



rassler 315 is recommended by Ringmuscle

Went Bear hunting and found me a hell of a rassler! Big chest big legs lots of hair (good for pulling) and a great guy under the mask. I HIGHLY recommend this bruiser to one and all!



Ringmuscle is recommended by rassler 315

There was a movie a few years back, the 'PERFECT STORM' - well just imagine the PERFECT BODY, the PERFECT ATTITUDE, and the PERFECT GENTLEMAN...well almost perfect...ALL collide in a pair of Lycra trunks - - - you have this guy - he's the best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be



rassler 315 is recommended by flscw

Grizz is one of the nicest guys you could meet. Excellent coach! But he knows wrestling and will push you to your limits to get him to tap. Built like a tank and will mow you down! The best!



flscw is recommended by rassler 315

flscw is a rookie but no one I know - has more determination and drive. He loves to learn new holds, practice them and use them on you. He's a competitor, fun, and loves to wrestle for the sport of it. Give him a try. I have come to admire his ambition and have rightly so - named him [ LIONHEART ] - Just meet and wrestle him and you'll understand - GRRRRRR



rassler 315 is recommended by mr invinceable

What can I say about the one, and only Grizz. He's my wrestling mentor, and friend. He definately knows wrestling, and grappling. The Grizz is able to "read" his opponet, and adjust his wrestling style. Please don't pass up on the chance to wrestle him. Believe me, it's worth it.



mr invinceable is recommended by rassler 315

MrInVinceable...was just a no-name face on the wrestling-web...until I took him under my wing. Teaching him proholds, pro-chain wrestling, and practicing...putting some GEAR on him...and suddenly...i created a 'HEEL' of all things. MrInVince is a great guy, nice to fault, but loves dishing out pro-fantasy punishment. If you get the chance, wrestle him, he's fun, safe, and a good match for pro-fantasy in ST.LOUIS. === GRIZZ



Wrestler58 is recommended by rassler 315

if you like headscissors...dont bother, if you LOVE headscissor...he is a MUST to wrestle. *58 has treetrunk thighs, hamhock calves...and the nicest personality...but once he clamps on a bodyscissor, headscissor, might need some coaxing to get him to release. Dont be fooled...he LOVES to be put in those same holds....and held. If you get the chance to meet and scissor #58...don't pass it up. ---- GRIZZ



rassler 315 is recommended by Davey716

Grizz is an awesome wrestler! We wrestled competitively and he impressed me with his skill, knowledge and stamina. He's happy to share what he knows, too. He is a true gentleman and a great sport. I really hope we can wrestle again soon.



Davey716 is recommended by rassler 315

Davey is a every sense, but once on the mats, he's a fierce competitor. He and I rumbled and I taught him some basic submission technique and joint locks...within two hours, he was submitting me...the MASTER.
He is aggressive, strong, good endurance, and eager to test himself...give him a try...he's LEGIT -



rassler 315 is recommended by USA Jeff

One of the nicest men you'll ever meet, and one of the best friends you'll ever make. I doubt that there's anyone out there who loves wrestling as much at Rassler315. Skilled, tough - but always fun - no matter the style. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.