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I’m into submission or pin wrestling for fun and friendly competitive matches. Personally not interested in erotic or pro matches. I’m also wanting to explore boxing more (light sparring, nothing too intense).

I am quite selective with meeting people, especially in this context. I get along with many people, but I have chemistry with few. No offense meant or taken by refusal. :)



  1. USA - Oregon, Eugene
    Place of residence
  2. USA - California, La Habra (I'm here between 12/16/2017 and 12/28/2017)
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I am willing to travel 10 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 178 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlet, briefs, miscellaneous; gloves and trunks

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Boxing Boxing
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quasiotter is recommended by wanttowrestle

Quasioter and I had a really fun time wrestling and body boxing. He is strong and has a tremendous leg scissor. Each of us were able to apply multiple pins and submission holds. Then we had several rounds of body boxing. Beware, this man has one strong punch! I'd wrestle him again in a heart beat.
8/25/17 We wrestled and boxed again today. And again it was a great and extremely fun day of fighting. Quasioter is strong and put me in powerful leg scissor. I submitted. Also, he is an extremely pleasant person. I truly enjoy his company.
1/22/18 We has another great session of boxing and wrestling! My opponent was stronger today so it was much harder to get a submission. He dominated the wrestling. Boxing was a little more even with both of us getting in some good punches. This man is a blast to fight!
5/5/18 We wrestled and boxed again today. We both got submissions and pins and had a great time throwing leather at each other. Again, I give my best recommendation to Quasiotter.



wanttowrestle is recommended by quasiotter

I had a great time with wanttowrestle. He was a very tough man to wrestle and box with, and had an excellent and fun time doing so. We will definitely be meeting again, and encourage anyone into boxing and wrestling to do the same.

We met again on 25 Aug 2017, and I had yet another excellent time with him. He's a strong and knowledgable wrestler, and a hard puncher! He's definitely a lovely person to get to know once the fighting is over.

Another meeting 22 January 2018. Yet again, we had an excellent time fighting each other. Though I may have pinned him and crushed him with scissors a few times, wanttowrestle definitely got his licks in. I've never had an easy time with him, and I always feel it afterwards!

Another match, but this time he was much tougher and aggressive than ever before, he was able to beat me more than usual. Excellent



quasiotter is recommended by Orman2man

After several months of trying to arrange a match, the wait was completely worthwhile. Quasiotter is a strong opponent, limber, agile, and strong. He likes to apply various holds, and can take the punishment from long held holds. I highly recommend wrestling him if in his area. Looking forward to another match



Orman2man is recommended by quasiotter

Orman2man is very, very strong. We were closely matched with wrestling and boxing, which provided a great time. He is also very good at defending himself, it was tough to overtake him in any sense! I highly recommend him if you are willing to take on a challenge.



quasiotter is recommended by pdxphil

Quasiotter is real friendly guy a eager opponent. I highly recommend him for wrestling and a fun time.



pdxphil is recommended by quasiotter

Phil taught me the basics of boxing, enough to do some fun and friendly sparring with him! I'm glad he was my entry point into boxing. We also did a little wrestling, and that was fun. Most of all, he's such an excellent person and host, and I'll definitely be seeing him again.



quasiotter is recommended by Dadfights

Daniel and I met today for the first time and had a great afternoon of wrestling and getting to know each other. He is one great guy, he may be new to wrestling but has perfected a killer scissors! He has very strong legs and can make you squirm once he clamps his legs around you. Beware!!
Stronger than he looks and I can't wait to wrestle him again. Started at noon and ended around 5 or 5:30pm, it was great fun.
Wrestle him if you are in his area! You won't be disappointed!
Happy to have him as a new opponent and friend!



Dadfights is recommended by quasiotter

When I saw Dave’s action photos, I immediately pined for my own battles with him! I correctly intuited that he’d be a blast to wrestle, as every second of our combat was satisfying. He was also quite helpful in teaching me technique, as well as testing me through his high level of skills and experience.

Dave’s a scream - my whole face hurt from laughing by the end of my visit! He is a top-notch human being, and I’m tickled to have him as my friend. Nothing but a positive experience since our first communication.



quasiotter is recommended by justir

Quasiotter was such an awesome guy to wrestle he is a little new but he is a quick learner. He may be scrawny but don't let that fool you he's pretty tough, and he's fast too. Best part of the match was getting him to fart...3 times. He was a great opponent and I look forward to taking him on again!



justir is recommended by quasiotter

justir exceeded my already-high expectations of him in both form and content. Wrestling him was always fun and never easy; he really pushed my will and body's capacity well beyond what I thought was possible. He's a splendid wrestler, forcing me to better my techniques so I could keep up!

justir is an excellent communicator, very reliable, and most importantly, passionate. It doesn't hurt that he's a genuine human being. A choice gent I will wrestle any opportunity I have!



quasiotter is recommended by jacoregon

A quality man who I will meet again. Very sane and willing to test some limits.



jacoregon is recommended by quasiotter

Safe and sane, RESPECTS BOUNDARIES, and a top-notch human being overall. A+


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quasiotter 5/11/2018

two strong men fight each other

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quasiotter 5/11/2018

a few wrestling matches

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quasiotter 1/23/2018

wanttowrestle vs, quasiotter

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quasiotter 1/23/2018

wanttowrestle and quasiotter going at it a few times!

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quasiotter 8/27/2017

quasiotter sparring with wanttowrestle

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A wrestling match in my living room.

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quasiotter 6/10/2017


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Two blokes having a laugh.

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quasiotter 2/21/2016

Submission match

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quasiotter 1/10/2016

Wrestling around with my friend, Graham

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quasiotter 1/17/2015

Pinfall match.

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