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Interested mostly in sub - but always keen to try something new.. Only wrestled a little bit and not skilled - but I am enthusiastic.



  1. Australia, Melbourne
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Age: 49-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

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qldbeef is recommended by BrisbaneBritWrestler

Hastly arranged and short wrestle, (appetiser for the main match), but even just a brief meet was enough for me to recommend this guy. Strong, tough well built and great fun on the mats. Going to enjoy the rematch when we have longer. Off the mats a great genuine fella.



qldbeef is recommended by leanaussiemuscle

This man has some serious beef and muscle power. A huge fella with some skills and a hell of a lot of fun. I think I surprised him with some moves and possibly not expecting it due to the size difference. Great time and good fun from this good looking fella. Can’t wait to wrestle him again as soon as possible!



leanaussiemuscle is recommended by qldbeef

If you have spoken with leanaussiemuscle you know he is mischievous and loves his smack chat. Add to that relentless enthusiasm on the mat and you’ve got one heck of a fun time. The lad hasn’t skipped leg day either - so watch out for his scissor it will leave you reeling. He definitely has a few tricks in the bag to take a bigger man down. I couldn’t recommend him enough.



qldbeef is recommended by Bluestone

This is my recommendation. 5 stars It's all in his name.... QLDBEEF He is the 100% Pure Grade Queensland Beef. His sheer size and weight will confront you as soon as your face to face on the mats. From the start he has you thinking and working and sweating. Strong, powerful and dominant. I have been lucky to score two matches with this bull and the intensity of our session left me nothing short of exhausted. He is skilled, he is strong, he knows how to read an opponent and he never ever gives up.
This is my warning... be careful taking this machine on. He always competes to win! Till next time Beef till next time.



Bluestone is recommended by qldbeef

Round 2 with this brute today and he continues to impress. Both sessions have been brutal workouts and I mean brutal, but solid mat experiences as well. Blue is a 105kg slab of hard powerful muscle and he knows how to use it. Don't be shy fellas .......but be prepared!!



qldbeef is recommended by beartoy

Had a great match with this big strong fella.
Don't let his pic fool you.
Can't wait to go again.
Very nice man as well.



qldbeef is recommended by Aussboxa

We met several times before we actually got to roll and I knew this was going to be a big rollen session. Sure enough when the day arrived, it was bloody hot and even with air con operating we hit the mats like two bulls raring to kill..... The sweat and testosterone flooded the mats from start to finish.

This dude is big and strong and brings it if your after a real battle to the end. We wrestled for a few hours before a break to get fuel and then got back into it.

Can't recommend this guy enough, not just to wrestle but a well educated dude who's real easy to talk to.

Had a great day and can't wait til next session, with lots more snipper attacks :)