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into one-sided punching scenes, face & gut - love taking it, love dishing it out, love pushing limits - getting lumped up, bloody nose, black eye, fat lip are optional but if you want that, I'm the man to give it to you - or take it from you. (love manfunk too.) One fave game: face each other, one guy throws a punch, other guy throws one back, increasing intensity, then two punches, then (if we're up for it) all out fist fight. Intensity etc depend on the man & the moment. It'll be hot whether it's light or heavy.

My Most Fave game: 'punch the pig cocksucker.' Here's how one guy I did it with describes it: "Swetboxr sits deep back in the couch, spreads his legs wide, you go down on his dick, he picks up a pair of gloves from the pile of fight gloves he has next to him, boxing, ufc, shoves em on his fists & periodically punches you in the face while you're trying to go down on his dick. You show him how much you wanna go back to & down on that dick by how many punches you're willing to take getting there. He'll let you suck his dick good for a while but the punches will keep coming."

with the right man I'll be the one taking punches etc. as I say in one of my videos, I love the intensity of a punch - equally throwing one or taking one. I don't subscribe to 'top' or 'bottom'. I'm just a man who likes doing what he likes to do when he likes to do it.

Safe to say there's probably nobody with more experience than me in this scene. Really good at teaching guys to take & throw punches, keep it hot - but not life-threatening. It'll stay very hot, tho. which means, go ahead & bust me up some. I can take it. you can too. Marks will be gone in a day or two.

Lately I've been jonesin' for an all-out bare fist fight too - I'm down to abt 150-155 now and I'm looking for anybody in NYC who's abt that wt to see what happens if we just all-out haul on each other. Can be any age or height. (I'm 5'10)

Check out my vids & check out my blogs on this site. Especially the blog on "how I punch in one-sided fights."



  1. USA - New York, New York City
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 68-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 153 lbs (69 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: 6 oz boxing gloves, ufc, bare fist. lighter the better.

Boxing Boxing

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dsafytbgd is recommended by punchpignyc

Had a great time giving this tough young man some of his first real experience in taking punches, face and body. He was quietly sexy & fierce & I was honored to be to be the man to initiate him into the mysteries of how (for example) to take a stiff left jab to the cheek followed by a sharp right hook to the mouth. And how to cover up & fire back. He was only in this country for a few months, and I think it will be tough to get back. But I hope he does.



punchpignyc is recommended by CoachSal

How do you talk about your experience punching up your idol? He says we danced around each other for years. We did, maybe 20 years, but it was worth every second of waiting. Punchpig is the gold standard of punching. Even as you work him over, he's inspiring you to do better, hit on target, do damage. I have never met someone as into being hit and worked over as he is. We talked about trading punches, but in the end he took hard shots from me and couldn't have been happier. I look forward to learning more from him. I like to think of it as brutality with finesse.



CoachSal is recommended by punchpignyc

I've known CoachSal for a lotta years. We've been kind of circling each other - not knowing if the right time would come, only knowing that if it did it would be explosive. It did and it was. CoachSal is exactly the man you're looking for if you're ready to feel the full force of an intensely focused (and turned-on) opponent. He will respect limits but he is very strong & has this irrepressible urge to take you where you've never been, that is, just over the line, so be ready for that. A lot of us say we're ready for that, but you gotta do it to know it. He's a smart, sensitive, terrific man with a lot of life experience as well as fight experience. When we got to our one-sided punching thing (me taking, he throwing) I definitely took shots I've never taken before - let's just say he throws a memorable punch. I'll let you find out the rest. But he's a man to meet.



Hairy Otter is recommended by punchpignyc

Known Hairy Otter for a number of years and he's a game puncher and he can take shots too. We really got a nice back & forth going. Started as instructor (how to take & throw a punch); but he's a strong guy - great body - very smart - learns quick - and loves to get into it so it's become more than equal. One of my most gratifying fight connections.



punchpignyc is recommended by riotgear

funny writing a recommendation for someone when one of the defining qualities of the meetup was the sensation of unfolding surprise; i'm wary of saying too much for fear of robbing others of that pleasure! had a remarkable time with punchpig, who brought out my (very) latent aggressive side more than anyone has before and had plenty of hard, robust, and very felt punches of his own to offer as well. a total joy to meet this veteran and all-star of the scene; here's to many more.



riotgear is recommended by punchpignyc

every so often you get to meet one of the golden incarnate souls who favor us with their presence - sexy as all get out, playful/serious about what they love, free as a child about expressing it, who when they channel this into an aggressive male-male encounter give their lucky partners a real sense of what it is to come up against a man. Riotgear is one of these rare few. Hot, certainly. Quick, strong, lean, powerful, inventive gut-puncher. Nice smell of sweat. Sensual and brutal all at once. I think he will agree that no punch either of us threw didn't have an over-the-top intent to THUD for real. Pussypunches are not his thing. He loves to see how much he can take. I loved obliging him. Ditto the reverse. Incredible creature, this young dude. He's got the extraordinary light & force in him which make him a tough mutha punch-receptor and a tough mutha puncher. He will bring it to the brink. And you will go with him. All of it as sensual as it is rough. Thanks riotgear. "memorable time" doesn't say enough, but it was certainly that.



punchpignyc is recommended by gutpuncher219

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to connect with Punchpig for a few hours. Not only is he a great host, he's a great teacher! I learned about face punching and really enjoyed swapping some introductory light blows with him. Hopefully we'll reconnect to try a more intense punch-up. He's a great gut puncher and is very enthusiastic about punching and being punched! He really has a great command of the physical, raw and erotic aspects of fighting, which is a huge turn on to me. I had an awesome visit and I look forward to connecting again next time I'm in NYC to see just how much of a beating I can take and dish out!!



gutpuncher219 is recommended by punchpignyc

boxing fag was a total pleasure. He'd heard about me thru the years and it was gratifying to see how excited he was to meet me. I did my best to live up to my rep - that is, the only rep I care about which is that I'm able to get into another man's mind and psyche to see what turns him on about punching and to get him to DO it with me. You always want to get a man to do what he really wants to do - and yet is either afraid of or in some way or just has decided it will never happen. Well boxingfag came thru with flying colors. He found the aggressive current in himself, and he punches with real force & effect. He takes hard shots too. It was hot, the whole thing, talking to him, body to body punchout stuff - you name it, we did it. Hope we get the chance to do it again. I think we will, don't you, boxingfag?



punchpignyc is recommended by Tristan98765

I had an epic time with punchpignyc! He's a veteran of the scene and really knows how to throw it down. He punched me hard, I punched him hard, and he took it all. He showed me a thing or two about face punching as well, something new to me. Totally hot time. Great "after party" as well. You can be sure you'll have a great time if you connect with him, no doubt.



Tristan98765 is recommended by punchpignyc

we've been wanting to do this for a while and it was every bit as good as we'd hoped. nice even exchange - REAL punches, extremely hot. very nice to connect. and we did connect. Trystan is a stud and can take a punch and he's a very fine gentleman too. Quite a combo.



punchpignyc is recommended by PunchingBagWanted

TOUGH, TOUGH dude guys. Very nice guy and easy to talk with. Guy and I got into some hard action, including head shots. I had a fantastic time with him. He is capable of both taking and giving a one sided boxing scene and will work with anyone wanting to experience the feeling of a one sided scene as well. He knows his craft and his instruction is impeccable. Look him up in NYC guy's. He will BLOW your mind.



PunchingBagWanted is recommended by punchpignyc

we'd been planning this for a very long time and we'd had enough back & forth about the scene we wanted to do that we knew were both in the same 'ring' - in fact, in an actual ring he put up in his garage. For health reasons he doesn't take shots to the head so as is not infrequently the case I happily offered myself up as punchmeat (tho I play the other part, puncher not punchee too) - especially iwth HIM because I knew I wanted to sample his punches. He is an EXPERT puncher - right on target, HARD shots but held back just enuf to keep it safe: but he knew I could take a lot. Intensity increased & it ended with me happily helping him to a stupendous sexual blast-off - which means that part of the vid can't be shown here. But damn, his punches are hot. I totally loved it. I definitely recommend if you want to be initiated to getting punched, look him up. Of course - look me up too!



punchpignyc is recommended by Punchee1300

Had a great gut punch session. Was very nice and very patient with me. I hope we can meet again soon! ^_^



Punchee1300 is recommended by punchpignyc

we definitely had fun, gave him a good first session. very hot.



punchpignyc is recommended by rob1

I met up with punchpig in my hotel room in NYC a number of years ago and received an awesome, hot one-sided face busting scene.. He came to my hotel room well-prepared with all kinds of boxing gloves, mma gloves, mouthguard, bondage gear. I loved being tied to a chair so I could not escape He is the real deal, up close and personal. I ended up with two black eyes, fat lip, etc. He is the only guy so far that can take me deep, but without a trip to the er. And a terrific guy.

Hope to have a repeat and more soon.



rob1 is recommended by punchpignyc

Rob took it like a total man when we met a few years ago in his hotel room. It takes a brave man to surrender to getting slowly systematically busted up. He is my ideal punching partner and I will make it even better when we meet this July.



punchpignyc is recommended by Slugfest

Punchpig and I slugged it out years ago in Chicago. That was one of my first dips into the fight scene. After that I wanted more.
I hope to reconnect and square off again with him soon. After all these years I know it'll be a good, long and brutal session!



Slugfest is recommended by punchpignyc

had fun with slugfest back in Chicago 1993 in a motel. traded some sweet punches. hope to do it again soon.


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punchpignyc 17 days ago

Practicing shots to gut & face - his turn, my tirn

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punchpignyc 8/18/2018

always wanted to see what sal's punches were like. now I know.

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punchpignyc 4/18/2018

My rep precedes me. Nice man contacted me to learn how to dish it out in a one-sided punching scene. I thought he did pretty well first time out.

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punchpignyc 12/11/2017

Punching yrself in the face is a good way to learn stuff

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punchpignyc 11/14/2017

love teaching how to punch and get punched.

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punchpignyc 10/26/2017

Me punching u - what it would look like

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punchpignyc 6/03/2017

Teaching a dude how to punch a man in the face (man being me)'

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punchpignyc 3/14/2017

Told slugfest to give me a black eye

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punchpignyc 2/21/2017

Ruffbear keeps on pounding me with SAP gloves

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punchpignyc 2/21/2017

Part 2 of FacePunching SAP gloves

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punchpignyc 2/21/2017

Ruffbear tries to mark me w UFC gloves

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punchpignyc 1/23/2017

Last time we met was 25 yrs ago in Chicago

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punchpignyc 12/11/2016

Beatdown near a bed

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punchpignyc 12/09/2016

How to take a punch in a one-sided fight

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punchpignyc 11/30/2016

Punching prep one-sided fight 5

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punchpignyc 11/30/2016

Punching prep one-sided fight

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punchpignyc 11/30/2016

Prep sent to man I'm meeting to work me over 2

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punchpignyc 11/30/2016

Sent as prep to a man before we meet

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