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Well into Britpro style wrestling. Two falls, two submissions or a KO decides the winnah. Like competitive bouts - better man takes the belt! Love to take on any guys not heavier than around 200 lbs.



  1. Germany, Hamburg
    Mostly here at the moment
  2. United Kingdom, oxford
    Here from time to time
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Age: 65-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: Speedos, CKs, bare feet, wrestling shoes, boots

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pinfallwizard is recommended by Apartmentwrestler64

Pinfallwizard is a good solid wrestler and as the saying goes you get exactly what it says on the tin.
Rules were agreed and kept to and he turned up on time.
The wrestling itself was great in spite of the rather small Travelodge room!
Furniture and sharp corners were avoided and apartment wrestler got owned on the mat in a series of 5 minute rounds.
I will be demanding a re match.



Apartmentwrestler64 is recommended by pinfallwizard

Had a great meet-up with Apartmentwrestler. Very easy to organise and highly reliable. We had a great meet up - I came out on top but we both had a great time and he got a few subs and pins on me. Showed me a couple of great holds as well. Highly recommended and looking forward to the rematch.



pinfallwizard is recommended by Welshwarrior

Several months of trying, a date was finally agreed. Sadly, roadworks, traffic and road closures really got in the way and almost ruined our chances of meeting but finally did get to meet late in the evening.

Brian is a skilled wrestler, and we really got to grips with each other and put each other through our paces. He had the upper hand with his experience but I did not make it easy for him. Several camels, bostons, and pins did not get me to submit but overall he won the night :p

Until next time!


Excellent meet up once again. Several rounds and he managed to tap me out fairly quickly in a tight boston crab. He's very stubborn with the holds and takes a lot to get him to tap. Thanks for the drink afterwards too! Until next time.



Welshwarrior is recommended by pinfallwizard

After months of trying, Rhys and I finally met up - despite the best attempts of car crashes, traffic jams and roadworks to stop us. Finally locking up at 10.30, we had 10 great rounds of wrestling. It was tuff and hard and could have gone either way but I just came out on top 5-3. This guy's abiltiy to take punishment is phenomenal and his legs are so powerful. In a headscissors I just managed to tap before he put me out.
Great friendly guy on and off the mats - lovely to chat with. Great match mate - need to do it again as soon as possible, OK?

18.1.19 We finally managed to arrange a rematch and despite the usual M4 traffic snarl-ups managed to make it as arranged. Great match with the very tuff wrestler. Despite knowing I needed to avoid his legs, he trapped me a few times and put me out with them in round 3. 14 rounds of very tuff wrestling ended up with honours even. I ache everywhere. Thanks a lot mate - loved it. Can't wait for another rematch!



pinfallwizard is recommended by Marios1991

Today i had one great introduction to brit pro wrestling from pinfallwizard and i loved our match. He can pin you and make you submit with many ways.
Afterwards we had a very nice chat, despite of my bad english.
Hope to wrestle again you again.



Marios1991 is recommended by pinfallwizard

Luckily was able to arrange a match with a few hours notice with Marios. We had a great Britpro meetup in my hotel room. I was lucky enough to come out just on top but I think a few more rounds and he would have worn me down. He has great strong legs and an awesome full nelson. My shoulders are still aching from that and he pinned me easy after that move. We had a beer afterwards - I seem to like the local Cypriot beer more than he does! Loved it Marios - thanks again and hope to wrestle again soon. Highly recommended. If you are in Cyprus, don't fail to look Marios up.



pinfallwizard is recommended by GrappleViking

November 2018
Met Pinfallwizard in Oslo at his hotel, as he was traveling through.
Had a very fun match with him. Albeit it not being submission wrestling like I'm used to, I was introduced to brit pro wrestling.. It was different, but we had a very fun time. One can't not enjoy wrestling PFW, as he's such a nice gentleman, and so fun to play around with. He dominates well, and was good at staying on top! He's got many good holds to dominate you with, if given the chance.

Really nice man, who I'd recommend anyone, especially those into brit pro, to meet up with. He's cheeky, with a good sense of humour, and just a pleasure to spend time with, on and off the mats!



GrappleViking is recommended by pinfallwizard

Wow. After many months of trying, Grappleviking and I finally got into the ring together in Oslo. He is such a powerful wrestler - his bodyscissors are the hardest I have ever felt. When I put him in mine he asked me to tell him when I had started ;) It was a pretty even match with lots of pins and submissions to each man - both were certainly the winner. This lad is already a good friend; he is charming, his English is amazingly good and he (now) even knows the names of some of the statues in Oslo :) We had a great lunch and walk around together in the Norwegian sunshine and talked about everything under the sun. What a great guy and a great wrestler. Can't recommend him highly enough - he is just awesome. Can't wait for the rematch mate!



pinfallwizard is recommended by jonny innocent

PinfallWizard is a friendly guy, relaxed and easy to get along with and kindly arranged our meet at the Walthamstow ring.

We had a Brit-pro match with lots of safe, co-operative fun with the bell saving us a number of times. PinfallWizard’s wrestling knowledge meant the match had a great range of moves and lots of back and forth action. There were submissions and pins on both sides, although they were perhaps not evenly shared :( Damn that bell!

We managed a drink and a chat afterwards despite the football and I guess on this occasion he was the victorious England to my defeated Spain.



jonny innocent is recommended by pinfallwizard

Some drama about whether our meet would come off but in the end all went smoothly. We met at Monica's ring in Walthamstow and had about 12 5-min rounds of Britpro mstyle wrestling. I came out ahead 6-3 but it was a very close contest and Jonny got some excellent holds on me including a vicious boston and fig4 leglock with bar, both of which I almost submitted too. I managed to wear him down a few times with headscissors and the like and then could get a pin. It was a really excellent bout and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jonny and talking over a beer afterwards. Great friednly and interesting giuy and a must meet again. As soon as you can fit me into your list of opponents Johnny we need to go again. Highly recommended skillful wrestler.



pinfallwizard is recommended by ProShouto

So I met Pinfall wizard a couple days ago now and I have to say he has exceptional stamina being able to take punishment and continue almost immeditley

He was a kind generous host who understood safe n sane

The end result was 3:1 so I won but I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t enjoying his gutpunches



ProShouto is recommended by pinfallwizard

Great match with this very strong wrestler. Easy to organise and met as arranged. He wore me down with his height and weight advantage and easily pinned me 3 times. I got a pin on him but a convincing win for the lad. Highly recommended. Looking for the rematch Shouto!



pinfallwizard is recommended by Back hammer

Had the great pleasure of taking him on at walthomstoe for his first ever ring match
We both let rip with four arms
He is good at the pro moves
If you want a hard pro match this is your man looking forward to a re match soon



Back hammer is recommended by pinfallwizard

Great wrestle with Backhammer - my first time in a ring and was awesome. Very easy and reliable to organise. We had 8 5 min rounds and I just came out the winner in a very tuff and sweaty contest by 3-2. At 3-1 it looked like it was all over but my opponent came back strongly and almost got the knockout. I was lucky to hang on until the bell. Great to chat with this very friendly and skillful guy. Need to do it again soon mate!



pinfallwizard is recommended by thepaterrock

He is a piledriver maniac, I fell into his piledriver traps many times. He is also fun to talk with and very Intelligent, it was a pleasure to meet him. I would definitely like to wrestle him again.



thepaterrock is recommended by pinfallwizard

Met up with paterrock easily. Absolutely reliable in responding to messages. Hottest match in my hotel room. This guy looks fantastic in his speedos, has some wonderful wrestling moves and we slogged it out over lots and lots of rounds. I KO'd him too many times to mention but he came back again and again, submitting me multiple times with an awesom boston, camel, full nelson, side headlock. Great guy to talk to after the wrestling over a couple of beers. Man, we got to do it again as soon as possible! Highly recommended!



pinfallwizard is recommended by petrocelly

He is a really nice Guy. Smart and we had a Lot of fun also outside the fight. Looking forward to meet him again soon



petrocelly is recommended by pinfallwizard

After chatting for several months I finally made it to peter's. He is a great and generous host and we had some excellent wrestling. Peter is just the best. Powerful legs, great wrestler's body and highly skillfull, I was lucky to win our first 8 round session 4-3. I did wear him down with some body forearms and a tight leg scissors so I could pin him a couple of times but he got some great subs and a cross-body pin for the 1-2-3 on me. Then we spent a couple of hours eating and drinking and setting the world to rights. Peter has so many talents you don't know where to start. Funny, articulate, wise and knowledgeable he is a great conversationalist and a delightful guy. We could have talked all night but decided to have another wrestling session. This was a mistake as my win in the first session was converted to a big win for him when, even though I got the first pin, he got me in a powerful head scissors and squeezed hs legs until he got an easy knockout. Ufffff.. Just the best Peter - can't wait for the rematch asap!



pinfallwizard is recommended by ukpitbull

A genuine very friendly guy who wrestles well , had a very enjoyable match with him and will definately be meeting him again



ukpitbull is recommended by pinfallwizard

Great meet with this highly skilled wrestler. He hosted, always responsive in for example finding his house which is in the Bermuda Triangle of Google Maps! Great facilities and so easy to organise the meet with him and our 3rd wrestler, the highly talented Lightning Lowndes. We both love Britpro and had a hard match in which the Pitbull came out on top 2 falls to 1. The better man won but both men had a great wrestle. Highly recommended and look forward to our next meet as soon as possible!

19/02/18 - Another great match with the Pitbull. At the end of a long day of wrestling , he got me 2 subs to 0 in a great Britpro bout. I blame my exhaustion after the previous two matches. Also, I am going to send back my knee protectors since they didn't stop him getting a leg lock submission! Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it.



little Tony is recommended by pinfallwizard

Great match with Tony. Very easy to organise and very reliable about times and contacts. We had a good Britpro match - 5 rounds and I came out the winner by 3 falls to 1 - Tony got me with an excellent shoulder press holding my legs - no way out for me. Loved the match and had a great chat afterwards. Highly recommended - looking forward to the rematch.



pinfallwizard is recommended by RedUK

Met this guy easily with no problems, the match was a good bout, proper brit pro style.
Do not underestimate him as he will soon be the one standing over you counting you out to 10 like he did to me

Managed to get many counts on him and tap outs aswell, was suprised he was able to with stand my boston crab though. A nice guy to talk to

I recommend having a bout with him

Rematch soon mate



RedUK is recommended by pinfallwizard

Great meet with RedUK. Easy to organise and very reliable. Good Britpro 6 5min round match ended 3 falls each. An unprovoked attack after the bell :) ended with a KO to the kid. Several times. But then I KOd him back. Several times. SO I claim honours are even lol. Great wrestler with some awesome moves - his boston was a killer and his reverse folding body press deadly. Loved it mate - need to do it again soon. Highly recommended.



pinfallwizard is recommended by celtwrestle

For that club of wrestlers into Old Brit-pro or WoS (World of Sport) style, it's worth hooking up with Pinfallwiz. He'd equally be worth meeting if you simply want to learn more about and experience the genre.
We fought over a set number of timed rounds as in the days of WoS.
Good for making arrangements, straightforward and - importantly- responsive from first introduction to the Old Brit pro tradition of beers afterwards.



celtwrestle is recommended by pinfallwizard

Great match with celtwrestle. Easy to organise and meet with no problems. On the mat he took me to pieces, although we went the full 6 rounds before he knocked me out after a sleeper and a sequence of forearm uppercuts. Tough fair wrestler who knows his moves and was a great opponent. Really enjoyed the chat afterwards over a few beers! Highly recommended.



pinfallwizard is recommended by Londonlatino

He's skilled and strong. If you like pro he'd give you a good match. He's also an interesting guy to talk to. He's reliable and safe too.



Londonlatino is recommended by pinfallwizard

Great prostyle contest with this highly skilled and strong wrestler. After 5 pretty even rounds without a score, he wore me down with some great forearms to the abs and then got the pin with a reverse double knee press. Loved the match and had a great glass of wine and interesting chat afterwards. Great guy, reliable, easy to arrange a meet with. Thanks for hosting mate and look forward to a rematch soonest!



pinfallwizard is recommended by Throwdown88

Super accommodating and easy to meet up with. Showed me some Brit-pro matches and moves, and was patient to explain the style. Wonderful to talk to off the mat(tress) as well. Great meet and a great guy.



Throwdown88 is recommended by pinfallwizard

What a great wrestler and even greater guy. Throwdown was easy to contact, flexible and reliable. Our meet was in my hotel room, which had a big almost empty anteroom. We chatted about life and I explained Britpro style. We watched a bout and then went at it. Throwdown is much taller heavier and more powerful than me but he slowed down to accommodate me and we had two great Britpro bouts - he won the first 2-0 and the second 2-1. He pinned me a couple of times and got some great subs. My ribs are still aching from his awesome scissors. If you don't avoid his legs it is curtains. Really happy to have pinned him once but I suspect his shoulders come have come off the mat had he wanted, lol! Throwdown has a great body and is a good-looking and really friendly guy. A really great bout. I recommend Throwdown without reservation if you are in Beijing and hope we can get together again when I am next there.