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looking for lean n muscular guys for fun hot wrestling. No longer Undefeated, I've lost my first match. I love a good hard fought challenge. I'll even teach if u want to learn, just be lean n muscular. or we can just roll around and have fun, just be clear what you want before we start, i will be and i want us to both walk away having a great time



  1. USA - Florida, West Palm Beach
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I am willing to travel 40 kilometers


Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 235 lbs (107 kg)

Gear: Speedos, singlets, square cut or naked oil

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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pghwrestler is recommended by RelentlessRival

Pghwrestler is a great guy. Really nice off the mat and give a great fight one the mat. Tough opponent for sure and will probably make a jobber out of most people. Always enjoy a tough fight like his



RelentlessRival is recommended by pghwrestler

super great guy and the best submission wrestler I have ever met on here. his is so skillful. he handed me my first two loses ever and still the only loses. I hope to battle him again and get my title back. he is super strong, dont let his size fool u. his body is cut from steel....and that ass omg!!!! such a hottie



pghwrestler is recommended by NYTheRock

Excellent teacher. This guy is super talented and modest about It. Anyone can learn a lot about the true art of wrestling and how much fun I.T could be



NYTheRock is recommended by pghwrestler

Wowwww what a fun match with one of the best bodied stronggggg wrestlers in NYC! Great guy we had fun. Be warned he is super strong n when he locks on a submission you will submit. His head scissor was brutal and fun! I hope to rematch soon



pghwrestler is recommended by WrslMscl

We wrestled a long time ago, but not long enough for me to forget the experience. I was a novice, and this guy was experienced and tough; I was building my body, he was flexing his rock-hard muscles as he taught me some technique and submitted me repeatedly. Yet I enjoyed the experience tremendously. He motivated me to become a wrestler. Thank you.