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Looking for competitive fights, submission is my favorite. I am heel. Erotic is great if there is chemistry



  1. Luxembourg, Niederanven
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I am willing to travel 300 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 205 lbs (93 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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peterson11 lux is recommended by GrapplerNL

This guy is unbeatable.
If you are looking for a good hee you should meet him.



GrapplerNL is recommended by peterson11 lux

Very fun fighter, skilled and strong. Plus gracious host and nice guy off the mats.



peterson11 lux is recommended by Jobber1985

Advertised himself as a natural born heel, and the moment he stepped into his singlet I knew he wasn't kidding. Looks even stronger in person than on his pics and gave me some serious trouble. Nonetheless had a fun time while he put me through an arsenal of hot holds. Fun time to end the year! :) Safe , sane, reliable! Hope to meet again some day.



Jobber1985 is recommended by peterson11 lux

After talking for quite some time we finally managed to meet! It was great pleasure to roll together, one of the best jobbers I met here. He can really take a lot, was pleasure to put him in various holds and test his limits. Off the mats he is very friendly and nice person. Highly recommend!



peterson11 lux is recommended by DenverWrestler

A very very impressive, strong, athletic guy. He's tough, quick, and while he downplays his skills, he certainly knows a lot of submission holds and how to set them up. His legs are solid, sexy, and incredibly strong - rarely can anyone make me submit to a bodyscissors, but he did. Even if we had been closer in size and had a much larger space to wrestle, he would have outclassed me with his strength, speed, and skill. It was very easy to arrange the match with him, and he showed up as scheduled. Off the mats he's a cheeky, bright, interesting guy – someone I'm already pleased to call a friend. In sum, a great guy and a great wrestler – I'm honored to give him my highest recommendation.



peterson11 lux is recommended by calad100

Had a great wrestle with this guy when he visited London. He’s strong, fit and I really enjoyed getting to know him. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to wrestle again in the future.



peterson11 lux is recommended by tls

When I was meeting Peterson didn't know what to think about him ... but once on the mate, he is one of the strongest pôle' tenté I have ever had on the website. Friends' and simple guy but no joke once on the mate, he gave me a very hard time but it was very enjoyable with this great fighter.
We will for sure do this again ;)
My best recommandations



tls is recommended by peterson11 lux

I had a very enjoyable wrestling session with TLS. He is quick, strong and very resilient. He is very young and just starting his adventure with wrestling. But already dangerous opponent on the mats :) highly recommended. Can't wait for our next encounter.



peterson11 lux is recommended by Dirka

Peterson11 lux ist ein super starker Gegner. Wir hatten einen Fight über viele Runden der alles in allem sehr ausgeglichen verlief. Er zeichnet sich durch gute Technik und viel Kraft aus. Wenn Mann nicht aufpasst ist man schnell in einem harten Griff gefangen.
Es ist absolut zuverlässig und auch ein super netter Gesprächspartner. Wir treffen uns mit Sicherheit wieder. :-)

Peterson11 lux is a super strong opponent. We had a fight over many rounds, which was very well balanced. He is characterized by good technicall and a lot of power. If you are not careful, you are quickly trapped in a hard hold.
He is absolutely reliable and also a super nice conversation partner. We will definitely meet again. :-)



Dirka is recommended by peterson11 lux

Dirka is simply great! Very powerful, quick and resilient. Exceeded my expectations:-) had an amazing time, back and forth long wrestling session. Highest recommendations! And I will see him soon



peterson11 lux is recommended by NonoSubfighter

Very strong guy with lot of strength and wrestling abilities.. a good fighting spirit and a nice heel spirit.



peterson11 lux is recommended by manunderstorm

Waouh ! Such an amazing grappling bout ! I dont regret to Come in Luxembourg to meet this strong guy.
I understand now why He can resist to the bests !
He Knows moves And holds And its one of the most powerful guy I met here...
Out of the mat, a perfect And Nice host!
I m going to train hard to destroy you next time, my friend ;)



manunderstorm is recommended by peterson11 lux

We spent Sunday morning in intense grappling bout! Really enjoyed it. He is strong, persistent and knows his moves. You can see has a lot of experience under his belt!
Looking forward to the next time :-)



peterson11 lux is recommended by musclehunk

This guy is awesome powerful. We met on 5 December in Zurich and he demonstrated his muscle power and fight skills by taking me again and again in different submission holds (incl. shoulder racks, piledriver) till I was completely done. Although it was a tough lesson for me, it was a pleasure to fight such a strong opponent, as he was always fair and very polite.
I can warmly recommend him, but be prepared to meet a powerful fight machine. Hope there is a chance for a rematch in the future.



musclehunk is recommended by peterson11 lux

We had really fun wrestling session. Musclehunk has a really nice and strong body so it was a pleasure to test his strength and to work on those muscles. Great experience! Also v nice guy off the mats, friendly and polite. Highly reccomended. Looking forward to another session!



peterson11 lux is recommended by Newazaguy

He is very muscle, sexy in his singlet, and a nice guy. Good wrestler, into pro wrestling and kicks, strangles and armlocks. I had no choice than to become a jobber under his power.



Newazaguy is recommended by peterson11 lux

Very friendly guy and good host. We had a good time together. I enjoyed our fight. He can be tough in a fight but I managed to overcome this;-) highly reccomended



peterson11 lux is recommended by pecbiceps

Powerful and very friendly guy. Good holds between us. I recommend him if you visit Luxembourg



peterson11 lux is recommended by dany 2808

He is a definetly dominant and strong wrestler but very friendly off the mats.



dany 2808 is recommended by peterson11 lux

He is great. On and off the mats. Quite strong and nice body so I really enjoy our session!;)



peterson11 lux is recommended by Hunnog

There he comes home from work, back from the office in his dark business suit, the young upwardly mobile professional. He takes his keys and opens the door to his appartment. The walls stuffed with art prints and books about Polish painting in the late 17th century. But still, there is something wrong in the picture, something that doesn't fit. It is his head. A nice head, sure. But it's not the kind of young upwardly mobile professional head, it's more the kind of woodworker head. A bit big and square. And the rest of the guy is the same: Big and rectangular with broad shoulders. So I was curious to find out if he wrestles more like somebody who reads books about Polish painting in the late 17th century or more like a woodworker. Definitly the latter. Constant forward attack. Knows only one direction. Also quite strong. And in the end, when I was sitting on his chest, I thought that I realy should learn a bit myself about Polish painting in the late 17th century. And I thought that it was definitly worth meeting that guy.



Hunnog is recommended by peterson11 lux

Hunnog was everything I have expected. Strong, very skilled technically (years of bjj training definetley paid off!) and tough. Great grappler. But very nice guy off mats, we had a great dinner afterward. Our match was intense but fun. Worth meeting for sure! Just hope that next time I spent more time sitting on his chest;)



peterson11 lux is recommended by KnockedOutPunch

Nice strong leg! Great body scissors and an awesome spinning torture rack!



KnockedOutPunch is recommended by peterson11 lux

We had a great time together, strong and solid wrestler with great skills! Can't wait to meet again



peterson11 lux is recommended by 007champion

strong and fit guy. was a pleasure to wrestle him. See you again on the mats soon :)



007champion is recommended by peterson11 lux

Big and strong guy! Once he gets you in the headlock it is almost impossible to escape. Enjoyed our time on the mats. See you soon!;)



peterson11 lux is recommended by werewolf

Wrestled many times already. Very reliable, strong guy who enjoys dominating.