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If any of you are planning to visit Boston, hit me up!

Looking for guys who love to wrestle or spar and want a good, sweaty workout that lasts an hour or more. Also recognize that, guys being guys, we're probably going to get turned on, too. Cool if it ends with j/o or frot.

Stats: 5-9, 202, 46c, 35w, 15a, 23q.

UNABLE TO HOST, but have had great hotel matches with guys visiting Boston.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship
Fetishes: Jackoff, Boxing gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting


  1. USA - Massachusetts, Weymouth
    Place of residence
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I am willing to travel 40 miles


Age: 61-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 204 lbs (93 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian, Spanish

Gear: speedos, trunks, nude, headgear, mma gloves

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

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Northernbeef65 is recommended by pecs44

Be sure to bring your A game when you get on the mat with this guy. He's strong and skilled and has a take no prisoners style.
I can't wait for him to return to Boston so I can wreak my revenge!
As with most of the guys here, as gentlemanly off the mats as he is fierce on them.



Will is recommended by pecs44

It's the smaller guys who can sometimes give you the most trouble. This guy is tough and fit and an enthusiastic wrestler with a thirst for learning the sport.



pecs44 is recommended by Headscissorsguy

I met pecs44 during Thunderdome V and he is a great wrestler with lot of experience. He is a great guy and adjusted to my level. Not only is he very strong but his knowledge of holds makes him an excellent opponent.



Headscissorsguy is recommended by pecs44

This guy's a worthy competitor and eager to learn. He was a great addition to a great group of guys with all sorts of skills. Thanks, man.



pecs44 is recommended by NEwrestler84

Had a great time wrestling with pecs44. I had smile on my face from the minute we locked up till the end of our match. A fun grapple with just the right mixture of competitiveness. He does have an extremely intense look to him while wrestling, but that instantly goes away in between rounds where there is an awesome guy to talk to. My only regret is we didn't have more time. Looking forward to future meet ups.



NEwrestler84 is recommended by pecs44

What those other guys said. True gentleman, soft-spoken (or my hearing is going), and total wrestling beast who's obviously a quick learner. His pictures do not do him justice. He's got huge, strong arms that you will learn to deal with or be crushed like a bug.
Can't wait to wrestle him again. Thanks, buddy.



pecs44 is recommended by sdj58

Pecs44 is SMOKING HOT! He's well built, controlled, fun, and a great grappler. If I lived here, I'd want to tackle this guy several days a week. Wow!!!



sdj58 is recommended by pecs44

Thought he would be an easy mark. Boy was I mistaken. Especially strong lower body and some very good technical moves that had me scrambling.
If this guy says he's coming to town and wants to wrestle, take him up on his offer.
Also a fun guy to hang out with after the match. Very well traveled with a great back story.



zeev is recommended by pecs44

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with a good match with a worthy opponent. Zeev may call himself a beginner, but he knows how to use his body to make life difficult for you.
And like most of the guys I meet on here, he's as intelligent and kind off the mats as he is intelligent and fierce on them.



pecs44 is recommended by twisterman

It took way too long for this match to finally happen but boy it was worth the wait! Already looking forward to the rematch... a great guy off the mats and a fierce competitor on them!



twisterman is recommended by pecs44

Strong, smart, skilled. Took me a while to wear this guy out, but we had some great fun along the way.
Can't believe we hadn't wrestled before this, but hope it's not the last time.



Ctguy84 is recommended by pecs44

"It's not being cocky if you can back it up."
That statement applies to this guy, who shows up with plenty of wrestling weapons and is not afraid to use them.
Would like to spend some more time on the mats with him. I'm sure I would learn much. Next time!



Ibearian is recommended by pecs44

He may be new to wrestling, but he's strong, quick, eager to learn and has endurance to burn. Do yourself a favor and bring plenty of energy.
Off the mats he's kind, intelligent, curious about everyone and everything. Glad to call him my friend.



titledefense is recommended by pecs44

This guy is all business in the ring, and his business happens to be schooling guys like me who previously sparred mainly as part of self-defense training.
He has the skills befitting his years of training, so be sure to be ready be ready for a challenge. Highly recommend him!



pecs44 is recommended by LehighPA

Just a total stud in the ring. He took a couple of good shots from me and kept on coming at me for more. Watch out as he can shift from right to left hand. I had a blast. We will wrestle and he can show me a couple of things. Highly recommend.



LehighPA is recommended by pecs44

Got schooled by several guys the day I met Matt, and I think I'm the better for it. Took a few good shots to the head and learned a few things --- including what not to do. Would like to wrestle this guy, too.



pecs44 is recommended by HarborFighter

I met pecs44 on my FightOdyssey. Boston was the 5th event of 9 that I'm hosting on this around-the-world boxing trip. It was awesome and I was fortunate to meet and box Harry, pecs44. He asked for some coaching advice from me as well and I was happy to work with him. He was able to practice new techniques very quickly and effectively and I was truly impressed. When we sparred, he was GREAT. He has explosive energy that is very powerful and he can effectively deliver punches. I recommend this boxer very highly.



HarborFighter is recommended by pecs44

Kicked my ass, but what a great teacher! Learned so much from Tom about boxing as a sport as opposed to being part of the self-defense I have been used to learning. Thanks for a great session!



Pablo30 is recommended by pecs44

Polite yet friendly. Quiet yet well-spoken. Unassuming yet extremely accomplished. And absolutely lethal. Got tossed around pretty good, but learned so much in just a short time with this skilled fighter/grappler. I would wrestle him again in a minute should he find me worthy.



pecs44 is recommended by Brown Bomber

Met Pec44 at a wrestling party hosted in my honor by Average Joe. Didn't take long for him to grab me and toss me around and last thing I remember is him flexing over me in the end. Hope to have a rematch one day but a great wrestler who knows his stuff



pecs44 is recommended by Ctgrappler1

I had a great time wrestling with pecs44. Good stamina and very safe and sane sub wrestler he was reliable and also had a good attitude. I hope we can meet up for more wrestling.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by pecs44

Be sure to have a good store of energy when you wrestle this guy! Smart, tough, boundlessly enthusiastic. Would wrestle him every week if I could.



pecs44 is recommended by Ricotewrestler

What a pleasure was wrestling this formidable opponent who would simply Ho on and on and on , wanting more and making it super difficult for me to make my moves! We sweated a puddle and more on our match and we couldn't have it any other way. Looking forward to our second match , hopefully very soon . Can't recommend him enough , truly great guy on and off the mats !



Ricotewrestler is recommended by pecs44

Very smart, very skilled, very humbling. Learned a lot from this BJJ-trained guy who's as friendly as he is fierce. I look forward to wrestling him again on his next visit and maybe even applying some of the moves he used to defeat me. Thanks, man!



pecs44 is recommended by Wrestlstev

Wrestled Pecs while I was in Boston. Excellent competitor with strength and stamina. We worked up a sweat trying to gain control of the match. Would recommend to anyone who really wrestles and enjoys competing against a masculine powerhouse.



Wrestlstev is recommended by pecs44

Thought this guy would be easy pickings. Could not have been more wrong. He is deceptively strong (in the best possible way) and strategically smart. Eager to wrestle him again on his next visit.



Italwrestler is recommended by pecs44

Be ready for a skilled, strong and strategic opponent when you take this guy on. Built like a bull and as kind as he is tough. We have met many times over several years and I always look forward to his visits to Boston.



pecs44 is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

I had the privilege of wrestling this stud twice on trips to Boston, and both battles were as hot sweaty and masculine as it gets. I could remain locked in bearhugs with this man day and night, battling it out belly to belly drenching in sweat!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by pecs44

Would wrestle this guy anytime. Going sweaty and belly to belly with WrestingCowboy is a hot celebration of what it means to be a man.



pecs44 is recommended by MUSL-n-KY

During a business trip to Boston was able to connect with pecs44 for a match. Strong, technically very good, and a great guy. All business during the match. Definitely glad we connected. Unfortunately not able to connect with any others but this match made the trip worthwhile.



MUSL-n-KY is recommended by pecs44

Very strong. Watch out for his bearhug! MUSL is just that, a good ol' southern wrestling bear with fine manners and superb instincts. He knows his cardio needs work, but when that happens, he'll be a force to be reckoned with. He is already.



pecs44 is recommended by gapbear

I have had the pleasure of wrestling with this incredible man many times. Our first match goes back about 10 years. When ever I had a chance I would meet him and we had a great match every time. He has an incredible chest and very strong legs. His cardio matched mine and our matches were long fun and incredible. Make a decision and meet this man to wrestle you will not be disappointed.



gapbear is recommended by pecs44

Gapbear is not only one of my favorite opponents, he's one of my favorite people.
Aggressive, crazy strong, relentless and also a great guy to hang with after a match. I highly recommend him.



Youngcub47 is recommended by pecs44

Be sure to bring your A game when you tangle with this guy. Very skilled and even more intelligent. I like to think that I made him work for his victory, but his Zen-like approach to the sport has me thinking and wondering if and whether. Clearly one of the coolest guys I've ever met, wise beyond his years. Safe travels, sir.



pecs44 is recommended by Adrian

Great chest. Great personality. Friendly and tough. A lot of fun and I can't wait to wrestle him again!



Adrian is recommended by pecs44

Great attitude, wiry and strong, Adrian enjoys the challenge of bigger guys, of which I am one! Polite, punctual and a pleasant guy to meet. In great shape, too.



Redmond40 is recommended by pecs44

Yeah, he's a newbie, but don't let that deter you. Redmond40 is strong, has great instincts and will only get better with time and the dedication he seems to have for pursuing this sport. Welcome to the fraternity, sir. Hope to wrestle you again soon.



Spoiler18 is recommended by pecs44

Not too proud to admit that Spoiler got the better of me, but I like to think (or hope) that I made him work for the subs. Huge guy, very tough, and if you have a chance to wrestle him and aren't intimidated by the challenge of size or skill, go for it.
Like most of the guys I have met, a fine gentleman off the mats, too.



pecs44 is recommended by DarkGnH

Thoroughly enjoyed locking up with this guy! Appears bigger and more muscled in person, and has endless energy. A great guy both on and off the mats. I highly recommend if visiting the Boston area - hope to lock up with him again soon!



DarkGnH is recommended by pecs44

Highly recommend him. We wrestled practically nonstop for almost 90 minutes. Was late for work, but well worth it! Also one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. A true gentleman.



pecs44 is recommended by carolina wrestler

Pecs44 and I had a recent match in Boston. It was great between two wrestlers who really battled, showing the strength of each other, and applying holds. This was our second meeting and the most intense. I recommend Pecs 44 if ever in Boston. He is truly an outstanding gentleman on and off the mats!



carolina wrestler is recommended by pecs44

You understimate carolina wrestler at your peril! It's always a pleasure to wrestle this southern gentleman who's a fierce competitor. He's also gotten stronger since we last wrestled, so just beware.



pecs44 is recommended by RojoLion

Pecs44 is a extremely strong, smart and very skilled wrestler. Out-skilled and over-powered at times by this muscle man, the match was challenging and fun at the same time. Great attitude on the mats - strong, safe and sane.



DaveWV is recommended by pecs44

We have worn each other out on several occasions, and I look forward to the next. DaveWV is a skilled and aggressive wrestler and a super nice guy to boot. Enjoy our conversations as well as our wrestling.



pecs44 is recommended by matguy

My first transatlantic wrestle, and really worth making the arrangements. Pecs is a strong (especially powerful headlocks) determined opponent with plenty of energy to keep going non-stop for well over an hour. Also a very pleasant fellow. Do take up his invite to "hit him up..." if in Boston, I'd certainly do so again.



matguy is recommended by pecs44

Paul was my first British opponent, and the rest of you are as tenacious as he, bring it on over to Boston. (Not to say that if I had the wherewithal, I would love to wrestle you guys in the UK.) He has a nasty grapevine, and we could both use a few more weapons in our wrestling arsenals, but he doesn't like to quit, and neither do I. And that's what made our match so much fun.



pecs44 is recommended by wrestling coach

Pecs44 is a very strong determined competitor. He raises my testoserone level, pushes my limits, and brings out my fighter instincts. He is stronger than me, I can only beat him on technique. This advantage will not last long, and I expect he will be beating me by Christmas if we continue to train.



wrestling coach is recommended by pecs44

Wish I'd known Gino when I was a kid, but glad to know him now. As someone who's a latecomer to wrestling (age 50), I have learned so much from Gino in just a couple of sessions: the perfect combination of demanding and encouraging. And, as we say in Boston, wicked smaht, too. Thanks, buddy.



RhodyRaybo is recommended by pecs44

Ray may be a newbie, but he's very enthusiastic, is picking up the sport quickly, and has very good endurance. The fact that he can host is a big plus, and he'll make sure you work for a sub or pin.


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