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Looking for real time matches, sweatier the better, novice/intermediate level



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Emmaus
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Age: 41-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 215 lbs (98 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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papin is recommended by Spruceman

He is strong and large enough that I thought at first I would be tapping like a woodpecker; it quickly became a coaching (nonetheless competitive) session ensued to help him add to his basic instincts against more than arm bars, sleepers, full nelsons real good.

He quickly picked up and employed the need to keep the arms close in and two-handed gripping fingers tucked in, among other things, including breakaway escapes --- my passing along things which Redlandguy taught me months ago.. By the end of the session, he was a better wrestler than when he arrived. That made me proud.

Here are the recommendations. He has good instincts, strong enough body, and skills to give you a good match. Take him on, and do what everyone should do for every relatively new opponent – Tell him when he's making himself vulnerable. Take a few minutes to show him a couple holds, moves, escapes, or other pointers, (as everyone has something unique to pass on and unique needs to be addressed.) Let him try them on you. Go for it. As with every one of my past opponents, he's welcome to return for encores.



Spruceman is recommended by papin

Hey a great time with Spruceman, he was a great host, and super teacher. He is very fit and has a brutally strong grip. I wasn't much of a match for him he is too skilled. He has an awesome mat setup and encourage anyone to take advantage of it and him if they can travel there. In addition he is a very nice guy and has a strong appreciation and knowledge of the sport. Was mostly upper body match and he clearly had the strength, looking forward to rolling with him again.