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****Please note I am looking for pro/promission style matches only ****

Predominantly looking for pro matches either give and take or jobber v heel style matches. I am not looking to prove myself main aim is both guys have fun in the match.

If I have checked your profile out then there’s a good chance I’m wanting a match with you!

If you challenge make sure you have plans to be heading to London and if outside of the UK then at least be heading to the UK.

This part is important!!!!
I'm not looking for the following:
Submission matches
Hotel matches
Cyber matches

Ideally looking for similar age or younger for matches - just my personal preference. I will meet older that have good fitness levels.

Other than that hit me up guys and let's hit the ring!



  1. United Kingdom, London
  2. United Kingdom, Ss5 6lu
  3. Greece, Πάργα
    (I'm here between 9/26/2018 and 10/06/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 207 lbs (94 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Singlets/speedos/trunks

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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nwprograppler is recommended by subwrstler

The big day had come... We make it meet and wrestle with nwprograppler!!! Although the space was limited we had a great wrestling time!! Promission style match with a lot of give and take action that it seems we both enjoyed very much. He is an expert in pro holds and a very good coach showing me some of the tricks....if you are a fan of pro wrestling don't miss him! Hope next time we will make it wrestle in a ring!!!
Off the mats a great smiley man with a very nice attitude! Can't wait to wrestle with him again... I hope it will be soon!! Highly recommended!



subwrstler is recommended by nwprograppler

After nearly 3 years of chat I finally got the chance to meet subwrestler. His pics do not do him justice in person he has a good solid muscular build. Whilst the apartment wasn’t the best place for a wrestle we had a good solid wrestling session trading a variety of holds. Word of warning - as others have said he has impressive body scissors and he will not release unless you submit.

Off the mats couldn’t ask to meet a nicer guy who took the time out to travel to meet. Definitely recommended and hopefully won’t be another 3 years before we get to grips again. Bring it on!



nwprograppler is recommended by wrestlerfrance

A Big pro wrestler ! I love this kind of Guy.
Nwprograppler is one ! We have a lot of fun during the match, very rough hard and intense like i want it.
Great technics, good strengh, a lot of holds ...
20 minutes of rough fight and he finish me with a KO !
You are one of my favorite wrestler.
If you are not too delicate ... You must meet him !



wrestlerfrance is recommended by nwprograppler

I was lucky to meet wrestlerfrance for a video shoot up in Manchester.

His pictures do not do this guy justice. He looks every inch of a wrestler in person with a great physique.

I normally do Pro style but for this match I upped my game into submission and it’s fair to say wrestlerfrance absorbed all of the punishment. He’s a resilient & tough wrestler who will not give easily.

I look forward to hitting the mats again real soon.



nwprograppler is recommended by JackBC

June 18 (Round 2)
I didn’t think it was humanly possible but our re-match was even better than our first, longer too! Mr Nwoprograppler is a honestly a force to be reckoned with whilst in the ring (I now call him the mean machine... amost other things), outside the ring he is a truly awesome guy, one I can now call a friend.
Our 3 hour match was fun, intense and a in depth coaching session if you like. He increased his game to suit me (mainly because I took his beating the first time so knew this time was going to be even tougher) always putting his opponents needs before his. I lost count how many times I tapped as he was just working all over me, my back and arms absolutely killed from all his submissions and pressured techniques.
Until next time round 3 - I promise you that nasty chop 😉

(Match 1)
Where to even begin...

Mr nwprograppler and I had only been speaking a few weeks before securing the first match of which I hope to many wrestles.

Our communication was very free flowing, trustworthy and quick, allowing plenty of back and fourth, jobber and heel trash talk in leading up to the match, boy did I pay for it... Literally!

He’s mentioned about the height but he’s actually one of my taller opponents, so I knew we were very similar in that sense and would he be nothing short of experienced, intense and a fun enjoyable challenge.

What else can I say apart from that his positive and experienced reputation precedes him.
He’s probably the most relaxed in terms of wrestling and accommodates your needs and objectives from the match, over his. Who am I kidding, this guy is going to whoop your ass! He’s a steam machine! 😏

This man takes on the character and is the one of the best heels in the business, once you step foot in the ring with him, there is no going back. This handsome fit pro is a very tactile opponent running on pure energy and adrenaline until you’re tapping out, reminding him of the champ he is.

He made me realise there’s a lot for me to learn, build on and to apply successfully and efficiently having the ultimate impact on ones opponent. He has a certain delicacy to how he wrestles, his techniques are super strong and skilled.

Even though he’s very pro, safe, macho type.. he’s also a very patient and lovely guy. I learnt a lot from Sunday in which I am very thankful for and will show him exactly next time what I have remembered! ;)

I can safely say this was my most enjoyable wrestle to date, still trying to contain the buzz. Honestly guys, don’t miss out! It’s your loss otherwise.
Highly recommended and we are already arranging round 2!



JackBC is recommended by nwprograppler

Round 2

So we hit the ring for round 2 and the Duracell bunny came fully charged and ready to tussle. This time we stepped it up and it was 2 hours that was a blast despite the heat in the ring.

No matter what you do he just bounces back up for more which is great fun for a destructive heel like me as I can keep on hurting him.

Round 3 will be coming soon for sure.

There is a lot that has been written about Jack already which I’d agree with however I’ll try add my own comments.

Firstly arranging this match was so easy to do and before we hit the ring we’d had trash talk aplenty. I had no doubt this young rookie could back it up!

It is not often that I’m the smaller opponent in the ring being 6’1 but with Jack he dwarfed me!

We started off with some give & take and showing how to execute holds and counters which he quickly took on board. He’s a quick learner and with experience behind him I’ve no doubts he will be a formidable opponent. If he uses his assets wisely he will get many a Wrestler into serious trouble and get them tapping out! That’s when he decides if he wants to heel or job.

The match was so much fun. 90 minutes of sweat drenched wrestling. He’s like the Duracell bunny in that as soon as you’ve got him to tap he’s up and ready to go again.

Lovely guy in/out the ring and he’s a must meet as you’ll have a blast with him!



nwprograppler is recommended by jonny innocent

NWProGrappler made sure to find out about me before the match, which is a great indicator of the care he takes to ensure his opponents are safe and enjoy their encounter with him. He moderated his much greater level of skill and expertise to accommodate me and increased the intensity over the course of the meet as he tested me out to see what I could take.

He very quickly found my weaknesses and being the dirty heel he is, returned to them again and again. He fills out the heel role superbly; physically, mentally and verbally. Even better, he revels in it.

A great range of moves (with little regard for what is legal) were used to keep me under control and work my body from head to toe. He is certainly an expert in tying up your limbs and leaving you completely helpless. He even has his own signature move to achieve this.

I did manage to put a couple of moves on him (in which I am sure he was complicit), but of course I paid for that, including being put in the very same hold myself.

Despite his intimidating heel persona and physique, NWProGrappler was really happy to give me wrestling advice, show me some moves and even let me try them out on him (almost the only way I could get my hands on him). He was a great guy to meet and easy to get along with. But watch it, those eyes can change from the colour of the sky on a warm summer's afternoon to ice-blue in an instant.



jonny innocent is recommended by nwprograppler

I have been lucky to have met 'Gentleman' Johnny just as he's really getting into his pro wrestling. We had the opportunity to chat in depth prior to the match so that we could get the best out of the meet.

He has a great passion for the wrestling and once the nerves eased he threw himself into the match.

He has the perfect jobber look especially with his name emblazoned across his ass in his pro trunks that makes you just want to destroy him all the more.

Be careful though he may come across 'innocent' but if you give him any lee way he will exploit especially with his cross face which is fairly lethal and had me tapping out - he paid for it though!

A really lovely guy in/out the ring and I know we will be having another match very soon.



nwprograppler is recommended by Essex

May 2018.
Not much more I can add, I'm lucky enough I get to wrestle this guy on tap....always have a blast with him.
Best Heel ive ever met, safe, sane and a great teacher if you want to learn more about pro as he certainly knows his stuff.

November 2017....Match 16..just love wrestling this guy..always brings something new to our regular meets and enjoy experimenting the new holds and moves he comes up heel i have ever met on this, sane, a great laugh and a diamond geeza 👍
Well...can't really add much more to my previous recc of this awesome heel...met up for match 7 in the ring on June 13th and had another 4hrs wrestling this guy..we stepped it up yet again and he certainly pushed my pain threshold to the max with his pro moves and his usual and very creative twists on certain pro holds...he let me apply some pro moves on him although it didn't last long 😉
He has become a great and close friend and look forward to plenty more meets with him wether it's a wrestling or social meet.
Bring on match 8 👍

Rematch March 5th, back at Grove Park.
We stepped it up a notch this time and the pro holds, slams and action came thick and fast...attempted a few moves on him, but he was always one step ahead of me and he put his own twist on some great holds as usual..respectful of his opponent at all times...until I used a certain phrase to get him to crank the hold up further! Dinner, drinks and great conversation afterwards ended yet another awesome meet with this great pro wrestler.
I'll see you for round 3 in a few days GQ 😉

Finally got to meet this awesome pro wrestler after hurricane Imogen scuppered our plans for our first meet due to me being stuck in an 8 hour traffic jam.
Was plenty of banter before our meet and it carried on throughout the match.
On a cold February night, Grove park certainly didn't need heaters to heat it up.

This was one of those meets that does not just meet your expectations, it exceeds them.

Picked him up and we drove to the ring at Grove Park and we chatted away as if we have known each other for ages.
Even started on me in the car (stationary of course)
Entered the ring and that's when the ever so nice guy disappeared once he got into gear and then the relentless heel took over.
This guy is an awesome pro wrestler in our heel vs jobber match and I certainly paid for my cheek and cockiness time and time again.
He certainly knows how to control his opponent in some of the holds he applied and even put his own personal twist to a few of them.
He made full use of the turnbuckle and ropes in our match and was impressed how flexible I was and how much I could take.
Plenty of laughs and banter throughout the match and as usual time flew by.
We even went over our allocated time slot, but Ian Scott didn't mind.
Getting me up in a surfboard was certainly the highlight of the night and goes to show how experienced he is.
Left me wanting more and we are already planning our next meet.
This guy is the real deal, totally safe and sane and respectful of his opponents limits, but be prepared to have them pushed.....lots!
If you do not meet this guy, you are missing out on one hell of a meet.
I hardly slept after our meet, not for the aches which I have, but because I was still buzzing from our match
A diamond geeza both on and of the mats and I have no hesitation recommending him to other wrestlers.
I have made a good mate in the process and I know we will have many more matches in the future.
10/10 Cheers matey.



Essex is recommended by nwprograppler

So we met again for another pro match and Essex really has improved massively. He’s definitely not a lazy Jobber and really brings the match to you. He’s definitely become more feisty and his strength has really come on. He’s got a pretty devastating move (I’ll let you find out what it is!) and he had me tapping!

Essex really is the best pro Jobber around!

Essex goes from strength to strength when it comes to rematches. Met him as part of a tag match and he really took some punishment and yet keeps coming back for more. His ability to be twisted into unusual positions knows no bounds!

It's hard to believe but we have just had match 13 and that's since February of this year which is when I first met Essex.

When it comes to pro we just instinctively work so well together and the photographic evidence and videos are testament to that. It's pretty fair to say that he's like my own personal mr stretchy as I can push n pull him to so many different holds and positions. Each match brings something different and I always look forward to the next match up.

So here we are at Round 3 with ES (asking him what it means) back at Grove Park. If he thought he had been worked last time he knew nothing!! He started trying to get his moves in first but he was just met with resistance and a steely determination from me and he ended up on the receiving end of some painful holds to which I add my own unique twist to.
This guy though just keeps coming back for more and no matter how much you work him over he jumps back and says ‘is that all you got?’ Or tries to imitate your accent (it’s the worst Yorkshire twang I have ever heard!!). He is one of the most resilient jobbers I have met and can really take punishment .
Getting in the ring with this guy is always a blast and I look forward to destroying him in the ring again very soon.
To be continued.............

This is one of those rare recommendations where you don't quite know where to start!
It didn't get off to the most auspicious of starts due to the initial meet being cancelled due to Storm Imogen having her way!! A new date was scheduled and this time I intended to make him pay. With Essex one thing is clear - he can talk. His marf (aka mouth) is as big as the channel tunnel and I spent most of the match trying to silence him!!!
But to the match - this is what a jobber should be. He is a glutton for punishment and he really can take the pain with being very flexible and a huge pain threshold. I was able to push him to some real extremes and the photographs testify that this was one awesome match up. We even had opportunities to practice holds which gave way to the excellent surfboard we achieved. I think it is fair to say there wasn't one part of his body that wasn't worked over and made to ache the next day. The 3 hour session we had just wasn't enough and we went passed this. thankfully I think Iain Scott was just as impressed and allowed us to carry on.

If he challenges/messages you then take it up. He's a great guy off and on the mats and one I can call a friend and we will definitely be hitting the ring as I need to see how much further I can push him. Round 2 beckons Essex!



nwprograppler is recommended by funpro123

Have had my eye on NWP's profile for many years, and finally plucked up the courage to step in the ring with him. His profile perhaps paints him as quite an imposing figure!? And, to be fare, he pretty much is in the ring. But, that said, you couldn't ask for a more considerate and personable guy to tangle with. Generous in his tip giving, for both moves and counter moves, allowing both to get the most out of the bout.
Strong and very knowledgable about his pro, but also very adaptable to a less experienced guy.
All in all, a top class meet with a top class bloke.. Ding ding for round two buddy..



funpro123 is recommended by nwprograppler

So I was fortunate enough to finally pin Funpro123 for a Brit pro match and it was most definitely worth the wait. Before we’d even met the banter & the trash talk was very evident so I knew this was going to be good.

He stepped through the ropes looking every inch the pro wrestler which was fantastic as it brought memories of world of sport back to me. We were almost identical stats which meant I’d have to step up a gear!

We traded a few holds training and showing some counters and then it was down to business for some give & take and whilst I had the upper hand if you give Funpro123 any leeway he will grab it quickly and force you to submit. He’s naturally strong so he will keep you busy.

To surmise we’d had a good solid 3hrs wrestling, and both having had a great bout. Genuine affable guy that you cannot help but get on with!

Round 2 is being planned as you read this........

Can’t recommend him enough!



nwprograppler is recommended by Boston Tap

NWP is a mean bruiser type in the best WOS pro style tradition. Think shaved headed Tony St Clair in a bad mood and you have a vision of the deft, agile and talented grappler I met in the ring at Grove Park.

He is an accomplished wrestler who knows his ring craft and how to torment and work over a lightweight opponent in a catchweight bout. He tirelessly worked me over on the canvas, in the ropes and against the posts until he was ready to go for the submission.

I did get my licks in too and did manage to get a tap from him in a single leg boston which was no mean feat.

We wrestled for a solid 90 minutes non-stop, creating some good chains of moves between us. All done in the blistering heat - it was actually only 19 degrees outside but we hadn't realised that Iain had left the heating on - must check next time!! - so was a very hot and sweaty encounter.

NWP is a true gent really and kindly gave me some tips on escapes and counters and was punctual, clean and totally safe. A pleasure to wrestle. Hope to have another bout and possibly a tag match with him later in the year. Top recommendation.



Boston Tap is recommended by nwprograppler

It’s probably taken us about 18 months to finally climb through the ropes, for various reasons, but the wait was worthwhile.

BT is a solid Wrestler and he gives his all to a match if you meet him.

It was a classic WoS catchweight mismatch and BT didn’t back down once. We exchanged a few holds and tips on how to counter and then we got down to the main reason we were there for - to punish each other!

He can give as good as he can take and he can absorb some punishment! Watch out for his Boston as he can certainly cinch it on quickly & effectively.

It was a full on 90minute non stop action bout which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Will definitely climb through the ropes again and will look at a tag match very soon. Thanks for a great session.

If he challenges you - accept!



nwprograppler is recommended by thesubmissionkid

Had a really good early morning wrestle with this guy. He was kind enough to pick me up from the train station and drive us to the ring. We'd had a back and forth chat prior to meeting so we had a fairly good idea of what kind of match we were going to have.

Very friendly off the mats but gets into character on them as the dominant mean heel. Used all sorts of submission holds, dirty tactics, and tried some pro ring work too for good measure. He also did a little coaching, showing me ways to get out of certain holds and tricks I can use in future matches.

He made my first ring match a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'll be wrestling again very soon! Highly recommended.



thesubmissionkid is recommended by nwprograppler

I was fortunate to meet this guy recently and have to say I wasn’t disappointed. It’s hard for me to add more than what others have said however I’ll try!

He most definitely comes to the ring with a can do attitude and he has the right amount of confidence & cockiness to make a great Jobber (only in pro though!)

He’s resilient and bounces straight back up once he’s tapped. He’s the only person who hasn’t given in to my leg scissors ( I will have to rectify that 😡).

He almost got a tap out of me but I resorted to a dirty tactic to escape!

Great guy and someone you can have a laugh with. Definitely having another match when he’s ready!



nwprograppler is recommended by New2this

What a great wrestler and a fantastic match. Christian is a great teacher and showed me a few holds and counters (that was after punishing me in them!) He is also a very good looking guy and looks really great in all of his gear.

We had a bit of back and forth where I did manage to get one tap out of him but he of course dominated the match and had me in a lot of intense and inventive holds, stretching me out though always very safe and controlled.

A delayed start also gave us the chance to grab a coffee and Christian is a very nice guy, really genine and easy to talk to. Careful when the match starts though as the mean heel comes out to play.

I would say definitely one of the best matches I've had and I very much look forward to next time. Absolutely recommended



New2this is recommended by nwprograppler

If you are looking for a resilient opponent that just bounces back for more punishment then look no further!

We had a delayed start by 2hrs due to a double booking at the ring but New2this took it all in his stride and when we hit the ring it was definitely worth the wait.

We traded holds back & forth but I ultimately took control. Put him in a camel clutch (his favourite) and he can bend back almost horizontally and still he wouldn’t give. Submitting is not something he will do easily. He’s most definitely not a push over.

Looks good in his singlet and is certainly appealing to the eye.

It was such a great session we totally lost track of time.

Outside the ring New2this is a lovely genuine guy that you can’t help but get along with.

The rematch is already being planned. To be continued..........



nwprograppler is recommended by g24lsa

I suspected this guy would be a quality meet, and I was blown away! Pro in every sense - a passionate, skilled, strong, aggressive, safe (and very sexy wrestler).

We practiced some moves (was my first time trying Pro), after a few years on this site am getting a bit embarrassed at always having to be of lower skill than my opponents! But this guy has inspired me to learn more and to get better. Patient, strong, went at my pace, even threw some submission into the mix so I could at least get some holds on him (notwithstanding the fact there was no doubt who King of the Ring was!)

A wicked sense of humour, he's like Jeckyll and Hyde inside and outside the ring. Polite outside the ring (like butter wouldn't melt), then switch - a powerful (and devious!) wrestler inside. I hope to get my revenge.

Really hope to meet this strong muscular fit guy again and to become a better Pro challenge for him. His photos do not do him justice, one of the best I've met, in every sense.



g24lsa is recommended by nwprograppler

So after a false start (my fault forgot to book the ring!) we finally met up. First things first this guy is imposing when you first meet him which is a real bonus. He carries himself well and clearly works out and as he climbed through the ropes I realised he was going to be more than a handful for me.

He is very strong and would say he was a match for me strength to strength. We started off doing some pro moves but we ended up doing submission and for a big guy he can move exceptionally quickly. He did get a few holds onto me however I didn't let him keep them on for long!

A great personality and a lovely guy it made the 2 hours we had fly by so quickly!

With a little more knowledge this guy will be a formidable opponent to anyone and I would definitely recommend him.

Let's see if he has remembered what I taught for Match 2!



nwprograppler is recommended by LockDown

Was lucky to spend some time in heel school recently, with an expert teacher. Keen to brush up on my skills I picked a fight with this guy, and I wasn’t disappointed. I was battered, bruised and beaten but certainly not disappointed.

One of the most friendly guys I’ve met so far, it’s quite a surprise when he turns on his dominant ultra-heel persona. He is more than able to back up his attitude with an array of debilitating attacks. Although he had me outclassed for most of our meeting I think he enjoyed taking some punishment from me too.

Highly recommended. I’ve already used some of the tricks he thought me on some unlucky opponents, and look forward to the rematch where I can learn more of what it takes to be the ultimate heel from one of the best.



LockDown is recommended by nwprograppler

So after a flurry of quick messages I met LockDown in the ring and it's fair to say a fun time was had by all!

Like most of his reviews already he came to the ring with a great mental attitude and he gave a 100% whilst in the ring. Having done more submission than pro he was very open minded and we had a great 90 minutes of pretty much solid wrestling.

As a budding heel there is that little glint in his eye as he tries to work out the best way to systematically break down his opponent. It is fair to say once he started to put the pieces of the jigsaw together he became very adapt on putting on some great holds that leave you no option but to submit (making him work for it though!).

I have no hesitation in recommending LockDown and look forward to seeing him again and if he has remembered any of the coaching we went through. From an aesthetics point of view he looks great in his gear too.

If he challenges you - accept you will not be disappointed.



nwprograppler is recommended by Marcwrestler

After many years, we meet finally! Dream came true! Had amazing time to wrestle Nwprograppler on the ring! We did Pro wrestling match back and forth with full pro gear! So much fun! Wow! He is so good with variation of wrestling holds. He give me a good challenge to shows myselft my Pro skills to him! : ) For sure, i want a rematch with him when i will go back to UK. Highly recommended !



Marcwrestler is recommended by nwprograppler

This match with Marcwrestler was a long time coming but was worth the wait. It is rare to find someone who has the skills for pro and he certain acquitted himself nicely.

Was a great match of back and forth action and it is fair to say we both tested each others skills to the limit to see what we could achieve. He has such great knowledge of holds and moves that anyone having a match with him will not be disappointed.

Hopefully I won't have to wait as long for a rematch!



nwprograppler is recommended by readyforit

Met nwprograppler for a tag bout with two other wrestlers I fought before and can confirm his name fits his impressive ability at promission grappling. There man is big, strong, skilful, inventive and totally safe and sane. Important points when you're pitted against him and need to feel confident he knows how to handle you with dexterity and care while applying enough pressure for you to feel his power and know who's boss. His sense of humour matches his welcoming and open personality.
I'm very much looking forward to our next bout.



readyforit is recommended by nwprograppler

I met readyforit for a tag match with Essex & Frenchprowrestler and even though he felt under the weather he still managed to hold his own! Don't let his slender build fool you - there is one feisty wrestler who's strength is more than you would realise.

He is quite wily and can catch you out if you are not ready for him. Had an enjoyable match and would definitely recommend him to anyone whether looking for submission or pro style matches.



nwprograppler is recommended by Belfastspeedo

Met nwprograppler a good few times between 2010 and 2012. Had many fun brit pro bouts in the Manchester rings. Very strong but safe. Well recommended.



Belfastspeedo is recommended by nwprograppler

I’ve been lucky to have met Belfastspeedo on a number of occasions at the ring in Manchester. Always had a good match and he took the punishment well in a good old Pro style Give n take. Definitely worth a challenge.



nwprograppler is recommended by flexiwrestler

Had an absolute blast of an afternoon with Nwprograpppler fabulous - heel, strong, solid and sexy too! He took me to some of my limits! And there's a lot more to discover. Genuine guy both on and off the mats . Helped me to learn to some of the moves, so an all round fab afternoon can't wait to meet again :)



flexiwrestler is recommended by nwprograppler

I met flexiwrestler knowing that he could absorb a lot of punishment in the ring judging by his previous recommendations. I wasn't disappointed! He can bend and flex really well and I could push his limits.
We did a bit of coaching as well so that he could understand a few more of the holds and I let him put them on me.
Lovely guy outside the ring and great in the ring!

You won't be disappointed.



nwprograppler is recommended by subscapuk

A pro guy who knows how to grapple. Fit strong able and great physic.



nwprograppler is recommended by ChunkyHeel

Good memories of fun in the ring with nwprograppler. Great pro bout, lots of WoS give and take on a Satuday afternoon :) Great guy out of the ring too.



ChunkyHeel is recommended by nwprograppler

I met chunkyheel a few years ago now but we had a blast with a proper world of sport style match. Great opponent who is capable and skilled and is a great guy out the ring. Happy to recommend him to anyone!



nwprograppler is recommended by borets

So this was my first proper pro encounter. Slightly nervous but I have to say Christian was a perfect gent ( mostly) for those of who think pro is a joke then think again. It was a physical counter and great fun, I learned a lot.

I can't recommend him enough. A strong fit grown up who knows his pro with a great sense of humour. Did I say that he looks the part ? Under the gentle exterior lurks a heel....

I look forward to round 2. Ding dong...



borets is recommended by nwprograppler

It was great to finally meet Borets as we had both had some formal training from a pro wrestler. Gave us the opportunity to put our training to the test.

He's a big guy for sure so it wasn't quite the usual dismantling of opponents that I'm used to but was fun all the same.

He was outside his comfort zone having mainly been a submission wrestler but he's certainly got a taste for it now.

Challenge him if you dare!



nwprograppler is recommended by IKBER

It was great honor for me to have a match with nwprograppler last week.We went to into the ring at London Grove Park. It was really fun!
In the reality there is more than 25kg difference of the weight and I found out he is absolutely big, strong and skilled. I just kept being tore up...Boston, Camel,Backbreaker and punishment at the corner were brutal. However he handled himself very well and always managed to stay safe and sane. These two contradictions were exactly what I like.

Off the mat he was kind and respectable. He tried to listen very carefully to what I explained and speak very clearly. Also I really appreciated that he organized this authentic pro atmosphere.

Highly recommend especially for those who is looking for cruel heel vs jobber match. If you want to be his next prey, go for it! I already wish for the second round.



IKBER is recommended by nwprograppler

So after a short exchange of messages we agreed to meet at the Grove Park. We initially started the match as a heel V jobber match but part way through we changed to more give and take. Ikber came with the right attitude and was especially feisty at the start but it's fair to say I wore him down. He succumbed to a series of sleepers, arm bars and leg locks. Looks great in his gear and a lovely guy outside of the ring.

Before leaving the ring he asked for a rematch - accepted!

If you want a guy who loves pro then drop ikber a message. You'll have a good match



nwprograppler is recommended by Cr-cb

My first pro match in the ring was a long time coming, and nwprograppler made sure it was a really fun experience. After the initial give and take session, we had a proper jobber/heel match.
NW really knows how to execute a variety of moves and due to his experience really knows how to hit that fine line in being really safe and sane but also a really mean heel. His signature hold is something to experience, ouch.
Off the mats a really nice and friendly guy, and I am looking forward to future matches.

No matter your experience in pro wrestling, do get in touch with NW, he will really show you a great time.



Cr-cb is recommended by nwprograppler

So after a couple of months chatting and a brief social meet it was time to hit the ring for a pro catchweight match. Despite the mismatch in size Cr-cb arrived at the ring with a real confident attitude and ready to get to grips.
Initially, we did a bit of give and take, but as the insults flew in my direction such as 'that all you've got' and telling me to 'get f**ked' it was time to crank up the pressure. He suffered well with a series of attacks from me especially a brutal camel clutch. I've genuinely never seen some one flex back so far but I wanted that extra submission from - he was nearly at a 90 degree angle but I got it in the end.

I even managed to get him into my unique signature hold as well.

If he messages you jump at the chance. He's a feisty, resilient guy who wears his gear well.

Outside the ring he's a charming genuine and likeable guy.

If he's up for round 2 then he just needs to ask 😃



nwprograppler is recommended by Gforce199

Actually a professional wrestler in pro style! It has a large repertoire of holds not hesitate to show his opponent to reach its limits! always safely! We had a great meeting him and Essex, and they helped me a lot. He taught me many techniques and is really strong, I look forward to the next match, thanks!



Gforce199 is recommended by nwprograppler

So after a week of wrestling many opponents it was my turn to meet Gforce199 and as I was the last one before he flew home I had to make it count! From the off he was subjected to many punishing holds with some training interspersed in between. I know his forte is more submission but he adapted well wrestling pro style. It is fair to say he looked great in gear and he kept coming back for more. A hot sweaty bout it may have been but was thoroughly enjoyable and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to other wrestlers whether it is pro or submission. Ready when you are Gforce199 for a rematch!



nwprograppler is recommended by finest

This match was a long time coming, I think we've been chatting before meetfighters.
Well it was truly worth the wait, this man knows his way around the ring and trust me he knows some devastating holds.
He looks every bit the heel in his gear.
Big recommendation!



finest is recommended by nwprograppler

We have chatted over the years but never had the chance until I moved south to hit the ring together. He's a lean muscular wrestler who knows his holds but had to succumb to me in the end. Long sweaty pro match at Grove Park that was worth the wait. Looks great in his ring attire and has the right attitude. Look forward to taking him on again! If he challenges you then you would be foolish not to take him up on the offer. You have been told!



nwprograppler is recommended by Cymrofight

Christian's Southern reputation as a heel is based on absolutely rock-solid technical foundations. He was generous enough to say he'd enjoyed our time together yesterday in the ring at Grove Park, when he was completely out of my league. He's an extremely nice guy - I recommend him to all those of you who look for a professionally high level pro encounter. You'll be well served. And you jobbers will just have to get in the queue! Thanks, Christian 😊



Cymrofight is recommended by nwprograppler

Cymrofight and I had been chatting on/off for a few years now but had never had the chance to battle it out in the ring. By chance I spotted he had a match request and I took the plunge.
I didn't make it easy for him as I had a match prior to meeting him so when he arrived in the ring I was already psyched, in gear and ready to intimidate him!
I think he does himself a disservice saying he was out of my league. He has bundles of energy and wrestles really well. I did work him over even though we said it would be heel v heel.
More than happy to meet in the ring again.



nwprograppler is recommended by wrestlergreek29

After a few weeks of talking, and after I had challenged him we finally met in London. It was my first experience in a ring, and I thing with the best wrestler to do this. He was more than careful with me and keen to show me lots of moves and techniques. This guy apart from the fact that he is very big, he is a very, very good pro wrestler. He is very skilled, strong and very powerful and impressive. But he is also safe and knows the limits. He is a very good guy, great to talk and would definitely recommend him. He is definitely worth meeting again and again.



wrestlergreek29 is recommended by nwprograppler

So after a challenge we headed to the ring for this guy's first taste of pro action in the ring. He looks the part with a great physique and has the right attitude and is strong - don't estimate him in the strength department.
The 2 hours went quickly and we had a blast in the ring. Off the mats a really nice guy who I am grateful to as he made the effort to come to the UK for the match.
If he challenges you then go for it - you won't be disappointed!



BlueWrestler21 is not recommended by nwprograppler

  • Unreliable / no show



nwprograppler is recommended by LeithSubProGrappler

I met this tough heel waiting for the ring to open up at Grove Park. My first impression was man, did he ever look the part. Big, powerful, scruffy, mean. Jason Stantham look alike was my first reaction. The three of us got into the ring, and then over the course of four hours, preceded to double team Mark from pillar to post. It was instantly clear that the big man knew his pro! Together, he and I doubled teamed jobber boy Mark inventing new holds as we went along ... Along the way, he taught me his signature hold and helped me brush up on my pro game.

We traded a few holds back and forth as well, and I had the privilege of being on the receiving end of several of the big heel's brutal holds. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Off the mats, I found this brutal heel to be great company. He's funny and easy to be with, we shared some good food and good beer, delving into conversations about all kinds of other topics. I enjoyed the chance to meet him, and am looking forward to meeting up again! He is a definite keeper and a true gentleman, with a pleasing mix of brutality and friendliness. (:



LeithSubProGrappler is recommended by nwprograppler

There are three words to describe this guy - Tough, strong and stubborn!
We initially did a 2 Vs 1 against Essex and it was great fun working together to extract as much pain out of him as possible. We were inventive with the holds and worked well as a team.
It would have been rude not to have had a 1:1 match and this is where I really felt this guys strength. He has thighs that are as thick as tree trunks and he knows how to use them as I found out!!! He took the time to show me some of his signature holds as I did him.
Off the mats this guy is super friendly and great company to be around and I know there will be another match up in the near future!



nwprograppler is recommended by A1Jobberlad

After a few weeks of talking we finally met. My first ever experience of been in a actual ring which I loved. Although we started to plan a heel / jobber match , throughout the evening nwprograppler shown me lots of pro moves and techniques which has definatly wanted me to learn more with this guy . In the ring this guy is very skilled and looks very good In his gear, boots etc .His also very safe and always respects limits . All round great guy and already looking at when I can arrange another met with him .



A1Jobberlad is recommended by nwprograppler

Met this great guy and it was his first time in the ring. Unlike most who'd be nervous he certainly wasn't and went straight at it.

Before you count him out because of physique - don't. This boy is resilient and tough and he doesn't give easily. Even by his own admission he loves to be the jobber there's a little bit of him that does fight back. You have been warned.

I have no hesitation in recommending him, he even travelled quite a distance to meet me, and I assure you he will be worth the effort.

As he says round 2 is being planned as we speak........



nwprograppler is recommended by chuckles06

Had my first experience in the ring with this guy who made it great fun! He's an excellent teacher and really knows his stuff, despite me being a bit slow to pick things up! We went through some holds and sequences and then I got the chance to try them out on him. I didn't manage to get him to tap but he left me with a few bruises for trying!

I'd definitely recommend meeting up with this guy if you get the chance. Super friendly (outside of the ring) and great conversation too. I'm looking forward to the next match.



chuckles06 is recommended by nwprograppler

I've been fortunate to meet this rookie early in his wrestling experience and I'm really pleased I have.

Chatted first off around what experience and what he'd like to do and we took the session from there. We did purely pro. Showed him different holds and various sequences and he's a quick learner picking things up and tried to punish me (made sure he paid for it though!)

Really nice guy, great to talk to, looked good in the ring with a great physique and would happily recommend him and meet him again if he wants a rematch.



nwprograppler is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Meet this excellent pro wrestler at Grove Park earlier this evening and enjoyed every second of the Pro Match. Although l normally only do submission, l enjoyed nwprograppler thrashing. After teaching me a few well known holds and showing me ' the chop ' and ' four arm smash' it showned that pro is as enjoyable as submission. Im starting to ache already and really enjoyed the experience with a master of pro wrestling.. ' Nwprograppler' is definately worth meeting again and again.. I cant recommend him enough. He' s safe,sane and extremely good company in and out of the ring.. l look forward to wrestling him pro style again..



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by nwprograppler

I met Megrappler at Grove Park and he was a genuine guy who was flexible to my times due to work commitments.

It's fair to say he is as solid as an Ox and has some of the strongest legs I have experienced - you have been warned.

We did a session in pro initially chatting and trying different holds and then we went for it in a match. He suffers well and I had him in a series of holds but when he wants to turn the tables he can!

Definitely meet again and if he challenges you - accept it!



nwprograppler is recommended by dadwrestle

Now here's a former opponent I am DELIGHTED to see back on the scene! We met in former days "up north"! Safe, sane, reliable...huge imagination in the ring! Looks great in his pro gear! Am just hoping I get the chance to face him in the ring again soon! 100% recommended! Dont miss the chance of taking this skilled pro on!



dadwrestle is recommended by nwprograppler

I have had the pleasure of wrestling DadWrestle on several occasions and he has always made me work hard for the win. Initially we wrestled submission style but as my taste for pro developed he kindly changed his style too. He has a great knowledge of the sport of wrestling.

A gentle giant out the ring but tough nut to crack in it - if you get the opportunity give him a try you won't regret it.



nwprograppler is recommended by Coops

This was my first experience of prowrestling and Christian arrived with a good amount of kit and a lot of experience,unlike myself.
We had a really nice chat before hand, in which he explained how pro worked and what he thought would be good for us to do that night, which was great to hear as I'm somebody with very little (actually no!) pro experience.
As an honest genuine guy he put me at my ease and I felt relaxed going on to the mat.
Then we started to wrestle and in his kit he really looked the part, towering over me with a slight air of menace.
He showed me a few moves and allowed me to have a go at trying a few things on him, but I was definitely the jobber that night!
I felt he worked me quite hard, although he did say he could have taken it further and probs was a bit easier on me with it being my first time.
However I was stretched, pulled and choked with a few slaps thrown in for good measure. I felt a bit like his toy, and as much as I wanted to put up a good fight I had to concede again and again to his brute force.
Today I ache, but I had a brilliant time being worked over by somebody with a passion for dominance. I've got some homework to do now as I don't want to make it as easy for him the next time, but I can't wait for the rematch.

Cheers buddy - but this jobbers coming for you ;-)



Coops is recommended by nwprograppler

I met Coops and it was his first session in Pro. Firstly he looks great in gear and has a great physique. Had a great chat with him to understand what he had or hadn't experienced and think it helped to relieve his nerves!
We went onto the mats and initially had a session of showing a few holds and how to put them on and then let him try those onto myself. He was adept and a quick learner and even made notes of important points for him to research later on!!

Then came the match - it is fair to say I did make him my jobber but I did give him opportunities to be in control but the heel in me came out and had to work him over. He suffers really well in all honesty and I thoroughly enjoyed the bout.

Off the mats he is a lovely guy and a genial host - take him up on any challenge he offers as he is worth it.

I'm going for round 2 to see if this rookie has learnt anything .........



nwprograppler is recommended by Brakus

After a lot of messages, I met Christian, at the end! We talked a lot before our meeting and I understood immediately that he was a genuine man, correct and honest!
But not only these things can say, there is more!
He enjoied the pro wrestling and the ring experience. He has been able to transmit his great passion to me, and this has been amazing!:)
For me has been the first time in the ring and I cannot be more lucky! Christian is very patient, helpful, and able to respect my limits! Yes he is taller and bigger than me! Strong arms, shoulder and legs!😎
But please attention: even if his eyes are very gentle...he can be a perfect hell....and he was with me...
He is strong, able to put you in different moves...and give you some pain...long holds...headlock...breakbacker and remember his chops (and probably he remembers mine...). He is an entusiastici man in the ring and was super funny in the ring. He is prepared and know how work on you. Safe and sane always.
For me was really an amazing experience.
Outside the ring, What can I say? We spoke a lot, he is nice and with him not be bored.
Hope to see him very soon!
Cannot miss him, guys!
Thanks my friend!:-)



Brakus is recommended by nwprograppler

I met Brakus for what was to be a lesson in pro at the ring. On first meets a great guy and in good shape. It was clear immediately that he was a feisty jobber and was determined to pull out all the stops not to go down without a fight. I wore him down and got numerous submissions and then came his signature move - chops! If he's in trouble he delivers them with short sharp pain that belies his size - you have been warned. We then did some pro and he's adept at that too and with a bit more coaching will be good at pro. So to sum up a great guy, friendly and genial. Great wrestler and I'll be meeting again for another session to work him over again. If you get the chance meet him. He's worth it.



nwprograppler is recommended by RobbieNeill

I have known Christian for more years than I can recall now and as he says we did a good DVD for a few years ago amongst the several we have each done for them since. Christian is a great wrestler and like me loves pro wrestling albeit from more of a heel's view rather than me as the blue-eye jobber!! We've had some great matches and enjoy pushing each other to show off our technical moves and lots of verbal too! He always looks the part as you can see and you can never be disappointed with a meet with him-just don't be misled by his innocent look and big smile as he's a total b.....d if he wants to be! Good job I like being tested to the limit as he'll torture you mercilessly! :-)



RobbieNeill is recommended by nwprograppler

I have been fortunate to have met Robbie over several occasions and have even done a BG east video with him. He has a great knowledge of wrestling and you can guarantee that a good match will be the outcome. A genial guy on/off the mats and great fun to get to grips with - definitely recommend



nwprograppler is recommended by slpt

An experienced pro heel, just getting back into the game and gagging to destroy some cocky little jobber. An ever eager (not-so-pro and not-so-little) jobber, ready to step into the ring and take all kinds of abuse. That's a powerful and explosive combination right there! :D And I am very happy to say that it could not have possibly been any better. Christian is a truly amazing guy first and foremost, very passionate about wrestling and remarkably gifted in that department too! After a few rather intense weeks exchanging messages and working each other up, we met at the Grove Park ring for two extralong sessions of hard sweaty action on Saturday and Sunday. What a guy!! I can't recommend him enough! He made it his mission to punish me with every pro dirty trick, painful submission and ring resources he possibly could. He has arms and legs made of concrete solid muscle, an extensive arsenal of holds and the confidence & skill to pull them off, plus tonsss and tons of gear! And when he flashes his evil smile, you just know there's more to come ;) On top of all the fantastic times we've had wrestling, the weekend was filled with some outstanding food & drink experiences. He's just a lot of fun to be around, and his contagious smile and sense of humour just adds that perfect touch to an already highly admirable wrestler. Time flew by too fast, I almost can't believe I'm going back home so soon! 5 stars, top rec, if you're a pro jobber (emphasis on the pro!!) and you feel like you can take on this beast, go for it as fast as you can! Round 2 soon to come my friend :) thank you for an unforgettable weekend!



slpt is recommended by nwprograppler

I thought my wrestling days were pretty much over but I took the chance one day and messaged Bryan. That turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made in wrestling. He gave me the confidence to step back through the ropes. There were numerous messages between us and it was clear this was going to be one hell of a match - pro jobber v heel. We had barely changed into ring attire and stepped through the ropes and we were 'at it'. What followed was an intense hot sweaty series of battles over 2 4 hour sessions. There is real power in Bryan. He's got legs that will refuse to open if he clamps a scissor hold on you. I guarantee you will give. I did and it surprised me. So he then suffered an onslaught of holds and moves that would have many giving well before he did. Stubbornness or resilient? Probably both. But if you really want to get him - sleeper him out. It's a hold he knows so much about (in fact you probably can't teach him anything about this hold). He sleepered me about within seconds much to my disgrace. This was his first go at pro jobbing and he did it with aplomb. The weekend though was full of laughter, witty repartee ( I will never forget the convertible euphoria moment) and plenty of memories. Genuinely super guy that if he challenged you then you must meet him as there wasn't any moments were I was disappointed. I have so much respect and so much for to be thankful to him for him pushing me back to wrestle. I've gained a great friend in the process too. Round 2 will be coming soon and I'm gonna really destroy him this time!!!



nwprograppler is recommended by Friendly Heel

Met a few years ago and was well impressed with this muscular rookie wrestler who turned up on time and enthusiastic!
Looked really good in the trunks and boots and was a great wrestle. Highly recommended.



Friendly Heel is recommended by nwprograppler

I met Friendly Heel a few years ago and don't be fooled by his name - friendly off the mats but can make you suffer in holds on the mat. I mainly heel now but would job for this guy. Great guy and look forward to a long overdue rematch!!



nwprograppler is recommended by Tanker

Tanker & the Smiling Heel
There is a lot to recommend. Nice friendly,thoughtful, easy to talk to , gsoh. Looks good in gear (Looks good in day clothes too) Very strong, fit, skilled , good stamina, safe & sane. Patient with people who don't know their left from their right !!! Nice aftershave as well.

This meet was a long time coming. Contacted Christian the first week I discovered the joys of wrestling websites nearly 10 years ago. His photographs had absolutely nothing to do with my persistence lol . After a number of messages & chats over the years about a month ago we finally arranged to meet.
It was to be a completely pro affair. In a recent recommendation on this site, I was described (Unfairly Imo) as a Bad Bear. So I had a word with myself (Sternly) that this was Strictly pro no funny business. As we shall see this this was not necessary….

Before we wrestled Christian had to decide which of several singlets , speedos & sq cuts to wear, so I was treated to an impromptu display of wrestling chic, before a pair of Heel Black Square Cuts were chosen.
Once in the ring we agreed as the more experienced he would take the lead & found myself in a succession of Armbars bostons, scissors, postings, forearm smashes.
I learnt a number of things.
Pro is not a soft option. It is tough. though fun. You do have a proper wrestling bout.
Bout is more paced.
The subs hurt just as much , especially if you call your opponent a C**t & he takes offence.
You get more variety of holds.
Christian is someone I would happily meet again. took a lot of trouble to show me different holds & let me put them on him. He is a tough opponent, with his fitness strength & skills. had I been a naughty boy & tried some submission on him I would have been toast. . As a pro wrestler he is a definite heel, The smile on his face when he is twisting you into some devilish hold & the satisfaction when he snarls "ask him ref " says it all.
This has been a really difficult recommendation to write, one of my best wrestling experiences, one the best wrestlers i have met, have felt reading through it. i have struggled to put in to words how much I enjoyed it. Afterwards Christian dropped me off at the station, limped into Piccadilly with a smile on my face, caught a bloke's eye who scowled at me, smiled back at him, heigh ho Roll on the rematch, all's right with the world.



Tanker is recommended by nwprograppler

Tanker is correct in that it has taken nearly a decade to arrange the meeting in the ring through various different reasons however he was persistent (I am grateful for) and we did meet in the ring.

Firstly he is a great guy who is very genial and can chat about so many different topics. There were never any awkward moments of silence although his insults did come thick and fast which I then used against him during the session when working him over - but that's another story.

Tanker is used to more submission based wrestling but he agreed to take a step unto unknown territory (not that I gave him a choice!) and did some pro.

He was very willing to learn and took most things on board and tried everything with gusto. He is a solidly built guy and does have some strength behind and I am sure he will be a great pro wrestler if he meets the right guys going forward.

I'd happily recommend him to anyone.



nwprograppler is recommended by Leglocklover

So glad that I got to wrestle Nwprograppler. The clue is in the name, he is a pro wrestler and a great one at that so if you are looking for a sub match then walk on by. If you want a great pro match then do not be afraid to throw down the gauntlet. Christian is an amazing pro wrestler, but don't let him get all his own way. You will be disappointed if you miss out on this guy.. Round two beckons very soon.



Leglocklover is recommended by nwprograppler

I met Carl for a bout and you do not want to miss this guy. What he can do to your legs is unbelievable. He's tenacious and has a great pain threshold. This is one guy I will be having a return match so that I can make him suffer again in a good old brit pro match. Miss him and regret it!



nwprograppler is recommended by Welshwarrior

Excellent opponent- nice guy knows his stuff really well! Well worth the trip to Manchester!



Welshwarrior is recommended by nwprograppler

Met Rhys for a match and what a cracking rookie he is. It takes a lot for him to submit and he will push you to your limits. I look forward to taking him back to the ring to work him over again



nwprograppler is recommended by secondsout

Great guy to hook up with, knowledgeable pro wrestler who is willing to share his skills. Excellent guy to take on in the ring. Highly recommended.



secondsout is recommended by nwprograppler

Superb guy who has the grounding of submission wrestling who is trying to get into pro - has the basics to be a gr8 pro wrestler - strong, resilient and wants to know more. would love to meet again