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Hi: thanks for checking me out.

Aussie guy here. Me in Melbourne Australia most of the time: otherwise London, or Germany/Paris. Gym fit and alive and wanting more guys to wrestle with: man to man stuff.

Happy for wrestling with fit like-minded men: not too serious but enough for a good strong sweaty bout. Happy to be led.

If I mark you as a favourite, it also means that I hope to meet for a bout when I come to visit your area.

can host.

Watch my legs.

Now based in Melbourne Australia: travel a lot esp to England, Germany France and northern Europe.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship
Fetishes: Nipple play, Rip and strip, Muscle worship


  1. Australia, Toorak
    My Home Base
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I am willing to travel 150 kilometers


Age: 69-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: singlet, speedos, shorts

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northy49 is recommended by Brawler

Skilled competitive wrestler. Had a competitive match tonight and was made to work for a win. Enjoyed standing over him and raised my arm on this occasion. Always appreciate someone who hosts. I never take that for granted. Friendly guy to chat with. Not so friendly when we locked horns. Planning on regular matches and agree to be tag partners if anyone wants to take us on. Looking forward to a singles rematch as often as time permits. Recommended if you're in melbourne.



Brawler is recommended by northy49

I had a great fight with Brawler. He is tall, tough, strong and determined, and well experienced,. He is quick to realise your strengths and how to counter them, but an opponent can surprise him with their skills. But he will fight back. Brawler likes to win, and he likes to exert the win over his opponent. He fights hard, and he talks the talk while in combat. . He is tenacious and when you fight him it will not be easy, but you will enjoy it all. Importantly, Brawler is a friendly guy on and off the mat. Brawler is local to me so I hope that we can connect to locals and any visitors, who are welcome.



northy49 is recommended by Squashlad

13/05/2017: It was great to get a grapple in with this outgoing and enthusiastic wrestler on the main mats at John's meet at Pippa's. He's strong and makes you work hard to take anything off him, so it was a lot of fun. He's safe and sane on the mats and pleasant to talk to off them. I was pleased to find that I'll be meeting him again soon, at the freestyle training camp in Brandenburg, so for once a rematch should be only a little while to wait for—good stuff!



Squashlad is recommended by northy49

A very confident wrestler with great style and control. I accepted that I would not win and just enjoyed the pleasure of the fight with this elegant fighter. I thoroughly recommend you fight him: you will enjoy the experience, whatever the outocome.



northy49 is recommended by Tynesider

We had an all too brief match at Pippa's yesterday. I think he said he'd done some training at a wrestling school. If so it showed as he knew how to use his weight and strength. He also has a good level of aggression; enough to give me trouble but not so much as to be dangerous. Next time I'll not be so soft with him. LOL



Tynesider is recommended by northy49

I am told that i am only to do recommendations if I have had a good match. With Tynesider that is certainly the case. A skilled fighter in my opinion, but judging by his comments in the recommendation he made of me, you can see that he is confident, in not a little cocky LOL (in the nicest sense). I look forward to challenging him again, and I thank him for the fight



northy49 is recommended by geordie

I met Terry in Manchester on Saturday.He is a very strong man. We had a
good match I found terry to be a great guy to talk to off the mats.I hope
this will be the first of many meetings.He is a great guy for an Aussie lol

cheers Tony



geordie is recommended by northy49

What a great fighter this man is: I did not need to worry about anything. He had me under his control in minutes, with his powerful swipes that knocked me to the mat and his weight that kept me there. I fought back valiantly and eventually felt that we were a fair match. And what a fun man: I look forward to our next bout



northy49 is recommended by Ben skull stephens

This is a fine wrestler who is strong and skilled he will make you work we met after talking for a while when he was in Australia and we had some good wrestling at the Barnet group meet 30th april 2017, this guy really enjoys his wrestling and it was an honour to meet him, and our matches were fast and furious just how I like them.
Socialbly we have met talking off the mats and during dinner and we have shared lots of fine discussion, an intelligent , articulate and truly honest guy




Ben skull stephens is recommended by northy49

To wrestle Ben is a privilege.

He is an intense wrestler, strong determined and experienced. He combines significant strength and power and the skills of an experienced wrestler, with respect but still leaves room for his opponent to succeed too. Do not be fooled, as you need to recognise Ben’s considerable skill.

He does all of this with charm, persuasion respect and humility. He also forms a connection with you.

I found him to be a supportive trainer in some technical aspects as well.

Off the mats all these qualities shine through and so we had a relaxing and mutually enjoyable time, all the way through. I look forward to catching him again.



northy49 is recommended by baerhd

I had the big pleasure to have Terry as a fighter and friend on my little tournament here in Heidelberg at the end of April. It was fun to have him, he fought back very well and sometimes I had to struggle hard to beware of his grips, (beware his legs)and it was a sweaty match, which I liked much. He is an intelligent fighter and knows what to do. Beneath the mats I enjoyed his big Aussie/ Brit humor,we had much fun and laughing is good for your belly muscles. Hope to see him again. High recommendation



baerhd is recommended by northy49

Dieser Kerl ist schwer zu schlagen : so stark und so entschlossen . Auch großzügig und so haben wir beide gewonnen , ein paar Runden. Ich war besonders vorsichtig seine Stifte und sein Gewicht . er ist ein sehr großzügig und gast Mann auch : Ich würde gerne die Straße leben nach unten , und hoffen, dass er nach London kommen bald

This guy is hard to beat: so strong and so determined. Also generous and so we both won a few rounds. i was particulary wary of his pins and his weight. he is a very generous and hospitable man as well: i would love to live down the street, and hope he will come to London soon



northy49 is recommended by bearlotta

I wrestled Terry a few weeks ago in Heidelberg.
He is a quick and tenacious wrestler and very fit.
He is also a really charming Person with a great sense of humor.
I hope to wrestle him again soon



bearlotta is recommended by northy49

Bearlotta is a tough guy: rarely do I find myself with such a force to reckon with and I am pleased that I held my own: very strong and determined fighter. He likes to win, and has all it takes to do so. I hope to meet him again and need to work out whether my legs may be the best way to deal with him. I recommend him to anyone who wants a hot sweaty challenge



northy49 is recommended by Joe Ma

Northy49 is a very fit and fair opponent. With a fine humour and his a very friendly gentlemen fighter. He is strong and quick on the mat and i was beware of his scissors out of his recommodations. He challenged me to teach me on mat , but i could avoid to end up in his scissors. It was a great and sweaty wrestling match and I can recommodate him really.



Joe Ma is recommended by northy49

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this strong and spirited man: i think we were well matched but he was tougher than i expected. his skills on the floor caused a chorus of gasps from the audience: some said it was a wrestling concert. i liked the connection he made with his opponent too

Vor kurzem hatte ich das Vergnügen, diese starke and temperament Mann zu treffen : Ich glaube, wir waren gut aufeinander abgestimmt , aber er war härter als ich erwartet hatte . seine Fähigkeiten auf dem Boden verursacht einen Chor von Keuchen aus dem Publikum: einige sagten es ein Ringen Konzert war . Ich mochte die Verbindung, die er auch mit seinem Gegner gemacht



northy49 is recommended by kleiner kerl

northy 49 ist stark absolut fit und sehr raffiniert beim ringen
passt man nur einmal nicht auf und lässt sich ablenken gerät man plötzlich ganz schnell unter ihn
er ist trickreich und nicht leicht zu besiegen
wir hatten beide harte kämpfe und viel spaß dabei
sehr gerne wieder



kleiner kerl is recommended by northy49

i rang Kleiner Kerl in Heidelberg und fand ihn auch sehr harter Kerl , stark im Geist zu sein. er ist daran interessiert, sich mit anderen zu testen und genießt jede Minute des Kampfes. Er gibt nie auf , und schließlich mir, dass er , wo er wollte. Ich denke, seine Wrestling- Musik inspiriert ihn so gut zu tun

i wrestled Kleiner Kerl in Heidelberg and found him to be very tough guy, strong in spirit also. he is keen to test himself with others and enjoys every minute of the fight. He never gives up, and eventually he had me where he wanted. i think his wrestling music inspires him to do so well



northy49 is recommended by mr marcus

very much enjoyed my out with this gentlemen. We were well matched and I soon appreciated the power of his scissors! And really appreciate him agreeing to meet as he had a slight injury, but having said that it was a strong and satisfyingly comprehensive scrap. Superb host too, wrestling with dinner and wine, the perfect date!



mr marcus is recommended by northy49

Had recent bout with Mark: found him to be a strong and determined fighter, and skilful in escaping the clutches of my legs. We were a good match so neither had to slacken back at all, and so we fought to the ultimate conclusion. He was a good guest and I thank him for travelling up to me



northy49 is recommended by blackwrestleruk

I met Terry last week. We had a mixture of energetic then erotic wrestle. Surprising for a newbie he has good legs and knows how to use them. I really enjoyed wrestling Terry and hope to meet him again soon.



blackwrestleruk is recommended by northy49

I wrestled Ken during the week and we both enjoyed it immensely. He adapted to my lesser experience so both of us felt we could challenge the other: even though I know he gave way to me a lot.

He is very strong and well built, and his speedos accentuate his lines. He has a great body : perfect for me to try to handle.

He is a great man as well, and really focussed on his opponent. I had the best time. I hope to meet him again, soon.



northy49 is recommended by Tyger

had a good fight with northy - even tho i was absolutely knackered! i'm sure we'll meet up again soon.



Tyger is recommended by northy49

I wrestled with Tyger at Manchester after a few on-line chats. We were a good match, and both presented some good challenges to the other. I found him to be a good wrestler and able to adapte to the experience level of the other. I hope to meet up with him again.



GrapplingHB is recommended by northy49

I had a short bout with Ronald on his visit to Manchester and he showed me how the correct tactics can gain an advantage over different sized opponents. Thanks for that. We had a good time and I look forward to wrestling him again and bringing a smile to his face.



northy49 is recommended by Perseus

Had a short wrestle at pippas today and this guy is doing well- he's learning fast and as he enjoys his wrestling
as he gets more experience he will be really good - wrestle him he's fun and nice guy



Perseus is recommended by northy49

I had the pleasure of a short bout with Perseus and found him to be very strong on all points but a gentleman enough to make me enjoy it a lot. I hope for another time soon.



northy49 is recommended by Big Ape

Terry and I wrestled at Pippas in Manchester recently. I was impressed with his strength , determination and tenacity . I really enjoyed our bout and look forward to the next. Off the matts he is a friendly most amiable guy.



Big Ape is recommended by northy49

Met John as the Manchester meet and impressed with his holds, and skill in getting submission, which far outweighed any advantages I may have thought I had. A nice man off the mats too, and I look forward to next time.



northy49 is recommended by Lomandlad42

Had a good session with Terry at a group meet in Manchester, a strong and determined guy, who can give as good as he gets,, was a pleasure to met and wrestle you mate hope to do it again soon :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by northy49

Wrestled Jay at the meet in Manchester: a very tough competitor, but patient and responsive to my abilities. While he seems not for the faint-hearted, do not be deterred. He engages with his opponent, and is a pleasure to wrestle with: and he has a fine vocabulary too.



LdnGrapple is recommended by northy49

A very strong and smart opponent: I appreciate the time he spent showing me how to deal with him and then promptly got me into submission. I can only recommend him for his skill and strength,



northy49 is recommended by dadwrestle

This guy may be new to the wrestling scene but he is strong and determined! He's out to learn fast!! He's totally reliable, safe and sane, good fun on and off the mats. Watch out for the legs...powerful! challenge this wrestler and you wont be disappointed.



dadwrestle is recommended by northy49

This guy is hot, very strong, and a great personality. look forward to getting him to submit and take orders from me