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I'm slim, muscular, fit. Seeking guys who are fit; must have flat, hard stomachs. Like long fights to exhaustion. Sub wrestling, maybe with body punching. Also boxing - sparring and fantasy. Can host only occasionally, so usually meet at yours, in matroom, or hotel.




  1. United Kingdom, Sheffield
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 64-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Gear: speedos, tight boxers

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northfighter is recommended by readyforit

Northfigher might not have expected an all out submission match from me but he certainly rose to it, defended himself vigorously and did not shy away from coming back round after round.
A good solid guy in the ring and a great conversationalist as we shared a meal afterwards.



readyforit is recommended by northfighter

I had a great session of sub wrestling with readyforit. He is very skilled and very strong, so the submissions were all on my side! He's considerate of his opponent's skills, and a very nice and interesting guy. Highly recommended.



northfighter is recommended by crabladder

Saturday May 26 2018.
Really appreciated Jamie coming down to the Midlands by train. Had a great few hours wrestling, boxing and gut punching.
Definitely have the same interests which resulted in a very enjoyable horny session especially the naked finale.
A really nice and interesting guy to talk to as well.
Hope we will meet again soon.



crabladder is recommended by northfighter

I had a great meet with Derek at his home. Lots of gut punching with and without boxing gloves. Subs and pro style wrestling. He has a great body, and is a thoroughly nice guy. Highly recommended.



northfighter is recommended by claymore

Our third meet ( 12 Oct 2015 in Manchester )
I'm sure most wrestlers 'get it' that the second and third meets are always better as trust develops.

We bloody leathered each other in grapple gloves. Fantastic meet.


Christmas market my arse, met Northfighter again in Manchester today. It just gets better, old men shouldn't be punching the daylights out of each other.
Reminds me that I am alive, fantastic fight.



claymore is recommended by northfighter

I had a third excellent session with David - long sweaty wrestling/MMA fighting. Really hot. He's got a great bod, and is a really nice, interesting guy.



northfighter is recommended by hammersmithuk

Catching up with reviews that i have missed. Drove up to see Jamie and had a really good evening. Charming host (we had dinner) and a great battle. Very sexy guy and a great boxer/wrestler.



Boxforex is not recommended by northfighter

  • Incivil / bad manners



Pinforce is recommended by northfighter

I met Pinforce last week at Pippa's in Manchester. He is a good wrestler and very strong. He likes to dominate, which was fine by me. I enjoyed the session. I can strongly recommend him.



northfighter is recommended by innerspace

Met Jamie on Saturday 4 June and had a very enjoyable meet with a combination of wrestling, boxing and some gut punching.

Jamie is a very friendly guy and was willing to travel from Sheffield to my home on the edge of nw London. Top guy for that alone.

We have similar interests so it was easy to get on with Jamie. We had a good even match over several hours. It was a pleasure to meet him.



innerspace is recommended by northfighter

I met with Jon at his place and we had a long very enjoyable session. He is very friendly and easy-going. We didn't need a fixed plan at the beginning, but just let things happen that we both enjoyed and were happy with. We did sub wrestling, some body punching and some boxing with 16oz gloves (without serious punches to the head). Jon is extremely handsome, has a beautiful body and is very fit. He's also interesting to talk to. I strongly recommend him.



ianparker09 is recommended by northfighter

I had a great session with Ian. He is a really nice, friendly guy, very easy to talk to. He is very strong and a very skilled wrestler, and I was basically the jobber. But he never went too far past my limits. Highly recommended.



northfighter is recommended by matguy

Met Jamie some time back now and have been looking forward to round 2 since. It finally happened yesterday! As before, we started with wrestling then put on the gloves for a boxing/wrestling combo. Jamie is slim, agile and energetic with good stamina- we kept going for a couple of hours breaking only to get some re-hydration. Recommendation thoroughly deserved.



matguy is recommended by northfighter

I had a really good second meet with Matguy, wrsetling and boxing/MMA with 16oz gloves. He has a lot of stamina, and is an interesting guy to spend time with. Highly recommended.



northfighter is recommended by ImtiazAli

I met northfighter at John Cotterill's place, on Sunday 17th August 2014, as agreed.

We tried wrestling and boxing, and a mixture of fantasy to finish it off. He is good wrestler and boxer. A strong guy too.

I would recommend him, as he is safe and sane.



ImtiazAli is recommended by northfighter

I met Imran in Manchester, and we did a mixture of wresting, boxing and fantasy. He is extremely skilled, and strong, and was very accommodating to me. I hugely enjoyed the action. And he is a very nice and interesting guy. I can highly recommend him.



Toronto25 is not recommended by northfighter

  • Unreliable / no show



northfighter is recommended by jay 312

Met earlier last week good bout good exchange of holds and trying to make each other submit. Would recommend.



jay 312 is recommended by northfighter

I met Jay the other day and we had a great wrestle. he's a really nice guy too. Strongly recommend.



northfighter is recommended by reslograppler

Went over to Jamie's at the weekend and he is a great host. We had a long wrestling session with plenty of give and take. He is great to wrestle and to chat to afterwards.



reslograppler is recommended by northfighter

I met reslograppler for the second time last weekend. We had a great time in a long bout. He is strong and aggressive. Also a really nice guy to talk to.




northfighter is recommended by spirit6060

met Jamie for the second time on Sunday the 3rd of Nov
for boxing and wrestling , i never have been keen on bare knuckle / gut punching .but Jamie went steady on me , and we had a great long secession
looking forward to the next round



spirit6060 is recommended by northfighter

I met Martin for the second time recently. We did wrestling with body punching, and body punching with gloves. Fabulous! Exciting and horny, and we were at it for hours. Martin is not only great to fight with but a really nice, thoughtful and genuine guy. Jamie



northfighter is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

Very good fighter who likes grappling and boxing ! We finally met in paris and it was a real pleasure even if we had so few time because it was intense and fun.
Will enjoy our re match as soon as we can meet again.



northfighter is recommended by Manchesterboxer

One of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to encounter! Enjoyed some good sparring sessions on several occasions and great conversaton too. Not met up for a while but hoping to remedy that some time in the not too distant future!



Manchesterboxer is recommended by northfighter

I've had some really good training sessions with Vincent. He is a very skilled boxer, who teaches beginners in a patient, systematic way. He gave me greatly increased confidence in boxing. And this enabled some great sparring sessions - last time we did 10 2-minute rounds, the best session I've had. He is also a really nice and interesting guy to talk to. Hugely recommended!



northfighter is recommended by btler

good shape, excellent guest, good skills and endurance, safe, sane and all around nice guy



btler is recommended by northfighter

The session I had with Frank was one of the most exciting, and the most horny, I've ever had. He is a much more skilled boxer than me, but he trained me up a bit, and managed the fight really well, so we had a good aggressive time but safe and sane. The wrestling too was great. He is a very interesting and intelligent guy, good to spend with. And well fit. Can't recommend too highly, and I look forward to meeting up again soon.



northfighter is recommended by Wrestlertoo

We had a really good afternoon of fun wrestling and practising holds yesterday.......thanks very much!
It was a very hot session together and it finished with a tag team match with two Brazilians!.........
You never know how a day is going to end! Altogether a very nice way to spend a rainy afternoon!



Wrestlertoo is recommended by northfighter

I met Wresterlertoo when he was down in Barnsley recently. He is very fit, strong and agile, so good fun to wrestle with, and sexy. He is also a really nice, friendly and intelligent guy. Highly recommended!



northfighter is recommended by figure4u

Had a brilliant session with this guy. Good company and has a fit body.



MikeUK is recommended by northfighter

I've had some great, horny boxing scenes with Mike over the years.