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5'10" 176 pound male with body hair who enjoys wrestling to pin. Enjoy pro fantasy matches with body shots the most. Easy going, nice guy here who is into wrestling and boxing for fun! You be too. Looking to have a good time and meet new friends. Profile Pic taken 7/7/2018

Update 2019: Now retired and started working out regularly. Travel plans for the coming year include Dallas/Forth Worth and Chicago.



  1. USA - New Hampshire
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: wrestling trunks, speedos

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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Cterosub is recommended by nhgrappler

Meet CTerosub today for some submission wrestling. Said before we started he had not been on the mats for a few years. It certainly did not show when we locked up. He definitely knows how to wrestle! And don’t let his size lull you into a false sense of confidence. Hey can roll with a bigger man and will beat you if you are not careful. Definitely recommend this man and look forward to round two.



mainmass is recommended by nhgrappler

Had an awesome match with Mainmass today. He is a tough and strong man who can take a lot of punishment and dish it out. Watch out for his submission moves as once he locks them on there is no escape. He’s a great host and a nice man to be with. Definitely looking forward to round two.



nhgrappler is recommended by gapbear

Such a pleasure to finally meet nhgrappler after all these years of chatting online. He was gracias enough to allow me to wrestle at his place and there is a great space to wrestle in. He knows his stuff and is nice and aggressive but in a totally fun way if that makes any sense. I loved it. Had a really great time and look forward to wrestling again. I highly recommend this wrestler.



gapbear is recommended by nhgrappler

I had the good fortune of meeting Gapbear recently and was very happy that we were able to meet. He is a very genuine and friendly man who also knows how to wrestle. He is a strong and powerful man with an awesome wrestler’s body yet he is able to adjust how he grapples based on his opponent. He wrestles safely and sanely and not only is a whole lot of fun on the mats but off he is wonderful man to talk with and enjoy sharing life stories. I highly recommend him if you get a chance to meet up.



nhgrappler is recommended by Hymalayan muscle

nhgrappler is a strong and skilled wrestler. He knows his way in and out of wrestling holds and also knows how to punish his opponent with flurries of physical abdominal punching. Highly recommend meeting up with him if you get the chance.



Hymalayan muscle is recommended by nhgrappler

Met up with this mountain of a man and loved every minute of our matches. He is strong and a quick study and becoming a very experienced grappler. When he gets you in a hold he will have you tapping if you are not quick to counter. He is very quick and agile and capable of dishing out punishment. His stamina is amazing and he can absorb whatever you can dish out. I highly recommend Hymalayan Muscle and can’t wait to meet up with him again



nhgrappler is recommended by Rob3811

Have had the great experience wrestling many old school long fun match sessions with Mike , a reg sane masc guy who innately understands how hot this style can be for similar minded guys. With his affinity for snug pro trunks, he has made not only the jobber role one to appreciate but also has developed a very effective heel as he methodically works on his man with long sweaty holds ( esp ALL head scissors ) and long close in contact–not to mention lots of tactics 'away from the ref' to daze and distract his man and set him up for an immobilizing pin. Always a fun old school super time with him. Looking forward to more matches and Highly Recommended!!



Rob3811 is recommended by nhgrappler

Rob and I have met many times over the years. When it comes to pro style heel/jobber matches Rob knows his craft well. As a jobber he will make you work for the pin and can absorb a lot of punishment. As a heel he will make you suffer and take his time defeating you. He is totally safe and sane and a whole lot of fun both on and off the mats. If you love pro rassling and like your matches to last a very long time then Rob is your man. I highly recommend this gentleman in every sense of the word. I look forward to getting on the mats again with him very soon and resume our grappling feud and off mat friendship.



nhgrappler is recommended by Midcarder

The Mauler is a by default a wily, tenacious heel who's more than happy to make me pay my dues in the squared circle -
but admittedly he's prone to have the tables turned on occasion, and he'll take it like the true pro that he is.
Gracious host with an awesome space, formidable opponent and a great guy, pro fantasy fun in spades, I look forward to every successive match on the card.
Highly recommend.



Midcarder is recommended by nhgrappler

Have met Midcarder on several occasions. He really is into pro-fantasy matches and can be your baby faced jobber or turn the tables on you and become a nasty heel. This guy can take as well as dish out punishment and has amazing stamina. Not only is he fun to rassel but he's also a great guy both on and off the mats. I highly recommend him.



nhgrappler is recommended by Mainewrsl

Mike is a blast on the mats. He's strong, aggressive, and loves to work over his opponents. And he's great company pre- and post-match. Get him on the mats if you can.



Mainewrsl is recommended by nhgrappler

Have met Rob several times over the years. He loves to wrestle and always brings his A game. He says he's a novice but don't be fooled by that. Give him a chance and he will turn the tables on you quickly. Great guy both on and off the mats! I highly recommend him.