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  1. United Kingdom, wales
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 194 lbs (88 kg)

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musclem8 is recommended by marmoi

A great opponent, gives as good as he gets and keeps things interesting, there will be a re-match as we are not finished!



marmoi is recommended by musclem8

Had a great meet with marmot! Plenty of exchanging holds and flexing too. And plenty of scope for lots more. Thanks for a great meet!



musclem8 is recommended by Meshwesh 2

Wrestled this super strong guy a few years ago. He has an awesome physique and knows his moves. He owned me completely and it was a pleasure to tap out to him. Just wish I could get a rematch .......



Meshwesh 2 is recommended by musclem8

Had a great match with this guy a few years ago after he challenged me! He fought hard but ended up tapping over and over and there will be a rematch as he's challenged me again! Good host and lots of space.



musclem8 is recommended by petecooper

Strong, skilled, friendly and strong.
Great host, that I would definitely recommend.



petecooper is recommended by musclem8

Had a great give and take session with Pete. Knows his holds and has loads of wrestling gear. Enjoyed our conversation too. Recommended!



musclem8 is recommended by penfold74

Strong is the obvious description! Friendly guy well worth meeting.



penfold74 is recommended by musclem8

Had a great match a couple of years back. Very skilled and competitive onot the mat and friendly off it. Up for the rematch!



musclem8 is recommended by Welshwarrior

Met musclem8 today and had a great time. He dominated the match but I did mange to get a few subs out of him as well ;) extremely strong and a gentleman off the mat as well. Totally worth the trip. Until next time ;)



Welshwarrior is recommended by musclem8

Had a great impromptu sub/pro bout with welshwarior . Traded lots of holds over nearly two hours on my mats last week. He's a skilled and fast wrestler and easy to recommend to anyone. Will definitely be a rematch!



musclem8 is recommended by youngjobber

Musclem8 is an awesome opponent. Hot body and a lot of wrestling skill to match. Genuinely love our regular wrestling meets, always leave me hot and sweaty and like I've had a good workout. Serious powerhouse. If you want a hot wrestling session this is your guy. So accommodating and friendly and always respects limits. Know I'm in safe hands when wrestling this guy. Always a pleasure and look forward to many many more



youngjobber is recommended by musclem8

Had a fantastic match with youngjobber, a long sweaty bout with plenty of holds/grabs and he pushed me all the way. He's also defined, fit and looks great in gear and has loads of stamina and suppleness, my perfect wrestling partner for a HOT summers day!

I m so up for more of this, and already working out even harder ready for round 2 so I can flex my pecs and biceps over him and make him my jobber again!

He s easy to talk to, empathic and reliable so wrestle him if you get the chance, just be aware that I'm first in the queue...



musclem8 is recommended by edd

we had a short notice match and didn't have a lot of time, but it was well worth it. He's an experienced, strong, friendly, bloke and I'm looking forward to another match where we have more time. Hopefully I can learn a bit from him.



grapplewilts is recommended by musclem8

Met up with Grapplewilts for a brief outdoor scrap a while ago and proved a good contest. He's a big lad who knows where to place his punches -but then I know my takedowns too. Great to meet and safe and sane!



musclem8 is recommended by celtwrestle

Fought this bodybuilder when I was back in Wales. He likes a bit of tension just before the match with no small talk. Fine bloke off the mat too.



celtwrestle is recommended by musclem8

Have had two bouts to date both close and well matched contests. Hes strong fit skilled and great to know off the mats too. Can totally recommend him.



musclem8 is recommended by fightingandspirit

Musclem8 is the whole package; amazing physical strength and power alongside great technical skills and knowledge. I would definitely recommend musclem8 to any fighter wanting a tough and hard but very sane and safe opponent. I am already brushing up on my technical skills and knowledge so I can give musclem8 a harder fight in Round Two.. let's make it very soon!



fightingandspirit is recommended by musclem8

Had a great match with this guy, tough and powerful, looking forward to round 2!



musclem8 is recommended by caveman

Hot grunt'n groan wrestler!



caveman is recommended by musclem8

Finally hit the mats in a Caveman vs Muscleman bout...physical and competitive man2man contest!

Up for the rematch Caveman?



musclem8 is recommended by spirit6060

I invited musclem8 to join me and caveman for a wrestle on Friday 4 April, the fight with caveman and musclem8 was great to watch, sparks were flying ,but musclem8 had the upper hand , then it was all in, the 3 of us ,then musclem8 turned on me and we wrestled until he got me tapping ,,
thank to a great afternoon guys
next time we see whos champ



spirit6060 is recommended by musclem8

Great match with Martin and caveman last week, beat them both and want a rematch soon!



chesterbloke is recommended by musclem8

Three great matches so far. Looking forward to more!