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Hosting Open Gym event, Saturday Feb. 2nd, noon to 6. Meetfighters is not letting me post any events. I have a number of people already committed to coming. Let me know if you can come or for more information.

I have been into wrestling since I was a kid, getting off on the rough man-to-man body contact.
Right now I have just had my left foot removed (9/07/2018) and my right knee is in bad shape. So for now i prefer to job. But I will try and fight back and I can sell the shit out of it. I run a pro wrestling school so I know what I am doing. I do need to keep the action down on the mat. But I will still wrestle hard and try to kick your ass, and maybe even win!

I Love dirty tactics, gut punching, stakes, and erotic, open to your rules and ideas. Just ask.

Yes I can host, I have a warehouse with a 14x14 wrestling mat and a 16x16 pro wrestling ring, yes there is a shower for after match clean up.
Yes, ask nice and you can use it with your friends.



  1. USA - Delaware, Claymont
    My ring/mat location
  2. USA - Delaware, Wilmington
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 270 lbs (122 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: underwear, speedo', open

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mikey3458 is recommended by lspowerhouse

Mikey3458. Love the sport of wrestling. And I've been promising the boss a match. So. We roll a little had fun. Didn't do everything I wanted to do to him.!! But there next time I'm down. Even with a bad foot. He will go at it. Yes I will be back. To wrestle you more. And video for you



lspowerhouse is recommended by mikey3458

I have been looking forward to wrestling with LS for a very long time, and he did not disappoint. Good wrestling knowledge and the muscle on him just goes on forever. Was able to man handle me very nicely and artfully. I really had a fun time and I can't wait to mix it up again with him one day. And don't let all that muscle scare you he knows how to control his strength and his power so that he can give you just what it is you're looking for. I can't wait for the rematch.



mikey3458 is recommended by ScrimmageJock

Hey guys - the only thing more special than his wrestling rings and facilities is Mikey himself!! He’s a very positive and creative dude with a kick-ass sense of humor. Loved hearing his voice over as guys in the ring wrestled and during our match. Kept me laughing and enjoying myself over several hours! Def worth any investment u make - I can’t wait to take a class and meetup with Mikey again!



ScrimmageJock is recommended by mikey3458

 Scrimmagejock and I wrestled and I found him to be a good, strong, and friendly wrestler. And talk about energy, he could definitely keep up with the best of them. Yet very concerned for my medical limitations and made sure that I enjoyed our match as much as he did. I look forward to future matches with Scrimmagejock and I highly recommend him for anyone, both young and old.



mikey3458 is recommended by Spruceman

Really happy to meet Mikey at the UCW open house he and his staff hosted on March 24, 2018. Was great to have a light playful wrestling session with this man of decades of experience. Here's a man who welcomes and can take lots of abuse with a glean in the eyes and a smile on the face. Got for it. Grab a friend or two to make it more lite 'n' lively.



Spruceman is recommended by mikey3458

Knowledgeable, fun, and full of energy that's how I would describe Spruceman. We had a match and it was so much fun, he was concerned about my limitations and kept within them. A safe fun guy to be with. I can't wait till our next match. If you get the chance definitely meet up with Spruceman he is well worth it."



mikey3458 is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Great jobber heel match. Great guy. Great set up. Hope to meet again



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by mikey3458

Great heel, knows his stuff. He was friendly out of the ring but once we hit the ring he was ready to go and did a great job as a heel. But very careful to stay within my limits. Looking forward to our next match!



mikey3458 is recommended by JerseyJohnny

Great guy, knows a lot, most amazing set up with an actual wrestling ring, changing area, Olympic sized mats also. This guy offers the total package, get into the ring if you can and have fantasized about ring wrestling, it was great.



JerseyJohnny is recommended by mikey3458

He is one great heel, he really knows his stuff. I highly recommend him, fun, just the right amont of rough, but very conscientious about safety as well as following your limits.



mikey3458 is recommended by Kayden

Great fun to wrestle and a gracious and generous host, learned a lot from him both on and off the mats, always a good time.



Kayden is recommended by mikey3458

Great guy, fun to be with, tough no bones about wrestler. But caring that you are having fun!



joeytheslayer is recommended by mikey3458

Caring, fun, knowledgeable, good wrestler. Lot's of fun to match with.



mikey3458 is recommended by PghBoxerBoy

I can honestly say that Mikey was exactly what he said he would be. When I traveled to Philadelphia I was questioning whether or not the opportunity that he presented for learning Pro was true, and when I arrived everything was in order. Pro may not have been for me, but I didn't regret the time I spent there. I would recommend doing business with him, and I would recommend wrestling with him as well.



mikey3458 is recommended by Kruhn

He's a great teacher and human being. I have learned a whole lot from him and am pleased to call him a friend. Look forward to another training session with this guy.