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Don't have much experience in wrestling but I've always been eager to learn.

Love a long submission match where low blows/ball work/gutpunching are heavily incorporated....with that said, I know those moves aren't for everyone so they can be left out if that's not something you're into.

As for holds: BIG fan of anything that stretches out the muscles. Boston crabs/backbreakers/leg splits/etc.

Not afraid of getting sexual during matches either. It's kinda unavoidable with me lol.



  1. USA - New York, Syracuse
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  2. USA - New York, New York City
    (I'm here between 2/22/2019 and 2/24/2019)
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

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mike9293 is recommended by Lookintowrestle

Met mike after a short time talking about a match. Extremely easy to schedule a match with, which is a nice change! He has great stamina and is ready to wrestle! We had a great fun competitive submission match. Can't wait to do it again. He is a really nice guy and easy to get along with. Definetly recommend!



Lookintowrestle is recommended by mike9293

Although we were a little cramped for time due to both of our work schedules, we were able to meet up for a fun, sweaty sub match at his place. We went at it for a couple rounds and I even made him tap a couple times! I would definitely recommend a match with this he looks great in a speedo 😜



mike9293 is recommended by beatdowntime

Strong, relentless guy. We had a great time and he's tough! He's also an incredibly good guy and it was a fun match all aroundl



beatdowntime is recommended by mike9293

Had an awesome match even though he kicked my ass lol. He’s tall and strong as hell but also extremely nice and an all around good guy. Definitely need a rematch!



mike9293 is recommended by RocRassler

Had a great time with Mike. A long sweaty afternoon of my cardio for the week! Nice guy to hang around and chat with too. Look forward to the next match...and revenge for that cheap ball shot!
Definitely recommend.



RocRassler is recommended by mike9293

This guy is built like a friggen brick wall. Had a match with him a few days ago and I could barely get ahead the entire time. We agreed that groin shots were allowed but the only time I could get near that area on him was after our match when we was too busy showing off his muscles...which resulted in a pretty hot low blow from behind ;). Super nice guy who I would meet again anytime. Definitely recommended!