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Englischer Biker wohnhaft in Herne sucht ringen zum Spaß nichts ernsthaftes... Würde gerne einen Heel treffen der nicht nur sein Spass haben will sondern mir auch was beibringt..ich liebe Schwitzkasten von allen Seiten,
Chinlocks, bondage und sm spiele auch möglich, Falls Du kein Intresse hast reicht einfach ein nicht danke oder keine Interesse.Statt Beleidigungen und blockieren das finde ich sehr kindisch

British guy living in Herne Germany though in the UK several times a year looking for fun wrestling nothing too serious preference for guys bigger than me who want to bring out the jobber in me...not much experience but willing to learn. Love headlocks from any angle also chinlocks and any other moves where your hands are near my face, bondage and sm games also a possibility.If I am not your type just say so.

Je parle francais aussi si tu as des questions.



  1. United Kingdom, Hessle
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I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers


Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (179 cm), 141 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Polish

Gear: trunks, short, nude

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mike is recommended by Warkscub

Had the pleasure of hosting Mike during his visit to the UK. Despite the obvious size difference - height and weight advantage to me - we had a great session. Mike loves being controlled and dominated by a bigger opponent and I was happy to oblige!
Mike is a genuinely lovely guy, warm, friendly, fun, great sense of humour and a real pleasure to spend some quality time with.
Hope for a return visit and a rematch sometime soon. Highly recommended!



Warkscub is recommended by mike

During my trip to the UK last week had the great pleasure of meeting a really nice guy. Who seemed to enjoy using me as his jobber. Which was not a problem. When he was not squeezing me we had some wonderful conversations and I really enjoyed my stay there and will definately repeat it sometime hopefully not too far in the future. A very recommendable experience and a truely nice guy.

Thanks Neil for yet another very enjoyable time look forward to the next time won't be long I hope



mike is recommended by Ben skull stephens

11th September 2018
Great couple of days spent with Mike on his trip to the UK nice wrestling my jobber making him submit over and over then socialising around west and east sussex heres to our hopeful meet in Germany soon
Cheers mike for a great time

9th september 2018
Its a pleasure to have me ole mate Mike staying for a couple of days for wrestling and leisure during his time it starts today a great jobber who can take the holds and the pain

21st June 2018
Really great to get to grips with me good mate Mike again to test him in submission holds on his visit to London from Germany always a pleasure to see him

13 th April 2018
Another great heel vs jobber match with Mike and Balletboy , Mike kindly flew from Germany where he lives to compete in the ring at Walthamstow 12 th April 2018 and he suffered well,
Thankyou Mike for the match , your friendship is very valued and so is your participation in the ring, a first class mate, extremely valued as a person, these qualities are extremely important in today's society. 🤓👍👍👍

27th March 2018

I have a bugbear that guys criticise me for wrestling older guys me as the jobber and alternatively me heeling older guys well I'm a fan of the older guy in the wrestling ring aka World of sport era great memories and when the guy can challenge me also take the trouble to travel a great distance to want to meet me also buy the gear and have the right attitude then I love it , so it is my pleasure to write about my great friend Mike who takes great pleasure in trying to
attack me but knows hey up here's the Boston crab coming, it is a great pleasure to heel my mate Mike today at Walthamstow ring, he is a brilliant guy and great friend who loves the rough and tumble in the ring he takes all the punishment I dish out HIGHLY RECOMMENDED till we meet again soon Mike hopefully Thankyou for an amazing afternoon first class bloke.

great to see mike at Pro training today at iain pro ring 10th October 2017 he joined in and did well going through the coaching learning to fall forwardsand backwards,headlocks, ab stretches, camel clutches great guy to join us cheers mike hope to see you there again.

I met Mike last evening 14th July 2017 at Grove park , London while on his trip to the UK from Germany ,which he planned to meet a while ago a great guy who really was enthusiastic to wrestle in the ring and look at the aspects of Pro wrestling ,he took the holds well ,after I had a really enjoyable evening having a meal and chat and discussion of the German way of life one country I love , a great guy HIGHLY RECOMMENDED hope to meet again .



Ben skull stephens is recommended by mike

I had never been in a wrestling ring before and although I was a bit nervous I was pleased when Brit_pro_heel agreed to meet me. He very soon made me feel comfortable and through his professional style showed me a whole load of different holds and techniques. A guy who is safe and knows what he is doing which I think is very important. I really recommend him and look forward to our next meeting which will not be long away I hope.

Met Ben agian at a trainling session which was not only fun but also very informative and at time a bit painfull.. but that is all part of it. Willl be there again..

What can I say yet another meet with Ben which I really enjoyed. I am a jobber and he is able to adapt his style accordingly to the weaknesses and strengths of his opponent which is something which makes it fun for both. Also because we have met a few times already it does help and each knows what is possible and what not.
A really fun afternoon which we will be able to repeat in the near future... Thanks for a good day Mate

Met Ben again and really enjoyed our time together whether chatting or enduring your holds meet again soon I hope



tighttrunks45 is recommended by mike

A nice guy who knows a lot of moves and ist very sensible in their use
we have met a few times and it was an fun experience each time



grovepark4u is recommended by mike

a very good teacher and very well versed in what he is doing highly recomended



mike is recommended by g6fighter

Respect. You beat yourself very bravely. For it was a bit unfair fight with the big weight difference between us and my years of combat experience. Nevertheless, it was fun to measure with you the forces and also to live out our fetish :-)
Outside of the mat you are a good conversation partner. I am impressed above all by your talent for languages and the impeccable high German.



g6fighter is recommended by mike

Ein Gentleman nicht nur auf der Matte er hat viel mehr Erfahrung als ich aber war sehr fair und wir hatten Spass mit einander würde mich auf ein 2tes mal freuen.



mike is recommended by Sportforum Bernau

Netter Ringer. Ich hatte Glück mit ihn zu Kämpfen. Zum glück war er auch kein Provi Ringer. Sonst hätte ich alt ausgesehen.



Sportforum Bernau is recommended by mike

Doch war sehr nett mit dir und ich kann sagen würde mich auf ein 2test mal freuenl wenn ich in der Stadt bin und die möglichkeit habe.Darfst aber nicht übertreiben bist schon ein sehr kräftiger Kerl.



mike is recommended by fighter42

Super netter Kerl mit dem es Spaß gemacht hat über die Matte zu rollen
und ihn zu dominieren. Die Gespräche mit ihm waren sehr interessant
und so kam heraus, dass wir viele gemeinsame Interessen haben.
Freue mich auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen.



fighter42 is recommended by mike

Ein sehr kräftiger Kerl der vieles drauf hat und der gleichzeitig ein ganz lieber Kerl ist. Ich freue mich auf das nächste mal.



Ringerbuddy is recommended by mike

Ein ganz netter sehr kräftiger gegner der immer sehr fair war, hat richtig spass gemacht und ich freue mich auf ein wiedersehen.



gr82knowu is recommended by mike

A really nice guy with a great body, a sense of humour too plus intelligence a nice combination.. It would be a pleasure to meet up again.