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You alright lads? :D

So I'm Michael. I'm a gay male with a lanky but toned build. I have very little wrestling experience and I am not very strong but I've experienced enough to know I'm a sub jobber who's looking for a dom heel to work me over for as long as he wants with lots of tight sleepers, scissor holds and bearhugs ;) Also if anything should happen from there I'm a fairly kinky bottom ;)

I have also appeared in several of the bodybuilder “Big Connor”’s videos, check them out if you want to see me getting destroyed as a good jobber should ;)


Message if you wanna chat/organise something :)



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Age: 21-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Gear: Shorts or nothing ;)

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mchaeljams6 is recommended by Job4You

Michael is a wonderful dude while wrestling and when not wrestling. He is very easy to get along with and it feels very natural. After a long time of speaking we were finally able to meet and have a match which i was very excited for and he did not disappoint. Could not recommend a guy more!



Job4You is recommended by mchaeljams6

Job4You met at his place, after chatting for aaaaaaaaages! Because we're both broke students neither of us had the money to travel for the other for a fair while, but I eventually scraped together the funds.
Job4You and I first started talking after he messaged me saying he had been watching me in Big Connor's videos and wanted the chance to take me on himself. I'll tell ya now he did not waste that chance, once he's in a pair of Speedos this guy is mean, cocky heel who knows his stuff. I was soon tapping out in all sorts of moves.
Aside from the match, Job4You is and awesome chatty guy who is a great host and I would recommend him to anyone :)



Wrestlejosh is recommended by mchaeljams6

Josh and I met up round mine for a match after work, after chatting on here for a while.

Josh has an amazing body and knows how to use the power he has in those arms and legs; I'd like to think I'm pretty good at holding out in tight holds but wow, this guy's bearhugs were killer!
Josh was a dead friendly bloke who I would happily recommend for a casual but still competitive match ;)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by switchko

Well, well, well, well, well. I must say, when I read that this fellow was a jobber I thought our meeting would primarily be a case study in one way headscissoring. Diverging thoughts were coursing through my mind however, when he was giving me jolly good squeeze in his headscissors. Still, it gave me ample opportunity to admire the bedding even if my vision was becoming blurry on occasion to admire the floral pattern.

As such, the meeting was much more to and fro than I had expected, but I like to think I still gave him a run for his money with the occasional bit of heeling. In any case, a very nice bloke, and one that shouldn't be under estimated. You're in safe hands, plus he's brilliant to have a chat with. Though one shouldn't perhaps be too provocative and inflammatory in their words, as I was soon regretting it in a bodyscissor of his!



switchko is recommended by mchaeljams6

Switchko and I met up round my place after we realised we are actually ridiculously close to one another.
The match was definitely an...interesting one. Interesting in a good way don't worry anyone reading this! With Switchko's endurance to handle tight moves and cocky talk during the match, I actually discovered I have a little bit of a heel side to me that quite enjoyed hearing him groaning between my thighs...definitely still a jobber through and through nonetheless, and Switchko was more than happy to return the favour with several prolonged head scissors and sleepers.
Match aside, Switchko is a very chatty, well-spoken bloke who is dead easy to get along with and I would recommend him to anyone :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Easily one of the best meet-ups through this website in a long time. He was a great guy to chat to, very easy going and a lot of fun to wrestle. I was surprised at how much of a beating he could take before submitting - very resilient! It was a real pleasure to meet him and I look forward to our rematch soon.

We had round 2 in May and I think there might be a hidden heel inside this jobber boy! He seemed to enjoy squeezing me between his legs, but I soon got the upper hand and as ever enjoyed wrestling this terrific guy. Thanks!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by mchaeljams6

Wrestlingguy and I met up in London finally after chatting for god knows how long now.
Wrestlingguy is just as friendly in real life as he is over message. He was a great host who made sure we both knew what we wanted to get out of the match whilst also respecting each other’s limits, while also introducing me to Earl Grey tea haha :)
The match was great fun! Great give and take between the two of us, he switched between the jobber and heel role easily. Word of advice, defend your neck when wrestling Wrestlingguy, he loves any opportunity to choke a jobber ;)
Had a great time and can’t wait for the rematch!




mchaeljams6 is recommended by subfight

Mchaeljams6 agreed for a match on a last minute call, which was great and both had the Sunday filled with some wrestling. Super easy to arrange a match and easygoing.

He said he likes to be the jobber and lived up to that. He can take quite a hard beating and keep carrying on, coming back for more (and more). Also his kinky side allows you to use some imagination and spicy up the match.

Overall great guy to meet up, who can fora while to try to resists the holds but then when he is not left with any choice just take it as a champ. Chatty, easy on the eye and with lean body, I highly recommend him to any one who wants to explore their own heel side and limits :).



subfight is recommended by mchaeljams6

Subfigtht and I met up at his place on a very spontaneous meet. We both had nothing to do with our Sunday so why not fill it with wrestling? ;)

Subfight was a really lovely, chatty guy who was also very hospitable :)
The match was a lot of fun. I did try my best but subfight has definitely got more experience under his belt than me. Hewas soon twisting me into all sorts of submissions before I could think about getting him in a move, very technically skilled ;)

I had a great time with Subfight and would recommend him to anyone



mchaeljams6 is recommended by GroundFite

I had the pleasure of meeting MJ6 for a match when I was on holidays. He promised that he was a jobber that could take a lot of punishment; I was sceptical.

My scepticism was wholly misplaced. This boy can take a LOT of punishment. I reached deep into my sadistic bag of tricks, and he always came back for more.

MJ6 is cute lad that knows what he wants in a match, communicates his wishes clearly and even brought a few "toys" for us to use. He wanted to be destroyed, and I did my best to meet his needs. I love twisting hot jobbers into knots, and this was hands down one of my most fun experiences.

I think that his only weakness is a proclivity for a good cup of tea; keep that from him, and he might not be able to suffer as long.

We discussed having some fun with chokes, in a safe manner, and we had some great session with him going to sleep, rebooting, waking up in my arms only for him to fall prey again to another choke.

Off the mats, he is a legend. Super cool, chilled out with a great head on his shoulders and sexy as hell. If you get the chance to meet up with this hot jobber don't miss it, he is the real deal.



GroundFite is recommended by mchaeljams6

Groundfite and I met shortly after he messaged me saying he was on his holidays in London and was looking for a jobber to have his way with. Be rude not to oblige eh? ;)

Groundfite was very welcoming from the moment I met him, very chatty and easy to talk to. Also, being trained in BJJ he was very keen on both of us enjoying ourselves while being 100% safe, which I always respect in an opponent :)

I can honestly say Groundfite was one of my favourites meets to date. From the moment I was in my trunks, he pounced on me and I did not stand a chance. This guy has some amazing technical ability when it comes to moves! Fair warning to all jobbers, watch out for his legs, they are killer once you're getting crushed between them! The best part of the meet for me was the knockouts by far; I think I spent more time knocked out than I did awake our entire meet!
<<< DISCLAIMER: I fully consented prior to the match that I was ok with being knocked out and after my experience, I fully trust Groundfite's technical ability to do so safely >>>

To conclude, I had an amazing time with Groundfite. I'd recommend him to any jobbers who need a beatdown, or anyone who reckons they can take him on, and I can't wait to do it all again :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by mrc4321

He was so patient with me for my first match, having plucked up the courage to finally give it okay. Arranging the meet took no time at all and Michael gave me some top tips and demonstrated a few moves for me to use before we started. I'm sure I didn't come anywhere close to sating his needs, but loved every minute of it!



mchaeljams6 is recommended by davewrestle

Finally met up with Mike in a hotel after chatting online for ages and it was worth the wait; slim, sleek and smooth, he has a good build for a jobber. Contact was good and once we fixed a date the meet was easy to arrange. He has an adorable quality of wrestling himself into submission positions when I was going to let him have a rest. He can take a lot of punishment - we were going for about 3 hours before any real break. My favourite part was when he started using his hand... so I pulled it away and used my foot to restrain him 😁😁😁

A good sport willing to take whatever sub hold you fancy applying. Definitely worth a meet for any heels out there.



davewrestle is recommended by mchaeljams6

Dave and I finally met after chatting for ages at a hotel in Aylesbury.

Dave was very chatty from the start which is always a good thing as so am I. He also clarified with me how he wanted the match to go, safe words and all that stuff before we started which I appreciated :)

Dave’s favourite wrestling move to break his jobbers in is definitely the rear naked choke, so prepare yourself for long, tight holds that you’ll struggle to get out of (especially when he restrains your hands with his strong legs!). Whatever move it was, he enjoys holding you there for as long as HE wants, which is always enjoyable for me ;)

Overall I had a great time with Dave and would highly recommend him to any sub jobbers out there who are looking to have their breath taken away (literally) ;)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by Wrestlertoo

Michael was good with arrangements and prompt to arrive.....A very good, tough and flexible jobber,
We made videos and had lots of fun ( me) and suffering ( him)! Lol......

So, fully recommended....Next time at my place, Southern Boy!



Wrestlertoo is recommended by mchaeljams6

Wrestlertoo and I met up Friday in a hotel by the Tower of London, after he got told about me through previous opponent JonUK and was interested in a match.
Wrestlertoo was a very nice, interesting guy with plenty of stories to tell of his travels around the world, and the matches he’s had among the way.
As for the match, Wrestlertoo is an experienced heel who knows how to work his jobbers in a variety of holds. Got to films few vids and take a few pics too.
Unfortunately our day got cut a bit short when I had to rush off but still, I would highly recommend Wrestlertoo, proper sound guy :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by Wrestler

I must admit this guy did surprise me. He can take a lot of punishing and crushing. I did flatten his core in my bodyscissors and it did look remarkably thinner when he left. This guy is full of trash talk and I enjoyed making him quiet for at least whilst we were wrestling. At the end of it, he was completely exhausted which was my plan.

Outside of the match, he is a funny, grounded guy and looking forward to round 2 where I can take it up a few notches.



Wrestler is recommended by mchaeljams6

Wrestler and I met the other day after chatting for a while at a hotel in Croydon.

Wrestler is a very cocky guy and a big fan of trash talking, which carried over from texting into real life. However, I will say it's not without justification; this guy has the strongest scissors I have ever felt in my life. I am convinced I have come away from my annihilation with my stomach slightly flatter! His legs are pure muscle and you are finished if you let him get the chance to wrap them around your body/head. He very much enjoys toying with his jobbers as well, as I found out 20 minutes into one of his many killer bodyscissors while he watched TV and squeezed the air out of me if I dared to move. He also has an inescapable sleeper hold so always be very wary if he is standing behind you jobbers!

Match aside, Wrestler is a generous, funny, open-minded guy and I would happily (if not a little apprehensively for my own sake) meet up with again and/or recommend him to anyone :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by iowbk4good

I met Michael today for a wrestle. Although he is a jobber, he's stronger than he realises. We had a great to and fro match, pinning and doing subs. He looks great in gear and is one sexy guy. I had a lot of fun with him and would recommend him to anyone. Off the mats Michael is a great sweet guy and easy to talk to. Would love to take him on again :-)



iowbk4good is recommended by mchaeljams6

Steve and I organised a meet on the Isle of Wight. We hadn’t been chatting very long at all but we both had a free day and we got on like a house on fire so why not eh?

Steve is a brilliant host and couldn’t do enough to make me feel comfortable. As for the match, every time I thought I had him in a hold he’d wriggle out of it and make me suffer for it. He knows his way around a figure 4, be careful of that all jobbers ;)

I had a brilliant time with Steve and look forward to meeting again :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by BRITWRESTLER86

Met Michael this week. He is just as handsome in real life as his pictures. He's not only strong, but also adaptable and willing to try different things. It was refreshing that he was so open and honest about what he likes and dislikes.

Most importantly, he was very polite and easy to talk to. Was a pleasure to meet him finally!



BRITWRESTLER86 is recommended by mchaeljams6

David and I met up yesterday, after chatting for a while, in Croydon.

David is super nice guy and a great host, I very much appreciated him clarifying what we were both looking for in a match before we got started so we both got the best out of each other. He was also very open-minded to trying new things which is always awesome :)
David has an awesome body and is very strong; even though I managed to pin him once or twice he soon fought his way out of it and dominated me as he saw fit ;)

It was a pleasure to meet David, I would recommend him to anyone !



mchaeljams6 is recommended by jonuk

I had a great day with Michael who travelled from the other side of London to meet up. He's reliable and communication in getting our - albeit spontaneous - session organised was faultless .

He looks great , is extremely easy on the eye and stronger than he gives himself credit for too. Nonetheless, I mostly dominated on this occasion and had a lot of fun doing so .

A fantastic meet with an intelligent and sexy guy. Great conversation too. Fully recommended, obviously.

If you have the chance to meet Michael , consider it your lucky day.



jonuk is recommended by mchaeljams6

Jon and I organised a meet up in Hemel Hempstead. We hadn’t been chatting long but we got along very well.

Jon is one of the nicest and hospitable guys I’ve met so far, he made dinner for me after my journey which was great. He was also extremely interested in my life, what I wanted to do with my degree, etc., which I appreciated he took the time to do 😊
The actual match was basically what I’m looking for on this site; just an excuse for me to be in long, tight holds, along with some erotic stuff that we discussed we were both into 👌🏼

Jon is a brilliant guy and he comes highly recommended from me 😁



mchaeljams6 is recommended by Mike721

I met Michael in Reading for an arranged pro match and it was an awesome experience from start to finish! He's an extremely friendly and handsome guy who definitely can take a proper beating and be choked out many times and still come back for more! I had a great time chatting and eating after the match and I'd recommend him to anyone to wrestle!



Mike721 is recommended by mchaeljams6

Mike and I organised a meeting in a hotel in Reading, as it was a sort of halfway point for the both of us.
It was always going to be an interesting match, as Mark is 5”5 and I am 6”2. However, what Mark lacks in height, he more than makes up in strength. He had me pinned several times, with a lot of hot verbal domination. Jobbers better be good at handling sleepers and scissors too, once you’re in this lad’s legs you are not getting out!
I had a really great time with Mark, really nice, funny and open guy, would recommend to anybody :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by marconi

Michael came up to Oxford once we'd been chatting for a while and arranged a date.

He has some prior experience from filming wrestling videos so I knew I wasn't facing a total novice jobber, but that made it all the better as he knew exactly what to do in terms of selling holds, grimacing and groaning at all the right moments.

We had several hours of fun interspersed with lunch, some chit-chat and lots of my favourite knockouts! Michael has a lovely, smooth jobber physique and is lean and pliant for dominating! He can struggle and fight back too if the mood takes him, not that he stood a chance against me anyway 😊.

Highly recommended to all heels out there! Also Just an extremely nice guy and fun to talk to.



marconi is recommended by mchaeljams6

Marconi and I organised a meet in Oxford after chatting for a while.

As he says, I have had some previous jobber experience but nothing extensive. He came into his own when it came to the wrestling, becoming a dominant heel who KO'd me several times over the course of a few hours with tight sleepers, scissors, and other submission moves. He gave me plenty of practice of getting knocked out, I didn't stand a chance!

Other than that, he was a really lovely, open-minded, chatty guy who was kind enough to provide lunch as well as a lift to and from the station. Looking forward to meeting again and would highly recommend for any jobbers out there!