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You alright lads? :D

So I'm Michael. I'm a gay male with a lanky but toned build. I have very little wrestling experience and I am not very strong but I've experienced enough to know I'm a sub jobber who's looking for a dom heel to work me over for as long as he wants with lots of tight sleepers, scissor holds and bearhugs ;) Also if anything should happen from there I'm a fairly kinky bottom ;)


Message if you wanna chat/organise something :)



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Age: 21-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Gear: Shorts or nothing ;)

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mchaeljams6 is recommended by BRITWRESTLER86

Met Michael this week. He is just as handsome in real life as his pictures. He's not only strong, but also adaptable and willing to try different things. It was refreshing that he was so open and honest about what he likes and dislikes.

Most importantly, he was very polite and easy to talk to. Was a pleasure to meet him finally!



BRITWRESTLER86 is recommended by mchaeljams6

David and I met up yesterday, after chatting for a while, in Croydon.

David is super nice guy and a great host, I very much appreciated him clarifying what we were both looking for in a match before we got started so we both got the best out of each other. He was also very open-minded to trying new things which is always awesome :)
David has an awesome body and is very strong; even though I managed to pin him once or twice he soon fought his way out of it and dominated me as he saw fit ;)

It was a pleasure to meet David, I would recommend him to anyone !



mchaeljams6 is recommended by jonuk

I had a great day with Michael who travelled from the other side of London to meet up. He's reliable and communication in getting our - albeit spontaneous - session organised was faultless .

He looks great , is extremely easy on the eye and stronger than he gives himself credit for too. Nonetheless, I mostly dominated on this occasion and had a lot of fun doing so .

A fantastic meet with an intelligent and sexy guy. Great conversation too. Fully recommended, obviously.

If you have the chance to meet Michael , consider it your lucky day.



jonuk is recommended by mchaeljams6

Jon and I organised a meet up in Hemel Hempstead. We hadn’t been chatting long but we got along very well.

Jon is one of the nicest and hospitable guys I’ve met so far, he made dinner for me after my journey which was great. He was also extremely interested in my life, what I wanted to do with my degree, etc., which I appreciated he took the time to do 😊
The actual match was basically what I’m looking for on this site; just an excuse for me to be in long, tight holds, along with some erotic stuff that we discussed we were both into 👌🏼

Jon is a brilliant guy and he comes highly recommended from me 😁



mchaeljams6 is recommended by Mike721

I met Michael in Reading for an arranged pro match and it was an awesome experience from start to finish! He's an extremely friendly and handsome guy who definitely can take a proper beating and be choked out many times and still come back for more! I had a great time chatting and eating after the match and I'd recommend him to anyone to wrestle!



Mike721 is recommended by mchaeljams6

Mike and I organised a meeting in a hotel in Reading, as it was a sort of halfway point for the both of us.
It was always going to be an interesting match, as Mark is 5”5 and I am 6”2. However, what Mark lacks in height, he more than makes up in strength. He had me pinned several times, with a lot of hot verbal domination. Jobbers better be good at handling sleepers and scissors too, once you’re in this lad’s legs you are not getting out!
I had a really great time with Mark, really nice, funny and open guy, would recommend to anybody :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by marconi

Michael came up to Oxford once we'd been chatting for a while and arranged a date.

He has some prior experience from filming wrestling videos so I knew I wasn't facing a total novice jobber, but that made it all the better as he knew exactly what to do in terms of selling holds, grimacing and groaning at all the right moments.

We had several hours of fun interspersed with lunch, some chit-chat and lots of my favourite knockouts! Michael has a lovely, smooth jobber physique and is lean and pliant for dominating! He can struggle and fight back too if the mood takes him, not that he stood a chance against me anyway 😊.

Highly recommended to all heels out there! Also Just an extremely nice guy and fun to talk to.



marconi is recommended by mchaeljams6

Marconi and I organised a meet in Oxford after chatting for a while.

As he says, I have had some previous jobber experience but nothing extensive. He came into his own when it came to the wrestling, becoming a dominant heel who KO'd me several times over the course of a few hours with tight sleepers, scissors, and other submission moves. He gave me plenty of practice of getting knocked out, I didn't stand a chance!

Other than that, he was a really lovely, open-minded, chatty guy who was kind enough to provide lunch as well as a lift to and from the station. Looking forward to meeting again and would highly recommend for any jobbers out there!