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Have a private pro wrestling ring in Las Vegas.

Seeking men, women, or couples for matches. Prefer pro/fantasy/roleplay, LIGHT pin or submission (friendly not 'death or glory'). Open to other ideas, but always safe and sane. Can usually have a female partner for couples matches.

Rules negotiable - if its safe & sane I'll probably try it. I'm str8, but regularly wrestle gay and bi guys. It just won't include sex. Singles, tag matches, handicap tag, couples matches, its all good. This is about having fun, good exercise, and meeting people. Not interested in determining who is "better", 'proving something' or injuring/getting injured. Safety first.

In the pro/fantasy world I can play either a sadistic heel from hell or the helpless, suffering jobber with equal enjoyment (although I like the "jobber" to fight back some no matter which role I'm playing). Just about any pro/fantasy scenario works for me. As a heel I like to prolong the jobber's suffering, and even when in full control will still cheat just because I'm evil. When jobbing can definitely enjoy 'hopeless' situations like having a biased ref who is helping my opponent or being in a handicap tag match against opponents who double-team and cheat.

Have a wrestling ring in a private space.

Remember, safe, sane, and above all FUN.



  1. USA - Nevada, Las Vegas
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I am willing to travel 300 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 255 lbs (116 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Any

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matwork21 is recommended by Vegas rassler

Great Heel fun wrestler!!! Great ring set up look him up for sure won't be sorry.



Vegas rassler is recommended by matwork21

An excellent jobber to abuse, lol. Vegas_rassler is a fun guy and a good opponent. If you want a big jobber that doesn't mind letting you go to town on him you won't be disappointed.



matwork21 is recommended by PacNWBulldog

Very hospitable and best home ring set up I have experienced in 20 years. Knows the pro game and a good conversationalist. I will be looking for rematches anytime I am in the area.



PacNWBulldog is recommended by matwork21

Fun guy. Size difference meant it had to be more of a worked pro/fantasy type match but it was still fun. Looking forward to future matches.



matwork21 is recommended by Jobbercrush

Gary is an awesome guy! Very knowledgable about wrestling, and patient with your level of skill. He has an AWESOME setup as well. A great host, and a great guy! I feel fortunate to have met him and wrestled him!



matwork21 is recommended by Slater Jackson

Awesome time! Ring space is great and Matwork21 is a tough guy to go up against in the ring. Super nice host and friendly off the mats. Can't wait til I'm back in Vegas to climb in the ring against him for a rematch!



matwork21 is recommended by wildcat

This guy is a class act. Great ring, great wrestling, great conversation. Hope for several rematches in the future.