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Muscled athletic Aussie man. Lifter , runner, boxer and wrestler. Keen to fight other muscled men, of all ages who are in good shape. Like writing or reading wrestling and boxing stories. Like to cam on SKYPE as well.. flex and challenge each other. Very competitive and like to battle a mature man who knows what he needs from the match.



Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Photo swapping, I'm a heel
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling, Muscle worship


  1. Australia, New Farm
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Age: 57-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian

Gear: strap, poser, nude wrestling

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matchest is recommended by Tripolar

Our match was hampered by Matchest's injury but he still showed plenty of fight and determination to power along during the wrestle. We match up well in size and I'm sure it will be a tight contest when he's fully fit again.



Tripolar is recommended by matchest

I would highly recommend a session with this strong, well muscled and intelligent guy. We plan to wrestle again, as I was hurting some from a gruelling previous match, 2 days before, and couldn't give 100 %. But we still tested each other, and got a firm idea of power and endurance potential. We both obviously enjoyed our encounter in every way.



matchest is recommended by BrisbaneBritWrestler

Despite the size difference this guy got in touch requesting a match.
Glad he did too, he is in great shape, fit, tough, muscle guy who loves a wrestle.
Will definitely be arranging a rematch, but just to be sure fella, it’ll end with the same outcome!!!



BrisbaneBritWrestler is recommended by matchest

What a great battle, even though I am ten years older and 20Kg lighter, this huge rugby muscled wrestler ( looking real hot in black knee guards and naked ) took me on in his apartment. We fought a sane but very competitive and aggressive match. Lost count of the tap outs and submissions (you stop counting when you don't have any go your way !) but both very satisfied with an hour or so of athletic wrestling. We will battle again for sure (and bud, I won't tell anyone that I won the arm rassle ! LOL) Great guy to chat with after the fight and welcome to my country.



matchest is recommended by Beachguy7

I have wrestled matca couple of times. He has a big chest and biceps. We had a long match he is flexible and will give you a great workout. Highly recommend and I will definately get back on the mat with him the next time that I am in town.



Beachguy7 is recommended by matchest

Beachguy and I have wrestled a few times in the past. He is a built, muscled and strong grappler... with tough tradesman's grip, chest and arms. Also, we hit it off well after the hot and intense fighting was finished.. he is a great guy to hang with and always comes back for more.. Look forward to our next bout, mate.. get ready to lose the mask and thong ! They're mine this time...



matchest is recommended by DenverWrestler

A tough fit well-built older guy – one of the best 50+ guys I've met from this site. He's also very easy to organize a match with and 100% reliable. And some of you may know of his writing skills – he's done some very hot stories about wrestling matches. He's also a nice guy, and we had a lot of fun rolling around and getting into some hot submission holds. Highly recommended!



DenverWrestler is recommended by matchest

this well muscled man is a good athlete, and knows his wrestling moves. We have communicated for few years and finally got to meet each other for a was well worth the wait. He is a good guy and very intelligent.... we got down to some very sexualised, verbal struggling ( hope I am allowed to say that on here ?) and flexing, muscle worship, feeling each other up and exchanging of close-in, grinding muscled up holds...we both ended our meet very satisfied men. will wrestle again if the opportunity comes along.


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flexing my upper body in tank

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