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Hey guys! Fairly new to the wrestling scene but ready to explore new horizons I am here to find nice opponents to wrestle and fight with. I like wrestling matches and long exhausting fights. I am also open to other stiles and rules. i want to do it with real men. (no fakers!)


Güreşte yeniyim tecrübem az fakat daha fazla denemek ve tecrübe kazanmak istiyorum.



  1. Turkey, Dağyenice
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Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (177 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Turkish

Gear: shorts, briefs, bikinis, thongs, speedos

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maraj is recommended by wrestlerrr

Maraj is not only a great wrestler, but he is also a good friend. He has a great body, and it is a pleasure for me to wrestle with him.



wrestlerrr is recommended by maraj

Have met Wrestlerrr multiple times and each one was better than the last. Fun to talk to and fun to roll with. Strong and ready to take advantage of any opening you give him. Looking forward to the next time we tangle.



maraj is recommended by builtnycguy

I enjoyed my match with maraj. He was reliable and showed up on time and gave a good fight. He demonstrated good sportsmanship and friendship during the match.



builtnycguy is recommended by maraj

Thoroughly enjoyed locking up with this guy! Appears bigger and more muscled in person, and has endless energy. A great guy both on and off the mats. I highly recommend if visiting the New York area - hope to lock up with him again soon!



maraj is recommended by Jorgefighter

When you meet this guy, make sure you had a good meal and a good nap. He is strong, flexible, and does not mind to play it rough. He likes to keep it competitive and will only submit when he has tried everything. Good instints, I think he can become a killing machine. I hope to repeat.



Jorgefighter is recommended by maraj

This guy is strong, willing, has excellent endurance and very able on the mats. He knows where you are going long before you get there and makes you work. Fit and muscled he can give you a battle if you want one, or is very easy to chat to and sort out what you want to practice and perfect. Very nice guy who is a gent off the mats and a great competitor on the mats. Highly recommended!



maraj is recommended by Toppler

As we're of a similar build, I contacted Maraj prior to visiting Istanbul and he kindly offered to host a bout at his flat. We chatted freely before we stripped off and got down to business. We both went for it: trying to put each other into various holds and testing our strength - a true battle. He is strong and enthusiastic but after time, I wore him down and he had little choice but to submit as we were both exhausted. Afterwards, he kindly showed me around his area and I enjoyed his company as an intelligent and engaging guy. Sadly, that was my last day in Istanbul as I would have loved to give the opportunity to get even. Next time!



Toppler is recommended by maraj

Had a great match with great fighter.....he's more than he looks! Agile man with great strength and a sportive background....a combination that makes him pretty formidable. He fights hard but safe on the mats and it's obvious he loves to grapple. Was a great match and one I would like to repeat! On and off the mats he is such a genuine guy. Well worth meeting!



maraj is recommended by brazilwrestler86

Maraj is a very strong wrestle. We had a match at his
Place.... Almost three hours! Good fighter! Very strong and skillful but above all a tough man who can take a lot of punishment before submitting! He is also a great sportsmen that always kept FairPlay running . After the match he showed me Istanbul and we had a great time! Hope to wrestle him other times!



brazilwrestler86 is recommended by maraj

He is a very strong wrestler. We had a match at my place.... I showed him some places in istanbul and It was my pleasure to meet him. see you soon fighter :))



maraj is recommended by Lonwrst

Enjoyed our match, good body and strong with lots of energy and always came back for more!
Really nice guy as well , well worth meeting if you are able.



Lonwrst is recommended by maraj

A good, trustable and good fighter with also a good condition! You can learn a lot! he has very strong legs be careful :)

I hope we can meet again.



maraj is recommended by SpeedoFun

As of early 2013, I chatted with Maraj for quite sometime on another non-wrestling site but we were unable to meet due to our conflicting agenda. I shared with him my passion for wrestling and recommended him to have a look at Globalfight where I am also regisered. It was a surprise for me to see that he was also on this site.

We finally met in Istanbul at the end of October 2013 at my hotel for a great session of more than two hours. Not only is he a nice chap to talk to but he is great in wrestling. Strong upper body, and very resilient even when exhausted and/or trapped in my body scissors.

I challenged him again few days after and was prompt in accepting my invitation. The second session was even better as we built a mutual confidence. I am happy to have introduced him to wrestling and I am sure that he will shortly gain more experience and strength. I can only strongly recommend him.

I hope to have many more fights with him in the future. Take care pal.



SpeedoFun is recommended by maraj

It was a big chance for me to get to know him and finally,meet with him. Wrestling is his passion and you feel it when you are having spent time with him. Moreover, he is a really nice guy and quite decent.
Our matches are very competitive and fun. i must warn you about his body scissors he is very good at it. i strongly recommend him. Many thanks for you to have introduced me this amazing world.

i look forward to meeting him in the near future. take care...



maraj is recommended by amateurwrestler

He says he is a novice in wrestling, but I dont think so. He is fit and strong. His upper body is good particularly. He had me in rough position many times. I enjoyed wrestling with him.