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Open to all kinds of wrestling and looking for both sane & fun matches. If interested send me a message,



  1. USA - Colorado, Greeley
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Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 252 lbs (114 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: Compressed shorts, jocks, singlets. Open to gear as well.

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manzanero970 is recommended by Txbigb

We meet halfway between us in New Mexico and it was worth the trip. He’s an aggressive wrestling cub. Strong, aggressive and a great guy. I strongly recommend Manzanero970 to all other heavyweights who are looking for a fun submission match.



Txbigb is recommended by manzanero970

First of all, I never thought I would meet up with him due to distance and stuff to be honest.
We agreed to meet half way in New Mexico and it sure was a pleasure wrestling him. When you spend almost 3 hours having fun wrestling each other without even noticing that it has been that long, it sure was a good time. He was more experienced than me, but that didnt stop me from having a good time. I would definitely wrestle him again no doubt.



chicagopiledriver is recommended by manzanero970

Even though it was a last minute meeting, it was fun to actually wrestle him. At the end of the night, he turned out to be superior to me but I did managed to put him on a body scissors and bear hug.



manzanero970 is recommended by gordonbelly

We just chatted for a few weeks and our interests matched, so, why not doing a trip to meet this guy? He was very good in replying all my messages and gave me a nice welcome to Colorado.
I had a great time wrestling and squashing this guy. It was awesome to play "panzazos" with someone with a belly almost as big as mine. It was a fair match, and with nice talks in between.
And that breakfast on Saturday morning was just delectable.
Thanks for all your hospitality and hope we can meet at some point in the future again.



gordonbelly is recommended by manzanero970

Met with gordonbelly last night and sure had fun. From going back and forth between wrestling and squashing, among other things. Would wrestle him again for sure.



manzanero970 is recommended by Brown Bomber

Had a great time rolling with Manzanero970 up in Colorado. He said he had not wrestled in a while so I thought I would just be nice and "let" him work me over....he did it on his own though without much help from me. I hope this gets him more matches because he is a great wrestler. Hope we meet again.



Brown Bomber is recommended by manzanero970

Have a good time with Brown_Bomber today. He took the time to come all the way from Houston to meet up with me and that's always appreciate. Until next time amigo.