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Experienced veteran looking for matches. Pro-trained, spent five years with Southern Indie groups. Always ready to match you hold-for-hold (10000 holds!!).

Very accommodating, but always looking for real wrestlers with real gear. NO UNDERWEAR. That is a complete turn-off. Real WRESTLERS wear gear. Not into cyber. Not interested in profiles without pics. I have never hidden from anyone. If you can't show me what you look like (preferably in gear), then we have no chance of meeting.

Celebrating 24 glorious years as a wrestler. Retirement is not an option.



  1. USA - Indiana, Westchester Estates
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 64-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 279 lbs (127 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Pro gear (Trunks/Speedos, pads, boots)

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man of 10000 holds is recommended by TANKE

a great fighter and one of the most wonderful people, I recommend the meet and to fight, I'm looking forward to having another bout !!!!!



TANKE is recommended by man of 10000 holds

We had a great time together. A strong and diligent wrestler with a good command of holds. He took my best, and dished out his best. I recommend him for any true wrestler out there. I hope we can do it again (and again).



man of 10000 holds is recommended by softbellypro exjock

Have had the great pleasure of knowing this great friend for 22 years....we have so much in common we almost seem like one person...he is an awesome wrestler and, an even better person...hope to ss him a lot more, since we live fairly close again..great wrestling pschology and feel..we both love to talk about our pro days...don't hesitate to meet..also was a perfect host..great great massage too!!!! GO CUBS!!!!!!!



softbellypro exjock is recommended by man of 10000 holds

SBP_EJ was the second wrestler I ever met (way back in 1994). It took 22 years, but we finally wrestled. We have been friends for that whole time, but the match did not happen until now. Of course, I was pleased and very satisfied. He is a wealth of pro knowledge and ring acumen. There are no wasted movements: he is spot-on with every maneuver. I was in Heaven while matching up with him.

On this wrestling website (and the others), you must sift through so much to get to the really good wrestlers. I am proud to tell the world that SBP_EJ is one of the really good ones. Before and after our encounter, we talked and talked about our favorite pastime. I promise it will not take 22 more years before we wrestle again. Needless to say, I highly recommend SBP_EJ to any and all WRESTLERS out there.

BTW, I know 10000 holds; he knows 10001.



man of 10000 holds is recommended by RasslorBear

I cannot say enough about the fun I had with Larry. He put me at ease and answered all of the questions that I had. And if you met me, you know I have a lot of questions. He taught me new holds and new perspectives on pro wrestling while being one of the kindest, most polite gentlemen I've met.

I look forward to meeting him again soon and learning under his tutelage. I am going to be a better wrestler and performer because of it. If you get the chance to wrestle Larry, please do everything you can to make that happen.



RasslorBear is recommended by man of 10000 holds

I greatly anticipated this encounter for a long time. Bob is very strong, very agile for a wrestler his size, he asks the right questions and is a willing student; AND, he is such a great guy. PLUS, he has beautiful gear and it all looks great on him. We had fun together and I predict many matches with him. He is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Next step, we meet in the ring!!



man of 10000 holds is recommended by diggeroh

After all this time, I am just now writing a recommend I should have done a long time ago. Whatever your experience is or whatever level you are at, MO10000H is the perfect guy to wrestle and LEARN. As his screen name suggests, he is always available to teach anyone something new. Be you a beginner to an advance wrestler, MO10000H can bring it to your level. I've always enjoyed myself during our matches. Thank you!



man of 10000 holds is recommended by Chrisblodgett

Delightful host and coach with a real commitment to the sport and art of wrestling. Super guy with some great stories and real patience with this novice. Look forward to wrestling him again.



Chrisblodgett is recommended by man of 10000 holds

Another enjoyable time. Chris is strong, very agile and durable, and ready to learn. He will be a very good wrestler. He is also a great guy with a fantastic attitude. Looking forward to working with him again.



wrestlestowin is recommended by man of 10000 holds

It is always great to meet a guy who loves wrestling as much as I do. Our time together was very enjoyable, because he is everything you look for; he has "the look" of a wrestler (incredible gear), the mind of a polished wrestler and, despite wanting a coach, he has the moves of a wrestler. There is no better feeling than when it all clicks. We will meet again (and again).



man of 10000 holds is recommended by imdone

Impossible to ask for a better opponent. His wrestling knowledge and abilities are unsurpassed.



man of 10000 holds is recommended by slim4thick

Not many guys on these boards can say they've actually wrestled professionally, but Larry definitely has walked the walk. His vast experience and knowledge of the sport make him a gem to this community and a great guy to know. He's also very accommodating to the styles of his opponents.



cripplerUSA is recommended by man of 10000 holds

Crippler is as tough a wrestler as you could ever hope to find. A well-trained pro enthusiast who will overwhelm you with his strength and durability; a gentleman who will make you proud to be a wrestler. He is one of the best.



man of 10000 holds is recommended by Barriobruiser

Man of 1000 holds, is a great guy, fun to wrestle and looks awesome in gear! Don't miss an opportunity to wrestle this guy! Barrio Bruiser