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spanish guy. some experienced. Love all related to wrestling.



Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling


  1. Spain, Madrid norte
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'5" (166 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

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madridwrestling is recommended by Ricotewrestler

Had a great time wrestling this little dynamo in Barcelona, a few years back. One of the feistiest and most resilient guys for his size I’ve ever met!..looking forward to our next match! Highly recommendable!



Ricotewrestler is recommended by madridwrestling

we met time ago.

hes a big guy, hes got a strong body and knows the game. so if u want a great match with a power guy u can meet Ricote!

a gentle guy off the mats too!



madridwrestling is recommended by daniMadrid

Tenía buenas referencias de madridwrestling y se confirmaron cuando quedamos. A pesar de no estar en su mejor forma física por una lesión, es un luchador experimentado con tremenda resistencia y fuerza, con un buen dominio de técnicas que comparte y enseña. Buen luchador y mejor persona, conversador e inteligente. Recomendado 100%. ¡¡¡Gracias!!!!



madridwrestling is recommended by Dynamo

¡Vaya con este tío! Es un verdadero toro salvaje en la lucha, en ningún momento se rindió. Dio excelente batalla, es súper fuerte, hábil, conocedor de las llaves de lucha. Luchamos bañados de sudor y con mucha fuerza. Fuera de la lucha es un tío muy majo, buena charla, educado, guapo y muy buen amigo. Lo recomiendo ampliamente. Volvería a luchar con él muchas veces más



Dynamo is recommended by madridwrestling

I met dinamo in summer 2017. It was a great match. Hes a very tall man, so hes long legs and arms gives him much more power than u may think. we had a long match. full of power. Hes got the right attitude, as he likes to go for the win and never stops looking for it. great stamina.

hope we can wreslte again in the future!

see u!

a great guy too off the mats :)



madridwrestling is recommended by Norcalfur

I met Jose five years ago, but we didn't have the chance to wrestle then, only visit! I realized what a great guy he was and was eager to meet up with him, again! I finally had the chance, and we had a terrific time, together. He's a great conversationalist, and a very strong and stubborn wrestler! A very handsome man, as well! I look forward to meeting you, again, my friend, when I next visit Spain!



madridwrestling is recommended by davey123

We had two full days to wrestle in! This guy may not be tall, but he is certainly fit and strong. Very powerful big legs (from all his cycling I think)! And strong upper bod too. Had a great time with him. No sooner was he in the house than he wanted to know what my headscissor was like. So….I wrapped my monsters around him and squeezed and flexed until I thought his head was going to explode. Eventually he tapped out, but it was a very impressive display of his stubbornness and ability to soak up serious pain. That set the style for when we got down to it on the mats. As I was bigger, heavier and stronger the poor man had to suffer in just about every punishing hold and combination hold that I could think of. But the harder I worked him in the holds the more he seemed to be able to take…… It was really the full Boston that had him tapping quickest in agony…but then, that hold is like that!
A very nice guy altogether. Extremely considerate and helpful guest and very easy to get on with I recommend him very highly. I wish I could wrestle him more often, - he makes the perfect practice partner.



davey123 is recommended by madridwrestling

Since the very first moment I saw a profile of this guy, years ago, I knew I wanted to wrestle him!

And the the moment I arrived, I got what I expected! But what you may feel looking at his pictures is just a part of what you get.

Since the very first moment we met personally I felt perfectly welcomed. A nice and friendly guy to whom you may talk about anything, and he deals perfectly well with my bad english. A really nice and charming guy off the mats.... but not so nice on the mats. He knows perfectly the game. He's powerful as a horse. He likes to punish, and to test every possible limit in the jobber's body and his build is the perfect one for dishing punishment.
I always wanted to play a good jobber role. And he's that one who knows how to play with a jobber.

I was impressed about his knowledge of holds. All kind of holds. He perfectly knows whats going on in every move. How to twist and how to press to make it a little bit harder. And a little bit more! He knows how to use his weight, - thats something that not many guys really know and it makes a big difference that I learnt time ago in judo classes and he made me remember - his muscles are huge and strong. Not easy to deal with a neckbreaker when you have such powerful biceps and a hard chest to fight against. And in fact his knowledge, power, skills and experience let him not to apply just a single hold on you, but two, three ... up to five at the same time!! Every possible twist every possible way. And when he had me trapped, he always knew how to add some more salt and pepper with that one or two words that remarked his power and dominance,

Despite I was not on my best fitness he's got something that made me improve my limits quite a lot. Probably that when he's got you trapped it's the only option you have. Taking it and going on taking, just a little release and going on. I know I can take lots. Even I know I can give lots if that's the match. But probably I had never wrestled a man who's being able to give that much, had that control to avoid injuries, and also ENJOYED that much to dish that non stop punishment. At the same time he's got the ability to make me enjoy to take all that punishment, - to make me feel a willing jobber

Whoever may think that pro holds are not painful.... take care, this guy's legs can crash your skull in his headscissors. Strongest legs I have ever suffered

Hope to meet you soon, and again, and again, and again :)



madridwrestling is recommended by TANKE

Un magnífico luchado y una persona muy educada, simpática e increíble, si alguna vez queréis luchar contra el, es vuestro hombre.

Muchas gracias por un buen combate amigo, a ver cuando lo repetimos.



TANKE is recommended by madridwrestling

un combate fantastico. Un chico con muchas ganas, y muy grande, así que muy fuerte!!

será un placer volver a encontarnos!!!

además un tio encantador



madridwrestling is recommended by ukwrestler

We met a while back when he was just getting in to wrestling. He's fast and feisty and much more experienced thesedays! Nice guy too who speaks English really well. Look out for him if down his way!



ukwrestler is recommended by madridwrestling

we met time ago when he was travelling to Madrid. In a hotel, room good enough and thick and big mat. It was a kind of promission match. First man to apply me some good pro holds and showed me that some pro holds can be painful and useful to submit another man. Hes very nice and very powerful. His strenght is huge on me. He was able to lift me easily. He gave me two piledrivers - thanks that the mat was thick enough-. and despite his size hes fast enough.
so together with his power make him a good opcion for a great match.
A nice man too so also a good opcion for a nice talk after the match

hope to meet u again!



madridwrestling is recommended by judokamad

its very strong , always want win. great machtes



judokamad is recommended by madridwrestling

La mejor opción en Madrid para una buena pelea real!!

The best option in Madrid for the greatest real match!!



madridwrestling is recommended by THEIRONMAN

madridwrestling is a very great great wrestler. i like him because is a prowrestler too and i enjoyed my time with him.
he is little but strong.strong legs and a very experienced wrestler.
i want to meet him on a ring for a real prowrestling match.
Super iper extra recommended



THEIRONMAN is recommended by madridwrestling

nice man and good wrestler. good stamina and likes to do his best...
very experienced and knows the game.



madridwrestling is recommended by Lederringer

He is a very nice guy and a very good wrestler! It was fund and hot to wrestel him! Hope to meet him again for some matches!



Lederringer is recommended by madridwrestling

We meet some time ago. We had a funny time. Lederringer is a much more powerful guy than he looks. Hes been into wrestlig long time and knows the game :) Recomended if u want to enjoy the match



madridwrestling is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Met with madridwrestling back in 2011. Solid fast mover on the mats. Being small doesn't mean its an easy pushover. Rolled a few rounds and was an even battle. Great guy of the mats as well. Showed me a different side to Madrid and had a good meal out.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by madridwrestling

such a great guy!! was an amazing match and a perfect time :)

hope to meet u again!



madridwrestling is recommended by wrestlerplace

Es un tio genial, simpatico y de fiar. En los combates, es un luchador muy fuerte ( más de lo que aparenta), agil, rapido y sabe cantidad de llaves. Es uno de los luchadores más técnicos y avanzados que he conocido en esta web.

Si buscas un luchador experto para un combate intenso, disfrutaras mucho con el. Totalmente recomendable!! :)

He is a great, nice,sympathetic and realiable guy. On the matches, He is a wrestler very strong ( A lot of more than he can seem)agile,fast and he knows a lot of holds. He is one of the wrestler more advanced and expert I have met until this moment on the site.

If you are looking for a expert wrestler for a powerful match, you will enjoy with him. he is very recommendable!:)



wrestlerplace is recommended by madridwrestling

great guy. We wreslted some time ago. He was a novice, but with the right attitude to become a good wrestler. Sure hes a very good wreslter now.

and also he had a good place to wreslte in.

Hope to meet him again.



madridwrestling is recommended by Jorgefighter

He's got some of the strongest legs that i have ever seen/suffered, and is also very skilled. He knows a lot of moves and countermoves. So dont let his sweet smile and polite manners to fool you. Nice guy for a beer/coffee after the match, too. At La mama Inés, of course :-D



Jorgefighter is recommended by madridwrestling

so great guy!!! dont miss him. And never relax in the match or he will run over u like a truck.