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Lean fit Asian dude here into submission wrestling. Love hard, long tough match wearing each other out. Also into heel/jobber, squash match. Small but lean and tough. Pretty good for my size. Generally free during the day on a weekday. Hit me up. Always looking for a match.



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (172 cm), 140 lbs (64 kg)

Gear: shorts, speedo

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leanandtough is recommended by ProSubinCA

Definitely recommend him. He’s tough, very fit, skilled, and a great guy. Had a great time wrestling him.



ProSubinCA is recommended by leanandtough

The perfect jobber. Lean, muscuilar body, super flexible. He particularly looks good in a camel clutch, boston crab, abs stretch.



leanandtough is recommended by Kevin

It was cool to meet this sexy leanandtough guy. It was not difficult to arrange the meeting with him and he really gave hot sweaty fight! I had fun and enjoyed that sp much. This great guy is recommended!



th trooper is recommended by leanandtough

Had an opportunity to wrestle th_trooper again in February 2018. This time he is much stronger and much more skilled. With weight difference, I had no chance to make him tap, but almost. Great guy, very accommodating.



leanandtough is recommended by Polachja

Fun tough opponent....responsive, quick to make a match. We did some pro and some light sub....he even got me to tap once. 👍🏻👍🏻



Polachja is recommended by leanandtough

Great guy. Skilled and very strong. We did submission and some pro. Don't get trapped in his abs stretch! Great host as well.



leanandtough is recommended by Mirceal

Ooohhh Gossshhh ! So ashamed for that late reco when I had a good time with that wrestler !
He is lean and well built , great chest, full of will and energy , ready to wrestle with good stamina and flexibility
Very nice guy off the matts too ! So don't miss him for a sweaty match ;)
Thanks for that " last minute wrestling session " once you were in Paris ! ;) was cool to meet you !



Mirceal is recommended by leanandtough

Very nice French gentleman with calm manner on the mat, but move decisively and fatally. He will put you in a hold naturally and with least effort. Before you know it, you are firmly under his control, trapped, and then he will tighten it up until you have no choice but give. Great wrestler.



leanandtough is recommended by Mad Grappler T

Strong guy for his size... lot of energy to stay in the fight.. he always keep coming for more... once he's around you he does his best to get a good hold but weight difference was a disadvantage for him.
Thxs for the visit



Mad Grappler T is recommended by leanandtough

What a beast. Skilled and strong. One of the best wrestler around. Truly a natural fighter, he moves effortlessly and instinctively move on you, putting you in inescapable holds. We wrestled for a bit over an hour. Intense, sweat dripping hour and I love every minute of it. Started competitively I ended up all but at mercy at this heel. Great guy off the mats, too. Hope we can meet up again!



leanandtough is recommended by tap out tyler

We had a great time! He is indeed very tough and flexible, and really withstood a ton of holds. We even taught each other new moves. Highly recommended!



leanandtough is recommended by Kyle Braun

Big things come in little packages. This guy is really tough. He's very skilled, and he's very strong for his size. I was really impressed. Good luck trying to pin him down… Let alone get a submission on him. He stretches like rubber and bounces back from a submission faster than you can blink. Definitely not someone you want to pass up if you're looking for a good match.



Kyle Braun is recommended by leanandtough

Very strong and skilled. Tough as nail. Good luck getting a tap from him. Watch out his forearms, it's fatal. Very fun to wrestle with.



leanandtough is recommended by Fchallenger

This guy certainly lives up to his screen name - a very strong and skilled wrestler, he had me on the defensive from the get-go and forced me to tap several times. Looking fwd to a rematch where I'll make sure I'm much better prepared ;)



Fchallenger is recommended by leanandtough

Tough as nail. Strong. Never give up easily so we had a great time wrestling each other down. Love body punching. Nice guy.