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Love give and take, promission or submission (competitive or long held submission holds) and have a bit of pro under my belt. Always willing to learn additional styles :)

I'll wrestle almost everyone so don't be afraid to hit me up ;)



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques
Specific wrestling styles: Promission
Fetishes: Nipple play


  1. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
    Home 🏠
  2. USA - Georgia, Atlanta (I'm here between 5/30/2018 and 6/03/2018)
    Clash of the Titans 22
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Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (163 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Singlts, shorts, underwear, speedos

Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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JFighter is recommended by lb200

WarriorJS had me 5-0 in a short time span of 10 minutes. Many of his submission are due to his lethal and very effective sleeper hold. Body scissors do nothing on him ;) This guy is way up there and is a much better wrestler than I am.



lb200 is recommended by Mainewrsl

What a great wrestler! Forget the "Loserboy" name – LB has killer scissors, and if he gets you in them you're a goner. He's got really great instincts in the ring and is a patient teacher. We had a blast going back and forth for two hours, trying out holds and making each other submit. I got a few submissions in but not many because LB is way more skilled than he lets on. And we laughed a lot. LB is serious fun, so if you're in Montreal or he's traveling and you can find the time to take him on, do so. Looking forward to round two . . .



Mainewrsl is recommended by lb200

Mainewrsl is a nice and good fighter with solid experience and strong scissors. He also has an adaptive wrestling style easy to learn and get along.

Mainewrsl is a great guy all around to wrestle!



lb200 is recommended by wrestleluttemontreal

I like to wrestle him.
He has a good technique.
A strong wrestler. Knows many holds that get you by surprise.
A nice guy that I like very much.



lb200 is recommended by wrestleinmn

You absolutely must wrestle lb200 if you get a chance to! A great guy all around and a fun time in the ring. He's very adaptable and will work with your skill level. I haven't wrestled in a while, but had a blast (although I'm definitely feeling sore the next day!)

Watch out for his scissors - and he can definitely rack bigger guys - no problem.

Definitely hope to wrestle again soon with him!



wrestleinmn is recommended by lb200

WrestleinMN is a real case of don't judge a book by its cover. In person, this stud is a cute happy bear with a handsome smile. :)

In wrestling, he can definitely hold his own, use his weight as leverage and defend himself effectively despite saying on his profile that he likes to be worked over.

Well, you have to deserve it. If you manage to roll him around and get on top of him (or if he lets you), then be sure to keep him there and work him over! :) Don't let your guard down, WrestleinMN is a fierce fighter if he wants to!

Definitely recommended!



lb200 is recommended by backbreakers123

LB200 is special and a favorite.
I think extremely highly of him.
Give him a try–You'll get
a good and fun wrestling match.



backbreakers123 is recommended by lb200

Backbreakers123 is a great heel to work with. He's able to determine your flexibility and tolerance. He can also apply complex moves with ease. Backbreakers123 also has great versatility and he will adapt to your wrestling style.



lb200 is recommended by mustangcowboy

We have been talking for months and this stud and I finally hit the ring. He is a great pro wrestler who knows how to punish a guy with a rack and his body scissors. He caught me in his scissors and I had to tap if I couldn't reach the ropes. He is a great guy outside the ring and look forward to a rematch in the future. I did have him tapping several times in my figure four leglock. Looking forward to rematches in the future.



mustangcowboy is recommended by lb200

MustangCowboy and I talked for months and we finally put our words into action by going in the ring.

He showed me that he is true to his words, a master in the figure four leg lock and a great wrestler all around doing pro, sub and promission. Cute, handsome, versatile, knowledgeable. I don't think there are enough words to describe how exceptional he is.



lb200 is recommended by Wrassleboi

Oh Loserboy! Adron is simply in a wrestling category unto himself! This guy is as sweet and awesome as he is a talented wrestler! Super polite and even just a little shy outta the wrestling ring he is an incredibly fun and creative pro Rassler in the ring! As the heel I fell victim to his devastating rack which was *cough* very dirty and I loved it! In addition I made a new and very cool friend. Looking forward to our next pro wrestle rematch! Ding ding ding! :-)



Wrassleboi is recommended by lb200

An amazing guy with a great passion and enthusiasm for wrestling.

He knows what pro moves to do without hurting his opponents. His kiss of death sleeper is an absolutely devastating finisher that will make anyone submit to the charms of this handsome wrestler :D

Definitely don't miss a chance to wrestle this awesome stud :)



lb200 is recommended by HeadSqueezeKing

Had a great match with lb200 when I visited Montreal. He is an incredibly strong guy with some of the most powerful legs I have encountered in all my matches. His headscissors were deadly, and his signature full nelson/body scissors had me tapping two or three times. Had to submit once in his bearhug as well. Even though I have some 75 lbs. on him, he actually kept me grounded in a headlock for quite a while. I got a couple of submissions out of him, but don't even begin to sell him short. In spite of his prowess as a wrestler, he is one of the nicest guys I know. We had great conversations in between working each other over. A+ recommendation!



HeadSqueezeKing is recommended by lb200

HeadSqueezeKing is a strong and resistant wrestler. He definitely knows his stuff and he knows how to gauge his holds. As his nickname implies, he has a fondness for headlocks and headscissors. Our match revolved around give and take with a little bit of light sub or semi-sub. Long held holds and varying intensity around the tolerance threshold were the keywords for our match.

I would definitely wrestle him again :)



lb200 is recommended by maineagle93

A really fantastic experience wrestling the one and only Loserboy. I was visiting Montreal for only a few days a while back and we agreed to wrestle the day I arrived.

Kept in contact the day I came into town, and set up our wrestling spot. We traded holds back and forth, and found out who the real loserboy was. Can’t recommend highly enough, truly a nice guy in every sense off the mat, and a fun aggressive wrestler on the mat. I need to get back to Montreal for our rematch.



maineagle93 is recommended by lb200

Maineagle is absolutely fun to tumble with. He's open minded, flexible, enthusiastic and always ready to take on new challenges and learn new holds. :)

... and I forgot to mention that he's very handsome :`)



lb200 is recommended by wrestling coach

WOW has he improved since OKIE Rumble a few years ago!...
I am stronger, and consequently got a lot of taps... but he still got my tap with his killer leg scissors.. A great guy, smart, personable, and FUN... Don't pass over him if you really like it rough -and- sane..



wrestling coach is recommended by lb200

One of the toughest and smartest wrestler I've ever fought.

This guy can make me tap a hundred times through different techniques quite easily.

Great coach, great teacher and outstanding wrestler!

It is an honor for me to wrestle WrestlingCoachSF.



lb200 is recommended by ascissor

good fighter, try him you will like him , also a good jobber



ascissor is recommended by lb200

A far better wrestler than I am. Very skilled, very tough, an absolutely extraordinary submission wrestler. Grrr!

EvilDark is the reason why I am at the wrestling level I am today. Great trainer, excellent master, has awesome techniques, gives useful advice to improve your skills and provides top-notch counseling. If you need a "si fu" to become a better wrestler, then ask for EvilDark.

EvilDark has good leg strength and good arm support. This submission wrestler will give you a very hard time and will show you the color of defeat. :`)



lb200 is recommended by luv2wrstl

I will never have the words to describe LB. He is so sexy and strong, but also kind hearted and humble. Do not let his size fool you as he is one of the strongest guys I have ever met. You will have a terrific time with him!



luv2wrstl is recommended by lb200

Luv2wrestl is a remarkable wrestler with an even greater personality. He has great versatility in his moves, can come up and chain his holds with ease and knows his way in both sub and pro. He pulled on me moves that very few wrestlers can pull. He can be intimidating given his size and strength, but he's very careful and knows how to use his skills without hurting you.

Very sociable and talkative, Luv2Wrestler also knows how to ease out the tension to make you feel comfortable. His arms are definitively powerful, but you should also watch out for his legs. Also, be careful not to let him know your weakness... if you are ticklish :) I had a most wonderful time with Luv2Wrestl and I would definitely wrestle him again.



Edinchattanooga is recommended by lb200

I met Ed twice: Once at The Clash of the Titans of 2013 and the 2nd time at the Clash of 2016.

Ed is a nice, handsome and absolutely amazing wrestler. He wrestles both sub and pro and he definitely knows his stuff :)



lb200 is recommended by Scissor Guy

Had a very fun afternoon with lb200. He relished the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge of the sport, and I was able to pick up some tips :) He was very friendly throughout and I enjoyed getting to know him. Wouldn't hesitate to meet again.



Scissor Guy is recommended by lb200

Very nice and friendly guy :)

Still learning the ropes, but Scissor_Guy has great potential. I took the opportunity to wrap him in a lot of scissors and he seems to be enjoying it a lot :D



lb200 is recommended by Yngrasslr00

A great guy, quiet n cute, rough n tough on the mats, one of the leaders in making our wrestling community; he is a great example to what it means to be an all around good wrestler, meet up with him if given the opportunity.



Yngrasslr00 is recommended by lb200

We wrestled back in Wrestlefest 2013 in NYC. I remember Yngrasslr to be a very charming handsome, and one of the most open-minded and kind-hearted guys I've wrestled at the fest.

We wrestled submission and Yngrasslr showed to me that he was very experienced. Good stamina, great on the mats and absolutely sociable :) Strongly recommended!



lb200 is recommended by Ricotewrestler

I think Adron deserves much more credit than what he gets. He's also a great scrappy all around wrestler , very resilient and very challenging. There is quite a size difference between the two but he kept it competitive and fun. Off the mats yiu couldn't find a kinder guy. Highly recommendable !



Ricotewrestler is recommended by lb200

RicoteWrestler is a formidable submission wrestler. I wasn't able to make him tap a single time, but I've had a lot of fun wrestling him. He is a very quick and tough wrestler. Don't ever let your guard down :)



lb200 is recommended by sparkytbg

I had a fun time wrestling lb200. He is quite strong and his legs are very effective weapons. I tried all sorts of submissions on him. Some worked and some didn't. I look forward to another match with him.



sparkytbg is recommended by lb200

Wow.. um... Sparky is one of the toughest wrestlers I've ever fought. Extremely strong arms, skillful wrestlers, yet methodological and careful with his opponents. Even by toning it down or by giving me chances, Sparky always had the last word and was always able to slip out of any of my holds. His arms are so strong that I can only find myself defending in order to delay my eventual defeat.

If you are a beginner, Sparky is ideal for you because you can learn a LOT from him and he'll watch out for you so that you don't get hurt. If you are an expert, he'll make you look like a beginner :) by making you tap after tap after TAP!

Regardless, I would definitely wrestle him again! :)



lb200 is recommended by eman170

Met up with LB after numerous tries and I am glad that I went!

He worked over me over really good! Loved the way he punished me plus the way he worked over my balls and my gut!

Can't wait for more wrestling with LB!



eman170 is recommended by lb200

After countless tries, we finally met and wrestled :)

Eman170 is a jobber with an affinity for gut punching and ball grabs/claws. He has a good amount of resistance and can take a good load of punishment.

If you're a pure heel and enjoy destroying jobbers, then Eman170 will fulfill your desires.



Tigui Boy is recommended by lb200

Tiguy est un lutteur tres gentil, sympatique et bien mignon. Malgré sa préférence d'être jobber, il est quand même capable de bien se défendre et d'en prendre tout un coup!

Il est aussi pas mal flexible, ce qui lui permet d'endurer bien des prises que d'autres lutteurs auraient abandonné.

Je recommande fortement TiGui si vous êtes un heel. :)



lb200 is recommended by Eliahmtl

Very smart & friendly Wrestler, his strong legs are not a legend, if you are trapped in his body scissors you don’t have any option than to tap :) a must at Montreal you have to wrestle with this cute little powerhouse! Oss! 💪



Eliahmtl is recommended by lb200

Incredibly handsome and amazingly skilled :) Eliah also has BJJ experience and he knows how to use these moves carefully and with precision.

Eliah is an absolutely great guy to wrestle! :)



lb200 is recommended by matslam

The kindest person I ve met! While in New York he went to great lengths to make one evening unforgettable in his suite room for many wrestlers and myself.In addition,he maybe small framed but hey he racked me with so much ease..Hes a legend in our wrestling community and Im so glad I ve met him.Thanks for everything my Canadian powerhouse.



matslam is recommended by lb200

Grjobber is an absolutely amazing jobber, but don’t get fooled by his name.

He can do both pro and sub, and if he does sub, he knows very well how to fight and win.

He is a jobber at heart, loves to be held, squeezed and stretched in all kinds of holds. Very fun to talk with and very fun to wrestle with :)

If there’s anyone out there with a greater passion for wrestling than I do, that would be Grjobber :)



lb200 is recommended by VinnyDurango

Awesome guy. Always a great time with him. Don't teach him new holds, because he will use 'em on you to take you out ;) If you're in town, you've got to wrestle him!



VinnyDurango is recommended by lb200

Vinny is a remarkable pro wrestler with a pure and real passion for it :)

He has a huge arsenal of wrestling holds, he performs them with style and caution, and it's always a pleasure to be caught in his cobra clutch finisher! :) ...but truth be told, he loves to be the victim too :)

If he is every in your area, don't miss a chance to wrestle him!



lb200 is recommended by Darkhan

Well what can I say about LB :) Great guy, and a very tough wrestler.
Don't let him size fool you, he's one tough nut to crack and his leg strength is just incredible.

Had a blast with him both on and just chilling afterwards. I heartily recommend him and will definitely wrestle him again, and again :)



Darkhan is recommended by lb200

Darkhan is one tough opponent! We were pretty much evenly matched and all my scissors were worthless against him :`) His scissors are very effective and you need to think fast. If you stay too long in them, you'll be giving him an easy submission.

Good upper and lower body defense, excellent improvisation skills, strong fighter, very nice guy with great personality. He will often check that you're okay during the match :) which shows that despite his sheer strength, he's also there to protect you and have fun.



lb200 is recommended by Roodle0p

Lb200 was a fantastic guy on and off the mats. He is super easy to get along with and is strong as heck, especially his legs!!



Roodle0p is recommended by lb200

I consider Roodle0p like my little brother :)

He is handsome, playful, skillful and always willing to learn. More importantly, he is one of the few wrestlers that can resist my full nelson body scissors combo without budging an inch or tapping out. ;)

Give this wrestler a few more years of experience and he'll beat me in no time! ;)



Jobber squash is recommended by lb200

Very nice fellow. Our session was mainly give and take. We exchanged a few bearhugs, scissors and racks. Jobber_Squash can deliver pretty good scissors. :)



lb200 is recommended by lspowerhouse

Arkon had a blast with this young stud. Know how to sell holds and has holds of his own airplane spin. Loved bodyslams him we work each other good Want a rematch for sure hope real soon I want to get my hands on him again don't pass up this stud to wrestle



lspowerhouse is recommended by lb200

LSPowerHouse is a remarkable wrestler! We wrestled pro in a ring and he showed how he can dominate with power moves by lifting me up with ease and applying tough and complex holds/maneuvers. He'll lead the match very well. He also has an amazing body :) Great guy, excellent wrestler, don't ever pass a chance wrestling this powerhouse :)



lb200 is recommended by the punisher

It,was a pleasure to have taken on LB200 ne full of energy strong as an ox love pro wrestling really great taking him on in the ring i highly reccomend him he def is a blast to have matchs with looking forward to doing more matchs with him in the future



the punisher is recommended by lb200

The Punisher is a very nice guy both on and off the mats. He's a heel that easily takes control of the match and he really knows how to make you look like a good jobber. The Punisher has a great passion for pro wrestling and I had a lot of fun with him :)



tampachaser is recommended by lb200

Tampachaser and I had a brief pro wrestling match on the ring during Clash 20.
Despite our short time together, I had a very good and fun time with him. We locked in a couple of holds and he threw me around in the ring. He was very safe to wrestle with and he takes good care of his opponents.

I wish I had also wrestle submission with him too because I did see him tackle many opponents on the mats. :)



lb200 is recommended by kyo1989

Had a great time; he was very reliable, nice, welcoming, and fun; however beware of his killer leg locks and bear hugs; he definitely is a strong guy with a high tolerance for leg locks and bear hugs. I highly recommend lb200 he is a great guy to wrestle and hang out with.



kyo1989 is recommended by lb200

Kyo1989 is a nice and very friendly wrestler with good submission skills. He's also very sensual and has a great body :) Give kyo1989 a couple more matches and he can become an unstoppable warrior. His scissors are definitely his strength so don't underestimate them :)



lb200 is recommended by Heel4You

I met lb200 at the Clash 2016 in Atlanta and had a blast wrestling him.
My first match in a ring ever and it was just awesome.
He's very strong, very skilled and great guy.
So glad I met this amazing wrestler from Canada.
Looking forward to future matches with him.



Heel4You is recommended by lb200

Heel4You is an incredible wrestler. He definitely knows his way around a wrestling ring. He can follow-up and chain his attacks and he possess the qualities and skills to be not only a great heel, but also someone you can trust. My experience with him at the Clash 20 (2016) was mind blowing! I saw him also participate in the Battle Royale and finish 2nd on his first attempt! Heel4You is a hero and a winner in my book!



Versus is recommended by lb200

I had such a blast with Versus! He's a very nice guy with awesome wrestling skills and a deadly sleeper that grants him a immediate win. Don't let him wrap your arms around you!

Apparently Versus gets to heel a lot so he asked me to be the heel this time around, which I was more than happy to oblige.

Versus excels in both submission and pro. I highly recommend him!



lb200 is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Not only is lb200 charming, polite and handsome... he is a damn great wrestler. His leg scissors are deadly and seem to be able to crush steel! Try to stay away from those legs!! We went at it for 4 hours switching wrestling styles to suit our mood, unfortunately that was all the time we had! Will definitely wrestle lb200 anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Super fun guy that I am looking forward to wrestle again and again and again.



Lumber Jack G is recommended by lb200

Oh wow.. um.. Lumber Jack G is definitely one of the best wrestlers I have fought. He's a very fun guy to tumble with, he's enthusiastic, passionate, mindful, very handsome and very easy to communicate with.

We did pro, sub and promission. Despite him saying that he's a beginner, his ability to adapt styles and to transition between holds shows the opposite. He's a fast learner. He's very strong.. in fact he lifted me several times and threw me around like a pro!

Lumber Jack G may be a jobber at heart, but in pro he makes one great heel! And in sub, ... well... he makes a very good jobber! :) Give this wrestler a couple more opponents and I'm sure he can turn the tide and become a formidable submission wrestler.

Roughhousing is Lumber Jack's preferred style. He also loves to trade gut punches, head scissors, headlocks (the one where you have your opponent down the mats) and loves to be dominated. He has a very charming body scissors with sleeper hold that you might want to stay in it instead of attempting to escape ;)



lb200 is recommended by Flwresler

Nice ! Great guy! Fun roll, but watch out for His, Cobra styled Scissors... Legs of steel. But a Heart of Gold ! You got it buddy, Anytime... Anywhere....



Flwresler is recommended by lb200

A very charming and cute wrestler that loves scissors :)

We wrestled light competitive and alternated with give and take.

I'd wrestle him again in a heart beat ^_^;



lb200 is recommended by midwest wrestle

I was very fortunate to meet up with this wrestling celebrity (I kid him about that). What a wonderful and genuine guy. Easy communication and a fun meet up. Going to get another match (or two) in with him before I leave town. Highly recommend!



midwest wrestle is recommended by lb200

midwest_wrestle is an absolute blast :) He's very strong and there's very little I could do to him ;)

He toned it down for me because he knew if he went competitive with me, he'd beat me in a heartbeat :D We went for light submission and give and take, and this was really the best style for our match up.

Very easygoing guy. Can be mild to rough, and has great versatility in terms of holds :) Good upper body strength, firm scissors, great personality, greatly recommended :)



lb200 is recommended by Headscissorsguy

Lb200 and I have met on numerous occasions and always had a great time wrestling. His legs are extremely powerful so his headscissors are definitly among his greatest weapons on the mat. Knowing how I like headscissors, he has dominated me on plenty of occasions with his headscissors. Above all, he is always fun just to spend some time with. I am looking forward in meeting with him again very soon.



Headscissorsguy is recommended by lb200

As his name implies, Headscissorsguy loves to be applied head scissors :) You'll send him in heaven if you do so and play around his limit or just holding him there.

That being said, you need to be open and communicate with him because he'll gladly apply holds on you as well :)

Our give and take session is quite relaxing and Headscissorsguy can be taugh a lot of holds since he's a great learner.



lb200 is recommended by tycoonboy

I've gotten to meet LB a few times now, and he's a great teacher for competitive wrestling, as well as someone who it's really fun to get on the mats and roll around and lose track of time for hours and hours. Really nice and accommodating too, plus a sharp wit!



tycoonboy is recommended by lb200

Tycoonboy knows his stuff and he's a very charming and handsome wrestler to tumble with. :)

He's absolutely fun, he is also very strong and skilled.

He is definitely my type of guy/wrestler I would wrestle on a weekly basis if I lived any closer ;) He is also very cuddly :D



lb200 is recommended by Ringwrestler

lb200 is a FANTASTIC addition to the underground Pro Wrestling fold of brothers ! Personable, good natured and genuine out of the ring...STRONG, MEAN, FEARLESS inside of the ring...did I mention, FUN as well ? Great all around guy, with an amazing sense of what pro wrestling is all about - He "Gets it" <G> Hope to have more matches in the future !



Ringwrestler is recommended by lb200

Ringwrestler is without a doubt an excellent pro wrestler with amazing skills.

He lead me into pro flips and tumbles which I don't even know the names without hurting me one bit and by making it look extremely good. If you need someone to lead you, to heel you and to make you a great jobber, then RingWrestler is definitely your guy!

But don't be fooled, RingWrestler is also versatile and he'll sell your holds if you decide to take the upper hand ;)

Fun to work with, RingWrestler is a wrestler that is very passionate about wrestling. He also has a great sense of humor and he's a very nice guy to be with. :D



Akrob is recommended by lb200

Strong and cuddly, AkRob is not to be underestimated. AkRob is talented, his upper body strength will overwhelm you if you are not careful ;) He can easily hold you down and he can resist your scissors or any other holds you try to throw on him.

On top of that, Akrob has an amazing personality. He also can adjust his style easily based on the wrestling styles that you prefer.



lb200 is recommended by hellcatedy

Lb and I were pretty evenly matched in size and strength. He was good to wrestle until others stole me away from him. Hehe! Still shared a brief match at the open room. Thank you lb200.



hellcatedy is recommended by lb200

Despite our short time together, I had a blast with hellcatedy. He is so light I can easily lift him up in my rack and carry him around all day :) Tough little guy, but very nice on the inside :)



lb200 is recommended by ukfighter

Had a great give and take match with lb200
Very nice guy on and off the mats
Would absolutely recommend him to anyone visiting!
Dont miss the chance to wrestle him!
Thanks again!



ukfighter is recommended by lb200

UKFighter is a remarkable wrestler with lots of strength! He's also versatile and in contrast, can be a teddy bear and adapt to your wrestling style or give you a chance if he is overpowering you ;)

My time with UKFighter was short, but memorable and we had lots of fun. Passionate, enthusiastic, energetic and absolutely great personality. :)



ironwill is recommended by lb200

One of the toughest opponent I have ever fought.

His sleeper is devastating and his technical skills way surpasses my own :)
Ironwill beats me hands down!



lb200 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

I am lucky to do a reasonable amount of travelling here and abroad and was lucky enough to meet this guy when visiting Montreal.I could also go on as per the previous recommendations about his scissors which are amazingly strong but also his upper body strength but previous comments said that a lot.I simply do not have enough superlatives about this guy.He is amongst,if not one of the nicest guys I have met.From a wrestling point of view be it jobber,heel or compet he adapts but more importantly he has the most amazing personality.A well presented and very well natured guy who is a credit to the sport on and off the mats.I class it a privilege to meet this guy and appreciated the 2 1/2 hrs we were together-a true lasting great memory from an awesome guy.Absolutely NO HESITATION in referring him-I just don't have enough compliments.Like to think we remain friends into the future and to remeet.My very best wishes Adron



Australian Wrestler is recommended by lb200

Australian_Wrestler is a formidable opponent :) His strength lies in his arm and if you get caught in his headlock for too long, then be ready to tap ;)

He is also very careful and respectful towards his opponents. He wrestles within limits, is very experienced, knows what he does and has an absolutely great personality :)

I'd wrestle him again anytime :)



lb200 is recommended by MaulerMike

Adron is a fun jobberboyyyy...easy to toss around but has an awesome scissors if he gets u in it!!! We had a lot of fun together.



MaulerMike is recommended by lb200

A very passionate pro wrestler with strong and dominant heel side :)

He knows how to take control of the match. If you are a jobber, then Mauler Mike is your dream man ^_^



yonkerswrangler is recommended by lb200

One of the strongest wrestlers I have fought. If he has you in a key lock with one of your arms, then you're done for it and you better tap :)

I don't think I ever been able to make yonkerswrangler submit.

Strongly recommended.



lb200 is recommended by canwrestle

lb200 refers to pounds of pressure this guy is gonna exert on you with his scissors... no way are you not gonna tap if he gets his legs around you. He is an awesome flexable wrestler, ready to wrestle competitive (which he does well) or just playful fooling around if you prefer (we did both). He's also a super sweet guy, great to hang with off the mat, I cannot wait to take him on again... only this time I am not gonna let him get those legs around me.



canwrestle is recommended by lb200

Camwrestle's BJJ experience makes him a formidable opponent! His strength lies in his arms and if you're not careful, then you're in for a world of pain. He also has good scissors to back it up. :)

Camwrestle is also very flexible and versatile when it comes to wrestling styles. We started out with play wrestling, switched to submission competitive and ended up with some pro.

If you're looking for a strong and friendly guy that can easily adapt to your style, this is your guy! I'd definitely wrestle him again in a heart beat ^_^



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by lb200

Hummm... strong and incredibly handsome :)

While we were limited in terms of space to wrestle, WrestleinVA1986 clearly has great wrestling skills and experience. On top of that, he is a very nice guy.

I'd say though that he is easily squeezable :)



lb200 is recommended by Lkn4awrestletoy

Tremendous wrestling buddy. Jobs oh so we'll.



Lkn4awrestletoy is recommended by lb200

Lkn4awrestletoy is an awesome wrestler.

He heels very well and he has this move I fell in love with which looks like a triangle armbar which feels so good when he applies it :)

He can come up easily with new moves, take control of the match and he always respects your limits.



lb200 is recommended by polyethylene33

Had a great match with this fun guy who enjoys every styles of wrestling, much stronger than he looks, especially his legs (my advice would be to avoid being trap in those)
Pretty resistant too.
In a word highly recommended for a fun match on Montreal!



polyethylene33 is recommended by lb200

Polyethylene is a formidable and handsome wrestler. :)

He is extremely tough to beat, he can switch between sub, promission and pro and he can easily adapt to any of your style.

I've rarely been defeated as badly as how Polyethylene defeated me. Don't let you guard down, Polyethylene has at least 8 years of real wrestling experience to counter every moves in your arsenal. He thinks fast, act fast and beats you easily while respecting your limits on top of throwing in a nice attitude to taunt you ;)

I really really strongly recommend this wrestler! :)



RoninWarrior is recommended by lb200

One of the cutest wrestler I had the honor to wrestle :)

Rookie did both pro and sub and he's absolutely great in both!



lb200 is recommended by NJW77

Highly recommend!! He is an experienced,skilled wrestler, but very gentle. I learned so many technique from him, looking forward to meeting up again.



NJW77 is recommended by lb200

Ninjya wrestler is an absolutely great guy to tumble with.

He has very good stamina and will keep on fighting.

He can learn quite fast too and I'm pretty sure with time, he'd become unstoppable! :)



lb200 is recommended by BoyToy Wonder

One of my absolute favorite wrestlers on the scene, "LoserBoy" is extremely skilled, friendly, creative, and willing to try basically anything. I never turn down rematches with this Canadian stud!



BoyToy Wonder is recommended by lb200

Charming, charismatic, trustworthy and skillful. Don't let your guard down because this BoyToy can make you tap when you least expect it :)

This nice young fellow shows real passion for wrestling and he'll give out his 110% in a competitive match.



lb200 is recommended by ukwrestler

If ever you are in Montreal then look him up - great wrestler (with a devastating scissors) can do pro or subs etc. Stronger than you may think for a smaller guy - was able to rack me (kneeling). Nice guy off the mats too.



ukwrestler is recommended by lb200

Strong like an ox, Ukwrestler definitely knows his pro moves and loves to be a formidable heel :)



lb200 is recommended by Fchallenger

Probably the most passionate and dedicated wrestler I have met. Had some amazing matches in Montreal and NYC - I guarantee you'll have a great time. Appreciate that he'll let me practice my French afterwards :)



Fchallenger is recommended by lb200

This is guy tough, has great endurance, and definitely knows how to use his punches and gloves :) FChallenger is very passionate, nice and enthusiastic guy! ... and very handsome too :) ... he also easily gets some bleus. :P heheheh



lb200 is recommended by sammy novicewrestler

an awesome dude!!!!! Really nice, great wrestler, great heel, awesome jobber!!!! I had lots of fun !!! you guys need to meet him once and you won't forget it !!



sammy novicewrestler is recommended by lb200

Sammy_novicewrestler definitely knows his stuff. He has a brown belt in karate so he had a solid background in fighting, he knows how to fight without injuring his opponent and he excels greatly in promission :)

I will certainly wrestle him again :)



lb200 is recommended by trent1978

Don't let him fool you! This guy is a serious wrestler with great technique. Enjoyed meeting him and looking forward to a rematch!



trent1978 is recommended by lb200

Fast, flexible wrestler, equipped with strong head scissors :) Loves gut punching too ^_^

I had an amazing time wrestling trent1978 and I look forward to a rematch! :)



lb200 is recommended by squeezetoy1984

Very strong for a little guy and he's a great host. Great guy to exchange holds with, grapple competetively with. Outside the matches, he's a good conversationalist and very intelligent. The one thing Quebecers like him need to get used to are bilingual Ontarians who can switch from English to French without a hitch. haha! I've met him 3 times and never been dissapointed. He may not be the biggest, or the most muscular, but he's REAL and, on this and similar websites, that, in my book, is most important.



squeezetoy1984 is recommended by lb200

A genuine wrestler that knows very well his pro moves :)

SqueezeToy has an infinite arsenal of wrestling holds and I had a great time exchanging them with him :)

Squeezetoy is definitely REAL, very knowledgeable and trustworthy.



lb200 is recommended by mikeswuk

what a cool dude! great to wrestle; watch out for his favourite hold - i wont give the game away, so find out for yourself :-)can be competitive or not, a sweet guy - ive wrestled him several times now and hope to do so again



mikeswuk is recommended by lb200

Mikeswuk is such a charming wrestler with amazing stories to share. He's enthusiastic, sociable, easy to beat with my scissors, but most importantly, an absolutely fun wrestler :D

Mikeswuk can also teach you and train you to be a better wrestler and he is also very welcoming and squeezable. :)



hashbock is recommended by lb200

Hashbock is an incredibly skillful wrestler and a very nice guy that will give you a chance or two and then show you who's the real master of the wrestling art :)

Passionate, enthusiastic and a great teacher, Hashbock is a very recommended wrestler!



lb200 is recommended by Rusnak

LB is a great guy and a great host. Strong and skilled, you will enjoy your times on the mats.



Rusnak is recommended by lb200

Wow o_O Such a hunky handsome powerful bear that is unbeatable in submission :) Exactly what I want hehehehe...

Charismatic, sociable, skillful, great build, a laugh and a smile to melt for... don't pass Rusnak!



lb200 is recommended by Hollywood954

Friendly, polite and just generally awesome. It was a pleasure to wrestle him. Watch out for his leg scissors...his legs have great power!



Hollywood954 is recommended by lb200

Fast learner, friendly and enthusiastic. Strong wrestler with very good potential of being a very powerful wrestler with the right skills and training :)



lb200 is recommended by RuffFightChallenge

Loserboy is skilled, tenacious, and lots of fun. Don't pass a chance to wrestle this great guy!



lb200 is recommended by ed516

awsome guy love meeting him very polite and very good look him up when he is in town great guy



lb200 is recommended by JMM

lb 200 is a great guy. I really enjoyed our match. He is also a great jobber. Try him out if you get a chance you will enjoy yourself.



lb200 is recommended by French wrestler

Excellent niveau, très endurant, bon niveau technique et toujours respectueux de l'adversaire