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Have been wrestling on and off in recent years and decided to join this site to meet others with the same interest. Always loved WOS.
Would like to meet others for friendly and safe give and take ground .wrestling.. Enjoy slow and easy grappling in speedos though open to suggestions.Always ready to learn new moves and holds, Can host with notice, though space is limited

To date, I have met some really nice guys through this site and then met them on future occasions...




  1. United Kingdom, Kingston upon Thames
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I am willing to travel 150 miles


Age: 65-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 151 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos open to suggestions

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kingj is recommended by Lomandlad42

After an extended absence from wrestling I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jon yesterday for a great give and take session , trading holds. Not an easy guy to sub and can dish out in great measure whatever you throw at him,. That coupled with a vice like grip when applying his lethal scissor holds he makes a very worthy opponent.
Fist class host and a very engaging conversationalist it was real pleasure to finally meet. Highly recommended and all round lovely fella 👍



Lomandlad42 is recommended by kingj

Had been hoping to meet with Jay for a long time and we had frequently been in touch. He is everything other opponents have said about him on his profile and more. He is a first class safe and experienced, wrestler and we had a great give and take session, trading holds on the mat. He is a strong guy and perfectly safe. Trapped in his legs there is no way out!!! The time went all too quickly for me. Great to be with and I hope we will meet again soon 200% recommendation.



kingj is recommended by Southcoast Guy

Met Jon for the second time after a very long gap Jon was just as good as last time and a great host.
Great on the mats and great off them.
Hope we to meet again soon
Brilliant host as well
Thoroughly recommend him as a good meet
Also has an amazing body to get to grips with !



Southcoast Guy is recommended by kingj

Have met with Colin a couple of times and have always had a good time. We have similar stats which made it especially enjoyable, He knows his holds and likes to put them on and keep you locked up in them for a long time or until you submit. Always safe and sane and easy to arrange a meet even though the distance is considerable Would recommend Colin for a good groundwork grapple.



kingj is recommended by croydonscot

Had a great meeting with Jon , arranged to do some naked , oil wrestling , got the pool, already for his arrival, we had a great grapple, challenging each other and trying to get a pin, which can be rather difficult in oil as quite often your opponent can simply slide out from under your grasp, we had a couple of bouts and Jon was a great opponent, , and had a brilliant chat afterwards , lots of fun



croydonscot is recommended by kingj

I met with Gary (croydonscot ) for the first time yesterday.. It was also a first experience grappling in oil in a pool setting..The whole experience was thoroughly exciting and enjoyable, I would recommend a meet with Gary if you enjoy wrestling naked and in oil. Gary is very hospitable and a great guy. I hope I will get the chance to repeat the experience in the future..



kingj is recommended by Docklands Bear

Had an excellent headscissor session with King J who as already stated in recommendations is a scissor expert ! Lots of groaning !
A must to meet for all headscissor fans.



Docklands Bear is recommended by kingj

Had a really great meet with Docklands Bear in Southampton. A real feast of headscissors and face pins. Still feeling the after effects! Great host and great company. Hope we will meet again soon.



kingj is recommended by chub

Super meeting .. We were able to grapple and maximum use of our strengths ..
Some good scissors action and pins.
Friendly and pleasant person to know. Very good and appreciated him having a long trip from West London to The New Forest.
In the second meet I travelled to Kingston for my first away match on this site. Great host and we were able to both use our skills in sane leg locks , scissors, saddling , bear hugs etc. Recommended and if you haven't been, Kingston is also well worth a visit. Look forward to our next meet and pleased that we are now good friends.



chub is recommended by kingj

i met with Chub and his friend for the first time this week. Arrangements were easy to establish and he was most welcoming, We quickly related to each other and I was made to feel very comfortable in his home. .
Ground rules were established so that there would be no personal injuries and safe use could be made of the space available.
Chub has a great repertoire of wrestling moves and has strong upper body and powerful thighs. I suffered in the power of his thighs many times during our wrestle..
Most of all,. he ensured that our meet was enjoyable for all three of us..
I would have no hesitation in recommending a safe and sane wrestle with Chub and hope we will meet again very soon.l

i met with Chub for a second time and had an equally good time. He certainly knows his wrestling holds and is safe and sane in their execution. Great company and we hope to meet again in the New Year.

Thanks David for making the trip to Kingston.



kingj is recommended by Glasgow Crusher

Met & wrestled this charming guy & had a great give n take wrestling bout. We both had a slow sweaty submission bout applying holds & testing each other's endurance.
This guy is a lot tougher than he makes out!, be warned as he's no push over!.
Loved the holds we tried out, the sweaty body contact, competitive edge & verbal.
A really easy going & pleasant guy with great wrestling holds, I'm looking forward to meeting & wrestling this agile opponent again soon. He's tough!, didn't submit to my killer scissors which makes even the toughest wrestler submit.



Glasgow Crusher is recommended by kingj

I met James for the first time this week while he was staying in Brighton. What an amazing guy! I was able to bond with him from the moment we met. The perfect host.
I had been nervous about meeting him as i knew he would be a strong and skilful wrestling opponent. However, he was absolutely true to what he says in his profile and was happy to adapt to my level, We had a great grapple for around three hours. exchanging holds and with great body contact, quickly working up a healthy and sensuous sweat.
I cannot recommend James highly enough and can't wait to hook up with him again despite the geographical distance between us..



kingj is recommended by crabladder

31/03/2016 - Jon made the long journey to the Midlands and we had a very enjoyable wrestle. Evenly matched so was a perfect opponent for me. Also finished with an oil wrestle.
Off the mats a very pleasant and interesting guy. Highly recommended.



crabladder is recommended by kingj

Met with Derek on the last day of March 2016 and what a great day that was! He is the perfect host and I felt I could relate to him on many levels from the outset.. He has a great set up for wrestling, and had.a wrestling dvd playing to create a good atmosphere. Lots of great give and take with an oil wrestle to complete the afternoon. Where did time go? Hope this will have been the first of many meets and cannot recommend him highly enough.



kingj is recommended by alane

Top man on time nice to chat with very fit , well worth a meetup ,



alane is recommended by kingj

A very friendly. reliable host. Our meeting was short and hope it will be longer another time. Alane is a fit guy who loves his boxing/ grappling. Perfectly safe. Thoroughly recommend a meet with him. .



kingj is recommended by Warkscub

Had the pleasure of hosting Jon for an evening of fun wrestling and great company. As a wrestler, he's skilled and has some great moves while being totally safe and sane. He's also gives a fantastic massage which really relaxes and helps unwind. He's a genuine, friendly, fun guy on and off the mats who I would totally recommend and hope to meet again soon for a rematch!



Warkscub is recommended by kingj

Met up with Neil for the first time and hope it will be the first of many meets. He is a great guy with a great sense of humour and great company.

He really enjoys his wrestling, with a good. repertoire of moves and holds Completely safe and sane throughout making it a fun and very enjoyable experience.Lots of give and take.

Can only endorse what others have said before me with strong recommendation.




kingj is recommended by figure4u

Was a pleasure to meet J. Good company and had an excellent rollaround. Strong defence and highly recommend for a safe grapple.



figure4u is recommended by kingj

Met with Ade while he was staying in London. A really great guy and great company. He wreslled for top and was in control from the word go. Completely safe and respectful of limits. Great close contact holds and well-suited to his wrestling name. Hope we will keep in contact.



kingj is recommended by Rick Royal

Had the great pleasure of meeting , and , wrestling Jon this weekend.
We had been setting up the bout for nearly 3 months or so , and , it was well worth the visit to London.
Jon is a fantastic host , and , made me very welcome.
As for the wrestling bout - it - was a great 2 hours of pro style give and take....I even had to submit to a lethal head scissors..
Kingj is a genuinely nice guy - and - I will be back for a second bout for certain...



Rick Royal is recommended by kingj

Met Paul yesterday, having exchanged messages and pics for sometime.Although the space for wrestling was limited we had a great afternoon. Paul is strong and skilled and could lift and control me with ease! I cannot recommend such a great guy and wrestler strongly enough and hope he will want to meet again.



kingj is recommended by Essexsubguy

A very good opponent and eventually got me to submit twice



kingj is recommended by duel action

Met John last Friday. had a superb afternoon and lots of give and take. He's a good wrestler and we seem to have been about equal.
Also John is a superb host and really nice guy on and off the mats.
Hope we can meet up again soon



duel action is recommended by kingj

Had a really good wrestling afternoon with Robert last week. We both like the same kind of grappling with lots of give and take and long holds. Robert has very strong arms!
I would strongly recommend Robert as someone who is totally reliable. completely safe and ensures that both have a really good and enjoyable workout. I hope we can meet again soon.



kingj is recommended by danwrestle

I met Jon at his place had only a small area to wresle but was cool with me had a gentle wrestle with him lots of scissor holds on me which is one of his favored moves.Jon is a pleasant guy on and off the mat



danwrestle is recommended by kingj

I met Danny for the first time last week and had a good time with him despite the limited space I am able to offer.Dan is an easy-going guy on and off the mats, looks great in his speedos and is perfectly safe and respectful. He is a great guy to wrestle and hope to meet him again soon.



kingj is recommended by DavidBUK1

Had a good long first session with Jon. He is strong on the mats but easy going and very sociable off them. Looking forward to another meeting.



DavidBUK1 is recommended by kingj

I met David yesterday for the first time. He is a great host and we had a good long workout. Would certainly recommend him for safe wrestling fun and i hope it will be the first of many meets.



kingj is recommended by south coast

I finally got to meet jon today and what a delightful man he is. Upon arriving he had refreshments ready and the area was ready to go. We got on well having a chat finding out about each other before wrestling. We had a lot of fun rolling around although lighter than me he more than held his own and his headscissors seems to be his favourite hold and he is very strong to go with it. I would definitely recommend him to anyone on this site. I hope to meet him again in near future as we got on so well.



south coast is recommended by kingj

I met south coast for the first time today and it was so worth the wait. He is so easy to relate to and we had a great, safe, give=and=take grapple for more than an hour. A thoroughly enjoyable time with a great guy and hope to meet him again soon. The strongest of recommendations.



kingj is recommended by itsaslave

I have wrestled Jon once; he had everything ready for us to wrestle; met me on time; was hospitable and good fun and, yes, his speciality is headscissors. Just a pity we didn't have longer this time.



itsaslave is recommended by kingj

I met Adam for the first time and had a thoroughly enjoyable grapple with him.He has really strong legs! Unfortunately our meeting was all too short and i hope we can meet again soon for a longer time. Adam is reliable, completely safe and good company. I strongly recommend him.



kingj is recommended by LdnGrapple

I had a friendly, safe, tough match with KingJ recently - he is keen to learn more from other guys.
I hope to meet up again and I am happy to recommend.



LdnGrapple is recommended by kingj

I met with Simon yesterday and had a really good time. An exceptionally nice guy who made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Simon is a strong and skillful wrestler who was more than generous and patient in teaching me a number of moves and stances. I hope I can meet with him again soon.



kingj is recommended by dadwrestle

Met this wrestler for the first time last Saturday! He's agile, safe and fun, on and off the mats! Looking forward to a rematch!