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Trained in judo for 5 years a while back but have been getting my feet wet again through the site. Always up for a challenge if you are nearby.

If it matters I have more photos on instagram @immuno_ed



  1. United Kingdom, Glasgow
    (I'm here from 2/01/2019)
    New home
  2. USA - California, San Francisco
    (I'm here between 12/19/2017 and 1/31/2019)
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Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian

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Judo Judo

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judokasf is recommended by tryingthis1995

Judokasf easily beat me multiple times, but it was a lot of fun wrestling him and chatting with him after. He's super strong and a very nice person (when he doesn't have you in a chokehold).



judokasf is recommended by Azalku

This match was short but sweet, Judokasf is a beast and I thought I had no chance of getting any submissions. Luckily our match was only semi-competitive and he was distracted and caught off guard at times, he tapped in my headscissors multiple times and was forced to feel the power of my muscles.
Watch out for his bear hug!



judokasf is recommended by baywrestler

Ass kicked thoroughly (mine!), but a great experience. Strong AF, intelligent, skilled, great personality... and not afraid to go for it. My ego was salvaged by the one submission I got on this excellent fighter. But sign me up for a rematch anytime. Highly recommended.



judokasf is recommended by GroundFite

This guy is the total package: strong, smart, sexy, funny, athletic, cool and he has great instincts on the mat. Don't be fooled when he says he's not skilled, fighting him is like trying to surf in a hurricane. He's a grade A beast who is amazing both on and off the mats and the best match that I've had in a long, long time. I cannot wait for round 2.



judokasf is recommended by brick

This guy took me down hard and fast, repeatedly. I had no chance. VERY strong guy, and great technique to boot. His core is like a brick house. May God be with you should meet this man on the mats!



brick is recommended by judokasf

Brick is even bigger than his photos suggest and was a lot of fun to roll with. He's got skills along with his size so be prepared to work hard. Off the mat he's also a great guy. Definitely worth a match.



judokasf is recommended by gregorw

Super strong and very skilled. I would totally recommend to meet him if you can. He obviously kicked my ass as I'm not trained in hi jitsu he he.

He is also a very nice guy outside the mats.



judokasf is recommended by The Darknight

Excellent fun meetup with this guy



judokasf is recommended by diegoba1908

We finally managed to meet with judokasf. He is super strong and knows the secrets of wrestling. He knows what he is doing, always ahead of what's coming. Super friendly and willing to teach some of his moves.
One tip: be ready to leave your pride aside as you will tap several times!
Bonus: a very sexy guy with an amazing body



diegoba1908 is recommended by judokasf

Had a fun match with diegoba. He's not hugely experienced but is strong and aggressive as well as being eager to learn new tricks. Definitely someone to watch out for



judokasf is recommended by Antton64

We have been talking for monthes and I don't hide that it was the match I expected most during my Californian trip.... and I had a blast!
First, this guy is a stud, handsome and with pure muscle body (= pure strength).
On the mat, he is a bull, tough, competitive, really really strong (don't expect to move his arms or legs) and is obviously judo skilled.
Even if it was a very competitive sweaty match, it was really fun with good vibes.
Off the match, such a "British" gentleman, great guy.
For sure, I d love a 2nd match with him and don't miss the chance to meet him if you go to San Francisco (but be prepared for a brawl)



Antton64 is recommended by judokasf

Not only is Antton64 very skilled and strong but he is also a great guy who turns the aggression on when you hit the mats. He gave me an incredible (and very sweaty) match. I enjoyed his company, before, during and after the match. I have also enjoyed keeping in contact with him since.

This is one guy who you should definitely make the effort to meet if he happens to be nearby - it will assuredly be worth your time; I thoroughly recommend him to anyone



Fletcheruk is recommended by judokasf

Fletcher is a strong and aggressive opponent and he was a great guy on and off the mat. We had a great match and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a challenge.



judokasf is recommended by slimlondon4

Was easy to arrange a match & a nice guy to meet. A tough but fun opponent, he's got lots of moves to beat you with. Well worth meeting up if he's in your area.



slimlondon4 is recommended by judokasf

I had a great match with this guy. Although he lacks experience at the moment he is scrappy and has a great attitude. He fought hard the entire time and was a great guy; I would thoroughly recommend him.



judokasf is recommended by toro

(Previous recommendation deleted somehow...).
Had an awesome match with this stud. He's very skilled, tough, rough, incredibly resilient, and a great sport! Built like a rock, with legs that are thick and super strong. Off the mats, he's a gentleman and a good guy all around. My highest recommendation!



judokasf is recommended by normstorm

Had. A good roll. Has a good amount of skill. Traded some knowledge and tapouts. Ran through some judo, gi grappling, and no gi. When we got done my nipples didn't bleed as much as I thought that they would.



judokasf is recommended by tap out tyler

Had a match with him, and he is a blast to wrestle! He is tough, experienced, and a lot of fun to hang out with. He's able to adapt to other guys' expertise levels, which was great. And he's a great teacher too! I learned a lot, and am definitely looking for that rematch.



judokasf is recommended by matthias

We wrestled for about an hour when I was visiting his city. Judokasf is a friendly, reliable guy, easy to match up with, and fun and safe on the mat. He's very fit so the matches are interesting. I strongly recommend meeting him and hope we can have a rematch sometime!



judokasf is recommended by Wrestling Angel

Had a great match with Judoman. He is ripped strong with legs the size of Atlas. His rugby skills and Judo past makes him a great fighter. If you are in SF and really into wrestling, he is a great guy to meet. We rolled for a while and had a great conversation after.



judokasf is recommended by Lugi

It was really great and fun to wrestle with judokasf, reliable, strong, easygoing. I enjoy the fact that we have some common skills and techniques that made the match so interesting. Nice guy off the mats, he is the whole package. Assuredly recommended.



Lugi is recommended by judokasf

Lugi was great to wrestle with, strong technique, athletic and a great guy. Hopefully will manage another match sometime in the future!



judokasf is recommended by armmusclesuk

Today did a 3 team tag team with judokasf
And alex wrestler .amazing strengh from judokasf and amazing shape and muscles on this guy like a Greek god .great match alex is super strong had my work cut today but was not half as
Strong as alex and judo today but gave my all super match really remend this guy great fun nice super guy and was on time the perfect wrestle



armmusclesuk is recommended by judokasf

Armmusclesuk is a great scrappy guy. We had a great match, with a light yet competitive atmosphere; highly recommended.



judokasf is recommended by Guirj

Judokasf has the skills and the strenght to put on a very tough fight, his phisyque is impressive and masculine, we had a long fight with plenty of sweat holds and lot of fun!



Guirj is recommended by judokasf

Guirj is a strong and competitive fighter and a very nice guy to boot. I'd happily recommend him.



judokasf is recommended by subfight

One of the coolest guys You can find around this site. Very easy going (not on the mat, though :) ) and chatty so it was great, great fun to have him around. It was like I know him for a long time joking and teasing around, and that is exactly what I mostly enjoy about meeting people here. We did a 3 way match which was great. Smart and with Amazing body and impressive formidable legs,...that You might like a lot until You get trapped between them :)). His judo skills might have been a bit rusty as he claims but still helped him a lot. Highly recomended and if You have a chance do yourself a favour and meet him. Hope he is to stay longer on the site.



subfight is recommended by judokasf

Pirgos is a knowledgeable, competitive and strong opponent. At the same time he is funny and kept the atmosphere light. He was a great opponent I would highly recommend to anyone.



ferligan is recommended by judokasf

Ferligan was a great guy to scrap with; highly energetic, strong and competitive while also still being fun and relaxed. I would highly recommend scrapping with him if you have the chance.



alexxwrestler is recommended by judokasf

We had a couple of fun and challenging matches. He is friendly but also very competitive. Highly recommended.


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