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Central Ohio wrestler into give & take sub for fun in speedos and barefoot.



  1. USA - Ohio, columbus
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I am willing to travel 75 kilometers


Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Gear: Speedos/trunks, mask and barefoot.

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jtwrestle is recommended by Wrastle4fun

Wrestled JT years ago and got a chance to grapple with him again tonight. Awesome pro fantasy give and take match. JT applies an intense grueling leg scissor that I finally had to submit to after a long struggle. JT is a solid handsome fun wrestler who is also a great guy off the mats as well..look forward to our next match!



Wrastle4fun is recommended by jtwrestle

Wrastle4fun was a blast to wrestle. He is stronger than he look and is intense. His sleeper body scissor is his signature move. It was a fun promission match.



jtwrestle is recommended by Wrestle4Fun

JT and I had been chatting a while and finally got the chance meet while he was in town. When I saw this beefy built stud in gear I knew i was gonna get a run for my money. He’s skilled and strong which made for an amazing match, slow sub give and take with some really fun torture thrown in, and some back and forth heel jobber action as well. He was a great guest, fun and personable off the mats. I hope we get to meet up again. πŸ‘πŸΌ



Wrestle4Fun is recommended by jtwrestle

Wreslte4fun is 6'2" of rugged handsome muscle. His pic does not do him justice.
The third time was a charm, as I had traveling issues the first 2. We had a great slow paced/promisson muscle match. Really smart, friendly guy off the mats. He also have a great setup with mats. I would definitely meet up again.



jtwrestle is recommended by ohjobr56

super nice guy , laid back , did some pro fantasy with him for the first time, had a blast, even got the big man to submit once, we had tried to connect over the years, timing is everything, very glad i got to meet and wrestle him.



ohjobr56 is recommended by jtwrestle

Had a blast ohjobr56 and he's not all jobber. The match went back and forth. We went at it for a couple of hours and had a workout.
I would definitely recommend him.



jtwrestle is recommended by ScissorMeFLA

Although time was tight, JT was more than accommodating and had a great 45 minutes of being trapped underneath this slab of beef and between his thick legs. Only regret is I wish I had more time as we could've gone on much longer. Really nice sexy guy and hope to wrestle again soon.



ScissorMeFLA is recommended by jtwrestle

What a great workout and fun match with ScissorMeFLA. He was tuff and take a lot of punishment. Would definitely wrestle again.



KCwrestle is recommended by jtwrestle

Had a blast wrestling KC. We wrestled for hours. Great set up too.



jtwrestle is recommended by CJ1966

JT was the first guy I ever wrestled way back in 2007. Have had a few matches with this awesome opponent since then. Great guy willing to take it slower but can really apply the holds Solid in shape and overall great guy on and off mats.



CJ1966 is recommended by jtwrestle

Had a great time wrestling CJ a while back. Tall guy in great shape. It was a dun match.



jtwrestle is recommended by john el

Very nice man off mats.
On mats.. He's what you want - strong, knowledgeable, patient, safe.
Very powerful legs, and knows how to work scissors! And kinda makes ya not want to come out of them soon!
Knows other upper body, full body hold as well.

Paces a match as well for a nice give and take.

Def would meet and wrestle again, hope you make it out here again soon, JT! :)



john el is recommended by jtwrestle

John is a great guy to meet and wrestle. He is strong and in great shape. His pic does not do him justice. Would definitely wrestle again.



jtwrestle is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Strong and skilled wrestler.



jtwrestle is recommended by SBWrestler

Actually fell in love with this Man !...

What is there not to love! ....He is a perfect specimen for the picture perfect masculine wrestler. ..Look at him! ...What a Hunk of Handsome. What a mountain of muscle. JT can wrestle any style. He can wrestle mild to wild. On the mats, he is one strong bull that will challenge you and take you to your limits.

Off the mats, he is the sweetest guy and makes the best companion. JT is a Man's man. ...He will be forever a part of me as I changed my initials to his. ...What can I say besides that I am hopeless romantic!

Do not miss the opportunity to wrestle JT!



SBWrestler is recommended by jtwrestle

I wrestled SBWrestler in Chicago a few years back. Had a blast. He's in great shape, fun to wrestle, accommodates kill level and style. I would recommend him highly. Quality guy.



jtwrestle is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Had the pleasure to meet with jtwrestle. A strong bodybuilder and very nice guy. Had a fun match and hope to meet again. Highly recommend



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by jtwrestle

I had the pleasure of wrestling Hairywrestler Midwest and had a blast.
He has great wrestlers build, beefy muscular. He's quite skilled and will accommodate in style. His pics do not do him justice. Great guy off the mat.
Hope to have a rematch. I would highly recommended him.



jtwrestle is recommended by prostylejobber

JT was an awesome opponent. He was very accommodating, very good at executing moves, and it was obvious that he had a lot of experience. Great guy and had a great time! Definitely recommend him for a match!



prostylejobber is recommended by jtwrestle

Prostylejobber was a blast to wrestle. Really a natural at pro. He's a nice guy and great build. I would definitely recommend him.



jtwrestle is recommended by ac64

Finally got a chance to meet and wrestle jt. What a power house. A true gentleman on and off the mats. Was a fantastic host, and toned it down for a novice like me. Taught me a few moves and made our encounter a great one. I highly recommend this great guy for any match.



ac64 is recommended by jtwrestle

The match with AC64 was well worth the trip. He has some skill and strength.
Lots of good holds and sweat. Really nice guy off the mats.



jtwrestle is recommended by Brown Bomber

This was a wrestler I have been wanting to meet for quite a while and it was not a disappointment at all. JT is a fun match who can roll was or as hard as you want.....Fortune for me I took the middle ground. Still got beat but held my own it was fun and hope we can rumble again one day



Brown Bomber is recommended by jtwrestle

I really had a good time wrestling the Brown Bomber. Don't let that jobber act fool you, he's a strong guy. We had a great workout. I think a wrestler from St Louis (Grizz) sent him to take me down, but it did not work out that way.



jtwrestle is recommended by ironranger

JT was the perfect cure for a lousy week: a good give and take match with a thickly built, strong, tireless, safe and sane, fun wrestler. And when he donned his mask, well, it was a little menacing in a "up the ante" sort of way. It was an evening well spent and one I'd like to repeat.



ironranger is recommended by jtwrestle

Wow. What a great workout. Ironranger is strong,in great shape and tuff on the mats. I would definitely wrestle him again. Nice guy off the mats too.



jtwrestle is recommended by carolina wrestler

It is always a pleasure to wrestle JT. We had a great match with each testing our strength and exchanging multiple holds. He is a great friiend.



Matt titan is recommended by jtwrestle

Had a blast with titan. Great shape and great fun.



jtwrestle is recommended by iowawrestler

Wrestling with JT was an awesome experience. He is a super nice guy! Lots of back and forth. Highly recommend!



iowawrestler is recommended by jtwrestle

Had a great match. He's a strong guy. Would definitely wrestle again.



jtwrestle is recommended by Wrestletowrestle

Great guy enthusiastic and a lot of fun to wrestle!



Wrestletowrestle is recommended by jtwrestle

Had a blast



jtwrestle is recommended by guysports

What can I say that anyone who knows this guy hasnt already said. JT
is a great guy...and awesome wrestler and teacher. I was lucky and fortunate
enough to meet him early on when I began wrestling. He will always
be one of my favorites



jtwrestle is recommended by Want2fight

When I lived in Columbus I would wrestle JT often. He always has been a fun guy to wrestle. Very kind, not necessarily too intense and always always willing to wrestle. He was going to start BJJ with me but we had to move out of state :-(