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hello: getting back into it, started today - just into hot, sweaty fun - learning and practicing basic submission (no strikes); "tap" means "stop"; maybe get pointers, or practice drills, or practice/repeat moves; i have some experience, but i always need more tutoring, more practice. I prefer to meet someplace first, see what we share, go over rules, see how we connect; not into broken noses, nor broken fingers
Play safe, play smart, and have fun everybody



  1. USA - New York, New York City
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I am willing to travel 15 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 192 lbs (87 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Gear: singlets, squarecuts, jock, shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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jpho227 is recommended by Bigboy5604

Good guy in good shape



jpho227 is recommended by WrslMscl

Yeah, I've known Jorge for a few years now and I value that friendship/rivalry a lot. He has always been a powerhouse and his super-muscular chest and arms are second to none, but now he has added major skill to it; his technique has improved tremendously within the last year. I am almost scared to imagine what it will be like to wrestle him in a few months... But it only motivates me. Kudos to Jorge and his coach, Luis! Also, a highly intelligent and well-read guy off the mats. Getting together always a challenge and a pleasure on many levels.



WrslMscl is recommended by jpho227

very experienced guy, has lots more technique than most - knows his stuff, likes to have fun and can go along with your limits (i have lots of limits) - we have met up at least 4 times over the past few years, and someday i hope to get to his technical level; if we had a better mat space - it'd be great to do some drills/practice to learn some of his things. Very nice guy off the mats, and can talk about all sorts of things.



jpho227 is recommended by JUDOMARS

This guy is an HERCULE from New York, ouhaou.... we met and wrestled hard, as both we love this way of grappling. His arms are crazyness, he is one of the most strongest I met here... I think our muscled bodies loved rolling and sharing sweat. we roll until a mutual bloody injuried (little) make us stop. BUT I still have a GREAT memory of him, and you cannot imagine how FUN is this guy, with so lot of humour... you can trust him, but next time I wanna be in a better fit and SUBMIT him each round... well, I can dream...
see you Soon buddy!



JUDOMARS is recommended by jpho227

G is very good, very well trained - made me tap out too many times, he is very flexible as to style, and also makes adjustments in his attack that slowly close down your options; i hope next time we are in a better mat space and that i get to make him tap more;
try to visit him



jpho227 is recommended by DenverWrestler

I've had the privilege of wrestling around 170 guys from this site, and a dozen or so of those matches stand out because my opponent was 1) skilled, 2) very strong, 3) very well-built, 4) reliable, 5) in great shape, and 6) a good guy on and off the mat. Jpho is all those things and mor. He's incredibly strong, great balance and body control, smart, funny, awesome body, and a very very very nice guy. As someone else said about him here, he's the one guy everyone coming to NYC should try to meet. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the chance for a quality match with him.



jpho227 is recommended by MasscGoodGuy

This man is a built powerhouse who is as good looking as he is muscled. With me being smaller and less skilled than him, he made it a tough workout and great experience. He is smart, strong and knows his stuff. Wrestle him if you get an opportunity.



MasscGoodGuy is recommended by jpho227

very eager, spry, fast, energetic novice, willing to try the few things I knew how to pass on; good guy w/good energy



jpho227 is recommended by builtbod

Enjoyed getting to know this guy prior to wrestling him...made it more than comfortable when we got together on the mat...handsome guy...very strong...knows his stuff...learned a lot from him...had the best time getting extra sweaty and tangling with doubt one of my best experiences ever...will get on a mat with him again and again in a heartbeat



builtbod is recommended by jpho227

he's a good guy - eager to learn, wrestle,
not worried abt the learning curve
and lets me try holds, practice stuff, drills, and was also willing to try new things, see how they work;
very energetic - good energy with an upbeat attitude - good workout



jpho227 is recommended by Rough Edge

as strong as he looks and even more buetifull in real life.
We had a great macth and cant wait to lock up again !!! Great guy !!!!!!!!!



Rough Edge is recommended by jpho227

this guy is great: very low key, smoking hot, built, lots of fun - the downside is he doesn't get to NY enough;
if you get to LA make time, make a plan and meet him - you will get a great workout, you will sweat, and you will have an amazing time.



jpho227 is recommended by musclejudo

he is very powerful, strong, explosive, ambitious and a real muscle-mountain - we had a great time matching up in new york



musclejudo is recommended by jpho227

this guy really knows his stuff
keeps it loose and breezy
he doesnt get tired out
will wear you down, get you exhausted -
knows where he is even flying thru the air
and worse - knows where you are at all times
a great instructor, and does it for fun



jpho227 is recommended by the123champ

I've been wanting to take this guy on for years! I don't wrestle just anyone: First, it has to be someone I think is a super cool guy, someone I consider a friend. Second, has to be someone who'll make me work for my lunch money! >;o) IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!! Not only is he a super cool guy, he's probably the strongest guy, pound-for-pound, I've EVER wrestled! He adapts and learns so quick! He was countering everything I threw at him... and I threw everything AND the kitchen sink at him! One of the best matches I've had in years!!! It's been nearly a week... AND I'M STILL SORE!! I sooooooooo hope there's a re-match in our future!! Thanks bud, YOU ROCK!!



the123champ is recommended by jpho227

great guy - i'm not really a regular hs/collegiate type wrestler - he knows his shit - i spent most of the time on defense - trying to remember stuff form many many moons ago. he's easy going, not complicated, and once we were done, we were done - i recommend, he does his cardio - so he keeps going n going



jpho227 is recommended by Wrestlg

Had A Fun bit of Training with this BIGger guy. Wants to Learn & Fun to Roll with! Looking forward to more grappling with This guy!



jpho227 is recommended by raslinjock

Everything this guy says about himself is an understatement. He is everything his profile claims and more. He's strong and tough, with basic skills, and the smarts to know how to immediately apply new skills as he learns them. Nicest guy too. Can't wait for a rematch, and testing out if he's gotten stronger and more skilled as he's threatened to do.



raslinjock is recommended by jpho227

this guy knows his stuff - is STRONG, very nice, normal, and level headed; a big help to anybody that wants to learn some, get a lesson or two or three - just don't think the lessons will come free.