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Just a young collage kid trying to get buff and have some fun along the way.



  1. USA - Texas, El Paso
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I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


Age: 21-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 130 lbs (59 kg)

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josesalizer is recommended by commandertc

I was so honored to be his first match on the site. Finally another aggressive solid guy form el paso. I should get a award from this site because I just helped a tiger in the shadows come I=onto the mats. He is strong, aggressive, has some serious skill that just needs to be practiced and knock the rust off. I am so happy and pleased that he will be one of my training buddies as we have all kinds of matches to make him into a beast of a heel! I fear I may have awaken a beast,..... lol.... It will not take long for him to get his revenge for the thrashing he got today and I cant wait to be on the receiving end of his own crushing frog splashes and other moves, I am going to give him all the tools he wants to take down guys twice his size... wrestlers and fighters ... you have been warned.... you challenge this sweet guy be ready for a fight, sweaty , maybe erotic..... but amazing workout.

Off the mats he is a sweet heart and a gentlemen, which is a difficult combination to find in todays younger generation. A true gem and I hope a very long wrestling buddy and friend. He is welcome on my mats anytime he wants. If you want to challenge him , you can even use my mats. thank you Jose for making my return from deployment so awesome ... Many more matches to have and I cant wait buddy.



commandertc is recommended by josesalizer

He was my first opponent and it was a great experience. Back inhigh schoool i was the king of my weight class but having discovered the world of underground wrestling ive realized that theres alot to learn and this man has offered to turn a jobber into a heel. Cant wait for what comes next.