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I don't respond to "challenges", just send me a message.
I can’t host.
Don't call me daddy.

I don’t have a lot of experience, a few matches here and there.
My first “intro” to this was sort of face sitting, squashing, the sensual domination type stuff. On both sides.

In a non-competitive match I’m ok with either role, but what predetermines my interest is usually size – if you are smaller, clearly weaker I’d tend to feel the heel, if you are the reverse. It’s a sort of primal – the stronger dominates the weaker. And yes, I know other things – skill, training exp etc more determine a match, but remember in this situation it’s not a true match.

At this point of my life, I’m not going for all out competitive (whatever the style) but something a little controlled, mainly as various responsibilities preclude injuries. I do not mind competing, lets just please be careful.

I consider “erotic” to include sex, i.e. someone cums. I consider a sensual match to have sexual tones such as clothed tea bagging, face sitting, crotch grabbing etc.

I can be ok with either, but more likely not erotic on a first time (not that it hasn’t happened).
Also if it does happen I will not put that in a rec, but just the wrestle and personality aspects.

Be upfront what you want, as will I, and we can discuss and go from there and of course again in the “heat of battle” such thing often change.

I do come from a BDSM background, I tend to be a primal, empathic player with a sadistic (sometime masochistic) edge, so I may beat you up but I also will hug, you and make sure you are ok.

If “BDSM” scares you, might want to read about it, there is a lot of convergence in grappling/wrestling and other play. If you do the “heel/jobber” thing you are essentially engaging in BDSM.

I am pansexual - gender is not an issue for me.
If it "goes there" I am poly, have a g/f that is my submissive.



  1. USA - California, Santa Clarita
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  2. USA - California, Pasadena
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I am willing to travel 15 miles


Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 6'5" (196 cm), 262 lbs (119 kg)

Gear: shorts, briefs, thong etc I am open

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john el is recommended by Swenrique

So they say that when the mountain won’t come to you, you go to the mountain! Well at least that’s what it felt like when John El opened the door!! What an absolute pleasure it was the look Eye 2 Eye with this massive dude! I mean the guys got shoulders that cover the state of California and is just strong as all hell! And I would know, very few guys can match me in that capacity and John El is right up there with them! I mean I challenge this guy to benchpress me, and he actually got out a couple of reps, holy crap! That was the first time that has ever been done to me, and I got to confess it was awesome! Not to mention that John is just an outstanding fun individual. So next time you feel like you want to climb a mountain, remember his name, because I can guarantee you personally, you will not be disappointed! 😉



Swenrique is recommended by john el

Been chatting for a bit trying to get together.
Had a job which required me to get a room, so we set up a match.

I walked into the room, sat on the bed, and sunk to china.. Ok, won't be much of a match in here.

As others have mentioned Swen is very engaging, charming and a very nice man to chat with.

We opted for a not terribly competitive match, for myself having to work the next day I didn't want to strain something, or be strained, small hotel etc.

We had a great time with matching our strength, lifting each other, squashing each other.
We were both enjoying being able to let go with each other, where another might be uncomfortably "squashed" we both found the weight pleasant.
I was very impressed he was able to curl me.
He assured me he would be able to 1 arm curl me as well, and I was going to try curling him.
By the time we got to that I think we had been in "chill out" mode, where when you wrestle/struggle after awhile and you relax, chatting and don't really want to go back to struggling, so we have something to do at our next engagement.
One thing I did want out of the match, as given we are close in size and build is to test my strength against his. I think I 'beat him" in maybe 1 or 2 minor points but overall I would give him the edge.
Def want another match, with maybe a little more tossing each other around. The squishy bed made that a little nervous.

Highly recommend and I look forward to either wrestling again, or have a tea and chat.
Oh, almost forgot. Very sexy voice. I'm not into the verbal "sparring" so much but if he did that I suspect it would be awesome for you all that like that.



john el is recommended by sfscissorjobber

From the moment John came to my hotel, I knew I was in for a fun squash job. He is massive!

I held my own in taking all of the punishment he doled out, but he spent ~90 minutes using that giant frame to crush and squeeze me hard.

Despite my punishment, he was a nice and respectful guy who was constantly checking to make sure I was okay and enjoying myself. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for their giant man to give them a good squeeze.



sfscissorjobber is recommended by john el

In town(ish) for work it was a bit of an LA drive to get to but well worth it.
Easy to setup match, gracious host.
Pretty much a squash match, as one might expect from someone 260 vs 160. He is kinda tough, he's got a solid frame that takes a good squeeze.

Nice "energy" through the match, and understands that primal aspect. Good communication so I didn't feel I was going to damage him. ;)

As others have said, intelligent off the "mats", nice company.
Good humor, we had a good laugh at my popping knee joints as they were squeezing him.



john el is recommended by SBWrestler

When this giant showed up at the door, I knew that I was going to have my work cut out for me. Originally, John was supposed to be my tag team partner and I knew that we would dominate and destroy our opponents. The other tag team partners were SO scared that they did not even bother to call and decided to NO SHOW....TheDream Team had become my worst nightmare....Now I would need to face this giant and wrestle him myself....Like David and Goliath, I was able to win the first match... After a rest period. John clearly dominated the second match....Weboth decided that we would save the third match for another day. It was very late and we both had survived a grueling work week.

John is the kindest and nicest man off of the mats or in our case , the king sized mattress at Midnight Madness at the Motel 6....We discussed the down side of flakes and fakes on this website. Yet. we were thankful that we had formed a friendship and are planning our next meeting for Round 3.



SBWrestler is recommended by john el

SBWrestler wrestler contacted me to be part of a group to wrestle in a hotel, to which I agreed.
Always right up on communication, when I texted him he'd respond right away. We hung and chatted for a bit, he's chill and nice to hang with.
Also passionate about wrestling, he had actually spend some time trying to set this up and sadly the rest of the group were no shows, and we had dithered waiting for them so only had a cpl rounds, and it had been a long week.

Hardwood floor we had to wrestle on the bed, to which he got me on my back quickly and couldn't get him off safely, we mutual tapped due to both being winded.
Pretty much same 2nd match, except I was on top.
He's quick and stronger then 1 might guess.
We both had crap for stamina this night.
Also in speaking to him, if someone's never wrestled, he very into mentoring.
Also no pressure to do anything beyond wrestle. Man liked to wrestle.
Give him a go you'll have a good time.



ht1014 is recommended by john el

Had a nice match with ht1014.
Met in hotel, he's clean, personable.
Match went well he took some good "abuse", felt comfortable that he'd tap out when things were too much.
Very nice looking, and good sensual (not sexual) "energy" in some close contact body pins.
A nice weight for some lift/carry, though sadly a hard work week left me with not alot of energy to do that as much as I wanted.

Def would enjoy another go.



john el is recommended by Smgs6

Had a great time with this gent.
Dont let his pics fool you . He is bigger in person. ;)
Good convos ... some good scissors...
Overall awesome time. Cant wait to meet again and try some more things out.
Definitely would recommend to anyone



Smgs6 is recommended by john el

Smgs6 hosted us at his hotel, charming and gracious host.
Very nice guy, enjoyed quite a bit of chatting.

Also enjoy quite a few scissors in various spots.
Took it well.
Recommend highly.



belgiumman96 is recommended by john el

Shared a hotel for the match. He's there on time and good communication.
We were both a bit shy, but chatted a bit an got to it. Nice guy.
Nice looking clean, well mannered.
It wasn't a competitive match so will not comment on that.
Did took a good facesit, and scissor.

Def would love to explore again, maybe go a bit further.



john el is recommended by jjboi

Had fun with this (mostly) gentle giant. He looks way bigger in person than in his pics which was crazy. A bit of an off day for us both but we had a few good bouts and good conversation and laughs in between. Had a great time even though it was probably one of the lazier matches in the history of wrestling and much of it was talking about tacos.

Great guy who I'd def recommend matching up with. Looking forward to round 2!



jjboi is recommended by john el

Had an enjoyable time talking to jjboi. In between some slow mo wrestling. :) Aha
So we met - he's a very gracious host. But we were both out of sorts, low energy so we were a little lazier then typical.

But we both came out competitive, and had some good match time and he's a lot of fun to wrestle. and very nice to chat and hang with.

Def strong for his weight. Well any weight, nicely built.
Highly recommended and hope to have another go.



john el is recommended by WrestleJ

He's built like a tank! Solid, strong, thick, huge arms, and strong legs. But at the end of the day, he's a gentle giant. He is one of the nicest guys I have met. I did get a pin in on round 1, but after that, he used his size and strength to throw me off of him and break himself from my moves. Watch out for those arms! We had great conversation after the match as well. I can't wait for the next match.



WrestleJ is recommended by john el

In town on business, JJ invited me up for a match.
Charming and gracious host. Clean and nice looking.
As others have said he's a jobber but he doesn't just take it, in fact I started slow and ended up tapping.
Fun to wrestle easy going, we did a little stand up, I felt safe that his situational awareness was good enough that any pushes were directed toward the bed.
Very safety and minded of his opponents well being.
We did a little give and take, as others mentioned strong leg scissor. Didnt get an immediate tap, but kept some long assed pressure I finally could take and tapped.
Highly recommend JobberJ! and I hope to see him next time he is in town!



john el is recommended by want2wrestle

This is one big, strong, good-looking man, who definitely knows how to use his size and power to his advantage. He is competitive, but still manages to make the match a lot of fun - a great combination. If you get the chance, do not miss wrestling this massive, reliable, giant of a man. He is not only a great wrestler, but an all around fantastic guy as well! Highly recommend!



want2wrestle is recommended by john el

Had a very fun match with want2wrestle.

He's welcoming and hospitable, nice to chat with outside of wrestling.
Wrestling wise, he's strong brings his match level up (or down! lol) to your level.
In great shape, strong competitive.

All in all a good match and looking forward to more when he comes into town again!



john el is recommended by NightWolf

Such a big friendly Giant. When I first walk in the room I was thinking I made a mistake with the size difference. But he was just as shy as I was if not shyer but we started with a few holds and after that we began to just wrestle and the shyness we both had just melted. Very nice and accommodating fellow. Be sure to walk out for those arms and his headlocks very strong but safe fellow makes sure to not injure his opponents but puts up a great fight. Highly recommend had a great time buddy.



NightWolf is recommended by john el

As he mentioned, we're both shy, so we had a few moments staring at each other, giggling. Yeah we both giggled like schoolkids, screw you lol..

But it didn't take long, Nightwolf is very easy going, adaptable. Soon we were swapping holds, and having fun. Then into a more competitive set.

Easy going he is, but he's a strong competitive fellow! While I'm new at this, I've had a coupe matches where my size and strength were overpowering. Not him. I could not relax a second, and he had my head locked up painfully.

But again very fun, sometimes silly. (As was I, if you can't laugh at shit, including yourself IMO you're doing life wrong)

Very enjoy to talk with out of the wrestling side as well.
Def would love to match up again should I find myself up that way again.



john el is recommended by jtwrestle

John is a great guy to meet and wrestle. He is strong and in great shape. His pic does not do him justice. Would definitely wrestle again.



jtwrestle is recommended by john el

Very nice man off mats.
On mats.. He's what you want - strong, knowledgeable, patient, safe.
Very powerful legs, and knows how to work scissors! And kinda makes ya not want to come out of them soon!
Knows other upper body, full body hold as well.

Paces a match as well for a nice give and take.

Def would meet and wrestle again, hope you make it out here again soon, JT! :)



john el is recommended by jeffc

Awesome guy. In very good shape. Very strong and muscular. We had a lot of fun and he completely destroyed me. Highly recommended.



jeffc is recommended by john el

Had a good time, very engaging and relaxing.

Nice after match chat too.