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Happy New Year to all! Have a fun and safe New Years Eve. Hoping to wrestle a lot of you in the new year — new and old opponents :). Lots of good health and wrestling to everyone in 2018

Break is over...back on the mat!
Easy going, friendly guy. Looking for fun, competitive, sub, promission, freestyle, pro with real impact. Enjoy competitive, but I'm not crazy combative. Can be jobber or heel if that's what you like, but have a preference for just going at it. Also enjoy the challenge on taking bigger guys.

Love working up a sweat, wrestling til exhaustion and long held holds for control more than just going for quick tapouts/subs.

Travel to NYC every few months for a quick weekend.
Snap, Skype and WhatsApp for chatting outside of here.

Favorites are guys I hope to cross path with and wrestle sometime – and want to wrestle me :).

Happy Wrestling,



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Folkstyle, Arm wrestling, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Fetishes: Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Gut punching, Nipple play, Muscle worship


  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
  2. USA - Virginia, Arlington
  3. USA - New York, New York
    Visit every few months
  4. USA - Florida, Miami (I'm here between 2/16/2018 and 2/20/2018)
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 44-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 146 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: Spanish

Gear: Singlets, squarecut speedos, speedos, compression shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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joewrestler is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Stron and fun to wrestle against! We have had three matches, most recently in November 2017. This man will make you break a sweat in a wrestling match!



joewrestler is recommended by dantiandf

It was very fun to wrestle with Joe! We warmed up kind of freestyling for a while, then he took time out to show me some holds, which were fun to practice. He's strong and flexible and has very tough pecs and abs, which I learned from punching them over and over ...! I'd enjoy working up another sweat with him anytime. And he's great just to hang out with.



dantiandf is recommended by joewrestler

Had and excellent struggle for control with this strong guy! Really enjoy trading gut and pec punches with him – I think he got more punches in :).
He moves fast and knows how to toss you around on the mat – he goes for the pin and can keep you down. We worked up a sweat very quickly. And to top it off, he is a great guy to hang out with. Looking forward to round two and three and four



joewrestler is recommended by bowolverine

Joe is one of the most fun wrestlers and it was the most exhausting wrestling matches I had in DC .
Great wrestler strong fast and very shilled.
We wrestled for almost 2 hours . It was an amazing back-and-forth . He's on and off the wrestling mats an awesome guy very respectfull and a safe flight. I'm looking forward to wrestle him again in the near future. I highly recommend Joe !!!!



bowolverine is recommended by joewrestler

Bo is an awesome guy! What can I say that hasn't been said already....strong, handsome, fun, sweet, good soul, all around great stud. We had a great time wrestling. Bo easily outmuscle me, but I manage to survive. Bo made sure that we were both having fun and he knows how to adjust to an opponent so things remain active and not just one sided. Can't wait for a rematch.



joewrestler is recommended by lovethesqueeze

Very strong very feisty very fast... a genuine opponent who will try to defeat you and very well might even if you have a big size advantage...and a good guy..try him if you dare.



joewrestler is recommended by Mainewrsl

Joe is strong, fast, and tenacious. He really puts you through your paces to get a submission, and he just keeps coming back for more. And he is a terrific guy off the mats as much as he is on them. Meet him if you can!



Mainewrsl is recommended by joewrestler

Mainewrsl is a great guy, fun and very enthusiastic about wrestling. We habd a great match up – with plenty of pins, holds – good struggle for control. Aside from being exhausted from traveling in from overseas and a full day work conference, Mainewrls still met with me and made sure I had a good time. Great guy on and off the mats – I'm sure we will be having more matches.



joewrestler is recommended by Chg 24

A fun even match! Lots of back and forth! Tho I think I might have had a bit more control...Very flexible and tough guy. Would do it again.



Chg 24 is recommended by joewrestler

This guy is great – my kind of wrestler! Hoping we get a lot more matches in our future. Don't be fool by his easy going, nice guy disposition – he is in it to win it. Strong legs and super tight grip. We had a good back and forth, with lots of struggle for control. Glad we finally met. And I need a rematch to gained back control ;)



joewrestler is recommended by wrestlecj

Had a great match trading holds back and forth. Sincere and genuine guy. I had as much fun on as off the mats. Highly recommend!



wrestlecj is recommended by joewrestler

Had a fantastic match up with this super sweet man. We wrestle for control for quite a while – not sure who came on top, but we both came out as winners. Don't let his sweet disposition fool you, he will work you hard and knows how to do so. Looking forward to our next match up.



joewrestler is recommended by DominationDC

Joewrestler has a ton of energy and is one fine slab of lean muscle. Despite our sizable difference in size, he was relentless in his efforts to get an upperhand.

He's a great guy. Lots of fun. Good energy.



joewrestler is recommended by toro

Wrestling this guy was great!
He is very compact and muscular, with explosive energy and a good amount of fun aggression on the mat. He is quite creative with his escapes and attacks, and definitely makes you work for it. Super flexible and resilient. Also a handsome and sweet guy off the mats, and a lot of pleasure to be around. Highly recommend.



toro is recommended by joewrestler

Toro is a fitting name for this guy – he is a bull indeed. A very sweet and charming guy on and off the mats. Excellent host that will work you hard. Had a great time with this guy. Hoping to meet him again – maybe next time I'll get something on him :).



joewrestler is recommended by fitspeedo

We had a great time rolling around. A tough and fun session with another wrestler, tagging in and out. Joe is pretty agile and flexible and can apply some really great submission holds. And he's a super guy to be around. Looking forward to the next match.



fitspeedo is recommended by joewrestler

Don't be fool by this handsome, good manners, nice guy, – he does know how to turn up the punishment in a match. Super fit, great guy. Very fun – on and off the mats. We had a fun back and forth match up. Rematch to come soon :).



joewrestler is recommended by nycjock72

Joe and I have had several epic matches over the years. He's a great guy and a very tough, strong wrestler!



nycjock72 is recommended by joewrestler

This guy will take you to the mat and make you sweat! Wicked grip. Tough and strong. Fun and challenging. We've had some great battles, and more to come :)



joewrestler is recommended by sleepermuscle

Great guy, fun on and off the mats. I would definitely lock up with this stud again!



sleepermuscle is recommended by joewrestler

Sweet, strong, and tough all rolled up into this charming man – great guy on and off the mats. This stud dishes it out and take its – be ready to feel his power when he gets you with his arms and legs. Can't wait to meet again!



joewrestler is recommended by Bxwrestler

I've wrestled Joe in the past and hope to wrestle again in the future. He is smaller than me but always proved to be a very tough and challenging opponent. Strong, skilled and tenacious, he doesn't give up easily. A great guy and a tough wrestler!



Bxwrestler is recommended by joewrestler

Bxwrestler is a great wrestler and good guy on and off the mats– skilled, strong, fun with no ego. Don't let his mild demeanor fool you, he will work you VERY HARD...and you will enjoy it very much. He always pushed me to compete and have fun. He remains one of my favorites.



joewrestler is recommended by chicagopiledriver

Even though this guy is much smaller than me, he agreed to wrestle me and we had a blast when I lived in NYC. Good match, strong man. Very nice guy as well.



joewrestler is recommended by zz9zza

Tough grappler who was unconcerned about a big size difference, very impressed.



zz9zza is recommended by joewrestler

What a wonderful gentleman – awesome wrestler! Great on and off the mats. This man is coming to a town near you – you better wrestle him :)



joewrestler is recommended by dc wrestle

Deceptively strong for his size, Jose combines sinewy muscles, stamina, and skill to be a formidable opponent. He is also an excellent host and terrific guy off the mats. Highly recommend.



joewrestler is recommended by NYleanmuscle

tough fighter....our matches were mini sweaty marathons....great guy off the mat...very dependable and a must to wrestle over and over again!



NYleanmuscle is recommended by joewrestler

NYleanmuscle was one of my first regular wrestling buds in NYC. Our matches were super long, super sweaty and very fun. He is a must meet in NYC or if he is visiting your town – don't pass on him. Aside from being very handsome, he is very skilled with a great strong built. He will work you hard on the mats, but you will enjoy it.



joewrestler is recommended by njmuscguy1

great guy fun to wrestle and fun to hang out with ! def look him up if your in dc looking forward to our next match



njmuscguy1 is recommended by joewrestler

njmuscguy1 is the real deal – strong, skilled, fun, safe and sane, no attitude. He has a real enthusiasm for wrestling that is very contagious. You'll work hard and have a blast at the same time with him – don't pass on him. We'll be wrestling regularly :).



joewrestler is recommended by Broc

What a firecracker this guy is. Strong, fast and skilled. A really nice guy to hang out with but who has a real intensity on the mat. Really glad we finally met up.



Broc is recommended by joewrestler

Glad I met up with Broc! Excellent guy. Tough and fun wrestler. He really knows when to turn it up and when to ease up on the holds. We bounced off each other back and forth - I love matches with good ebb and flow. Don't get distracted by this charming, handsome man, you'll end up in one of his tight holds.



joewrestler is recommended by Wrestling Angel

Had the honor of wrestling him while I was in DC. He is a gentle soul in a ferocious body, never underestimate him!



Wrestling Angel is recommended by joewrestler

Wrestling Angel is the perfect combination of a tough and fun competitive match up. This guy will make you work for it and you will enjoy your time with him on and off the mats. Strong and solid guy.



joewrestler is recommended by Mark uk

Wrestled Joe a couple of times now. I always say to guys I don't underestimate any opponent regardless of size and this guy one of those reasons why. Great wrestler and fast. About to adapt to each other well and ensure the match was tough and a blast. An absolutely gentlemen and pleasure to be with as well. Top guy for a top match.



Mark uk is recommended by joewrestler

Be sure to meet with Mark if he comes your way! Great guy, great attitude, no ego – all about a good workout for both. Fun, fit, and friendly, you won't be disappointed.


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Syrwrestler gets his revenge on me with a slow punishing arm lock

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Wrestling video with a good wrestling bud a few years ago.

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