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Looking more to get worked over by a guy in gear. Like wrestling shoes or tactical style boots. Don't get me wrong, if you want competitive, I can do that too.



  1. USA - Florida, St Petersburg
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  2. USA - Georgia, Valdosta
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  3. USA - Florida, Tallahassee
    (I'm here between 11/22/2018 and 11/23/2018)
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (163 cm), 128 lbs (58 kg)

Gear: shorts, shoes/boots

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No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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BEEFBOY31 is recommended by jnet8m

Don't let this guy talk himself down and fool you because he trained so many years ago, he is still very capable of kicking some ass. Lots of muscle to throw into the game too. Had a lot of fun and would easily meet again if I get back to his area.



jnet8m is recommended by DrWrestle

Great time with this wrestler who has an interesting and unique style preference. I look forward to meeting up again!



DrWrestle is recommended by jnet8m

Great guy in and off the mats. Willing to Taylor the match to your level and style. Can go as rough or light as you want. Definitely looking to meet up again when I’m in the area.



jnet8m is recommended by WB2915

jnet8m is an excellently skilled wrestler with arms and legs that pack some serious power. Although he is smaller than me by a lot his skill and strength more than made up for that. We had a really fun match, and he could clearly wrestle as competitively or not as the best of them. Outstanding host, overall great person to be around and able to take more punishment and pain than I thought was humanly possible! Highly, highly recommend!!



WB2915 is recommended by jnet8m

Great guy to meet and wrestle. He can definitely take a lot of abuse and dish it out too. Would meet again anytime I make it up his way.



jnet8m is recommended by synxiec

Met up with this guy while he was in the area. If you missed him, ya done goofed.

My general caution around wrestlers shorter than I served me well. This guy takes BJJ classes and that was more than clear in every movement. Lucky for me, I managed to catch him off-guard with some well-timed attacks between humor. After two hours of testing our skills against each other with some rougher battling, we spent the last half an hour or so just having a bit of fun back and forth.

2.5 hours wasn't enough time, but we're working men so there's that. Whenever he comes back this way, I'll be happy to beat him up a little more. :)



synxiec is recommended by jnet8m

Great guy that doesn’t get scared by small, fast guys. Makes you feel relaxed then takes advantage of your calmness lol. Really nice and willing to make it an enjoyable experience for both parties. Would definitely wrestle again if I get up his way.



jnet8m is recommended by BoxWresNwFL

We've been talking for several months and were finally able to meet. Great jobber and competent wrestler, watch out or he'll have you tapping as well. Would definitely wrestle again.



BoxWresNwFL is recommended by jnet8m

If you love painful holds, this guy is for you. He will drum it down too if you can't take it. Had a great time and would do it again.



jnet8m is recommended by Beazer18

We had a great match. Definitely a guy that can take a lot of power moves, especially piledrivers and dropkicks! He also has a good tolerance for pain, especially when it comes to sub moves. Will definitely plan to meet up again when I'm back in Florida.



Beazer18 is recommended by jnet8m

Very safe and well versed in a ton of pro and sub moves. Enjoyed every minute of our match except when it had to end. He's more than willing to tune the match to your expectations. Looking forward to meeting again in the future, hopefully soon.



jnet8m is recommended by AME757

The match with this dude was totally worth the trip. Got some jobber/heel action and little submission wrestling. He can take a beating but don't let him fool you. He can give that beating right back to you and his submission game is on point. Genuinely good guy on and off the mat. Learned a lot from him and will gladly take him on again.



AME757 is recommended by jnet8m

Met this guy for a mixed sub and pro match. Very capable and loved the back and forth. He also makes a great heel and willing to dish out as much abuse as you want to take. Will definitely wrestle again.



jnet8m is recommended by sbr

Had a good enjoyable match...He is very capable with great technique in a variety of different holds/moves and has good upper body strength...had quite a hand grip and can methodically escape certain holds...looking forward to another match soon



FistFighter1978 is recommended by jnet8m

Great guy who will work with you to make it something that will make both of you happy.



jnet8m is recommended by robrslr

Don't let this guys size fool,you. I have wrestled him many times and I,always have to be,on my guard one, false move on my part and he will have me tapping out. Always a great match.



robrslr is recommended by jnet8m

Met Rob on several occasions for some good grappling times



jnet8m is recommended by kevin patrick

Really tough little dude. Great fun for sure. Up front with what he wanted in a match. Love to have another match.



kevin patrick is recommended by jnet8m

Great guy and well known. Everything discussed before match so it was perfect. Happy to meet again.