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Beefy, hairy guy looking to get into some fantasy pro style matches... can be jobber or heel. Can get into squash matches. ..jobber vs heel, rookie vs villian, 2 on 1. Any age, any size. Only into safe, sane roleplay with pile drivers, torture racks, backbreakers, bodyslams and more. Or, just a bearhug match. Can go erotic if the chemistry is right. All safe sane fun, not out to injure or be injured. Centered, sane and respectful. Can host or travel for a match. Always willing to act out your fantasy match.

Also get into bear hugging, give and take, fantasy wrestling, horseplay, muscle worship, squash scenes, lift and carry, and massage. Gee, I guess I am a guy with many interests.

Novice level but game to make the match great for both of us.

Located in Lake County, IL near Six Flags.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - almost every sunday



  1. USA - Illinois, Gurnee
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Wisconsin, Milwaukee
    In milwaukee every sunday
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 239 lbs (108 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts and socks

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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jimmack is recommended by NYwrestlerman

Jim is a pretty great guy to wrestle around with. We went at it for some time and I'll say he really has a knack for lifting and tossing smaller guys like me around. Loves being a big heel and knows how too. Definitely looking for another round with this guy!



NYwrestlerman is recommended by jimmack

Great match! Great guy! I can't wait for our next match. It was quite a long session and he took everything I could dish out. This guy gives a killer bear hug. The perfect jobber boy.



Genoajoe is recommended by jimmack

Wow! This guy is incredibly strong. Bone crushing bear hugs. Killer leg scissors. He will be in total control of you. Lots of wrestling moves. I look forward to another match.



jimmack is recommended by Sky joe

Anyone wanting a fantastic session need look no further then Jim. I wrestled him and had the best time. He was strong and friendly and a great heel. Very eager to try new things and just great guy to hang out with. I’d totally wrestle him any and many time more.
Fantastic experience I’m still sore.



Sky joe is recommended by jimmack

Wow! This guy is built solid as a rock. Great pecs and guns. Very strong wrestler. Fun personality. Killer, and I mean, killer bear hugs. He brought output my trample and squash skills.

If you get the chance, meet up with this guy. FIVE STARS!!!



jimmack is recommended by Swenrique

Great fun, Great enjoyment, Great to wrestle with with a knack for smack talking. Jimmack and I have rolled a couple of times over the years and each time just serves to remind me of what a fun loving dude this man is! If you are looking to et loose and just have fun on the mats Jimmack is the guy to know! Looking forward to our next "Champion Match" session bud!!



Swenrique is recommended by jimmack

One great guy.
Incredible strength.
Incredible build.
Big guns.
And handsome too.

Safe, sane wrestling buddy. Watch out for his powerful legs they can squeeze the life out of you. Same for his killer bear hugs. I can't say enough about this big, powerful man. Don't miss an opportunity to wrestle this guy.