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Former Midwesterner in the Bay Area. I've been grappling for a few years now, and love a friendly brawl. Working on putting on weight, getting stronger and improving technique.

Looking for aggressive, sweaty, safe submission matches with like-minded wrestlers.



  1. USA - California, San Francisco
    (I'm here from 11/24/2016)
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

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jdn3832 is recommended by bowolverine

Ok lest start with the most obvious.
He is a strong sexy fighting Machine !!
Im so happy I got to wrestle / bjj fight with him plus we a few hard body punches . He is freaking strong and his bjj style is amazing. He is a true warrior in his heart and fights to win. Yes he kick my ass a couple times. But it was so much fun !!!! We had a couple hours of sparing wrestling fighting and we exchanged few rounds of good hard punches pulse he has a great setup to fight. A sportsman and gentleman. He is fun on and of the mats and great guy all around. It was so cool of him to show me around in SF and we had a great time Folsom street fair.
I can’t wait to fight him again and I’ll make sure it happen in a very near future again. If you are in his area make sure to fight him I guarantee you an amazing time and a great fight. He is by far my favorite fighter and pass the opponent .
I highly recommend him he’s deafly one of the best



bowolverine is recommended by jdn3832

Man, where to start?

Bo is a sexy beast of a man. Strong, aggressive, a tough guy exterior who's also one of the nicest people on and off the mats. We had an intense few hours of sparring and body blows, until we were both sweaty, exhausted, sore and bruised. The perfect way to spend a Folsom weekend afternoon. Can't wait to do it again!

If you get the chance to wrestle with Bo, don't pass it up!



jdn3832 is recommended by nyjock 24

first, one of the easiest, quickest meets which i appreciated – within an hour we were going at it.

jdn is exactly what i appreciate in an opponent, skilled, tough, and competitive. when he was in control he definitely let me know it, and he lands strong, powerful body strikes. super rough (which i like) but totally safe. im definitely sore and bruised today.

very much looking forward to a rematch with this great fighter



nyjock 24 is recommended by jdn3832

Had a great matchup with nyjock. Tough, strong, handsome, super competitive. He's a tough talker who'll back it up when he's sitting on top of your chest or punching you with a body blow (which we had agreed to). All in good fun, of course.

Looking forward to our next roll!



jdn3832 is recommended by quam amoena

What an outstanding human being. Very easy to communicate with, kept his word and came ready and on time. Very handsome and skilled grappler with impressive hooks and great ground control. We went lighter due to my knee but each pushed the intensity to a reasonable degree. Lots of eb and flow with control. Look forward to continuing this new friendship.



quam amoena is recommended by jdn3832

I met Andy somewhat last minute on my trip back to Chicago, and I have to say that he's definitely a blast to wrestle with! Meeting was super easy, and he's a friendly, hospitable host. He's also crazy strong (especially with his scissors), and skilled on the mats. We tossed each other around back and forth, and had a couple of rolls before he showed me some new moves. Great conversationalist as well!



jdn3832 is recommended by jobberjayse

This is one formidable and hot-as-hell young wrestler. Who sure knew how to get the best of a coach, and show him that age has nothing to do with the ability to beat down another equally able and athletic man. If you have to submit your self (and your "daddy" muscles) to the beating of a skilled jock son - take this built buck's challenge. You wont be sorry, but your body will be !



jobberjayse is recommended by jdn3832

Jayse is one tough dude! Supremely fit, hot, aggressive, and able to take one hell of a rough beating. Had a blast pinning him down, submitting him and showing him who's in control!



jdn3832 is recommended by evenmatch

Wow! What an amazingly fun 3 hours sparring with Jdn. (I say spar, Jdn called it 'kicking my ass.') Technically skilled, very safe, supremely fun. Sparring doesn't get much better than this.



evenmatch is recommended by jdn3832

Had a total blast sparring with evenmatch! The guy is handsome, fit, strong, tough as hell, and an all around great guy for some serious competitive grappling. Can't wait to get back on the mats with him!



jdn3832 is recommended by tap out tyler

Really fun guy, excellent skills, and does a great job adapting to his opponents interest and skill levels. Had a great time with him and am looking forward to the next match!



jdn3832 is recommended by sfbeef

This man really takes control on the mats. I've seen him wear out guys who are 50 pounds heavier. I've managed to hold him off a few times (just barely) but he got me in a tight RNC in a tag match with Ricksf and I tapped out fast. I'm looking forward to more battles with him at SF Grapplers and elsewhere.



sfbeef is recommended by jdn3832

Amazingly fun guy to wrestle! SFBeef is aggressive, tough, skilled and controlled. We've rolled together a bunch of times at SF Grapplers and it's always a blast. Great wrestler on the mats, and a nice guy off.



jdn3832 is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

Jdn is a very good Wrestler !
He has much more technic that it has been said here until now
Very good and powerful : it has been difficult for me to get any submission
A very intense and enjoyable match
Don t hesitate if you come to SF even if he is very difficult to meet due to a very monopolizing work
Very lovely off the mat : looking forward a next meet here or in paris



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by jdn3832

Had a great time wresting this with guy. We both had some BJJ training so it was fun to work on some technical matches that were controlled, safe, and still rough and tumble. Looking forward to rolling again!



jdn3832 is recommended by Kyle Braun

Super tough. Supremely skilled. This guy is a powerhouse. Don't let his size fool you.

I've wrestled him several times now and I keep coming back for more. He's just a great guy and a fantastic wrestler. Going to keep wrestling him as often as I can because I learn something new every time.

To your advantage: he's a sweet guy. He'll try not to hurt you. 😜



Kyle Braun is recommended by jdn3832

I've wrestled with Kyle a couple of times and I have to say that's it's always been a blast. He's tough, strong, good endurance, and an overall fun dude to roll with. Doesn't hurt that he's also a nice guy off the mats as well. Highly recommend anyone roll with him if you get the chance.



jdn3832 is recommended by matthias

This is a great guy: We met for a couple of rounds when I was visiting his city. He is reliable and uncomplicated to meet, on the mat strong, fit, and technical. He is trained and knows what he is doing. We had fun. I really really recommend this guy and want to meet him again!



matthias is recommended by jdn3832

A really fun guy to wrestle with. We were both pretty evenly matched and had some fun competitive matches. Also a blast to hang with off the mats. Definitely recommend you roll with him if you get the chance!



jdn3832 is recommended by mattz4fun

Was really looking forward to tangle with this guy, and it was even better than I could have expected. Good game, legit skills, perfect balance of aggressive and fun. Looking forward to next round. Tough on the mats, but great to hang with off them. Can't ask for more.



mattz4fun is recommended by jdn3832

Had the pleasure of rolling with Mattz recently. He's a very skilled wrestler, super strong and tough, as well as a really nice guy on and off the mat. Worked on some techniques and spared competitively for a bit. Definitely look forward to rolling again!



jdn3832 is recommended by Ricksf

Great and Sexy guy to wrestle... Knows his way around the mat



Ricksf is recommended by jdn3832

Wrestled with RickSF a few times. He's skilled, very strong, a great guy. Definitely recommend rolling with him.