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Love wrestling and cock fights.. Cyber and phone fights also big fan of womens cat/sex/fights, safe and sane bloke just looking for a good battle. Love being the better man.... let's fight also my weight is 13.7st...



  1. United Kingdom, Bury Saint Edmunds
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Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 177 lbs (80 kg)

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itblue is recommended by rungymrun

Met itblue for good hard match. We had a great build up which he kindly hosted. He’s strong, built and scrappy. Our fight was pretty sweaty, and a lot tougher than I was expecting! Genuine bloke as well. Can’t wait for round 2!



itblue is recommended by dan9692

Update 02/04/2019- Round three actually happened a while ago....met up late one evening in our usual spot. Both came out fighting hard, but it became clear i wasnt gonna beat this beast....utterly humiliated me and made me gis bitch. Round 4 though was a different story!!! Met up, stripped down, oiled up and fought man to man and cock to cock for a good hour, good close fought battle, but we both know who has the suoerior cock!!!!!

Round 2 25/6/18- Met up again for another intense sweaty rumble outside, fortunately we had a sheet to wrestle on this time so there were less poky bits to worry about!! Once again proved to be a tough opponent, strong, determined and animalistic. Really enjoyed going man to man with this guy and i look forward to another rough and ready alpha male battle in the future!!!

Had a very short notice match with this gent today outside. He's strong, aggressive and a great animalistic guy to wrestle. Was only a short session we had, but it was intense, a good taster session in advance of hopefully a longer session. Next time hopefully we can fight indoors amd not worry about stinging nettles and bits of tree poking out of me haha. Can't wait for round 2, can tell its gonna be a rough and ready man to man battle!!



dan9692 is recommended by itblue

Meet Dan twice now and wow he's a giant of a man in stature and personality. Tough wrestler who has strength and skill to boot. Can't wait for round 3



Jagoan is recommended by itblue

4 Years I have been battling with this gladiator in some strange and tight places but that just adds fuel to the fire and the contest which after all theses years still has no clear winner. Jargon is awesome in all aspects of the fight game strong intense skilled and will fight dirty. You have to bring your A game when you fight this champion.



itblue is recommended by Dalebreak

Itblue...met him to wrestle today.
Can't recommend this guy highly enough.
Strong, with a good knowledge of holds, locks and pins. Great guy with a great personality. Looking forward to taking him on again.



Dalebreak is recommended by itblue

Great tussle with dalabreak. Good strong wrestler who has a killer head lock . Great guy



itblue is recommended by Peteuk

I met Simon today for a short match. He is a strong fit man and when he learns more moves he will be a formidable opponent. He is a very good scrapper.

Strongly recommended



Peteuk is recommended by itblue

Age is but a number and Pete is the prove of it . Half hour fight wasn't longer enough but was great to lock up with Pete has stammier and technic is fantastic but when you fight me your in a war and the war has only just started old man



itblue is recommended by fitznicely

Met itblue, nice guy strong and up for a good battle. Lean and fit.