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Great Lakes, IL

Current gym goal: Bigger, Meaner, Stronger, Leaner!

Down to earth guy who enjoys the physical contact of wrestling. I am willing to roll submission, pro, promission or whatever we agree on. Can't host 90% of the time but willing to work something out usually. Travel occasionally for work. Please don't be a fake/flake....

I prefer to take on a heel role but not opposed to job for the right person or whatever is agreed to. Love to show some power in the form of racks, camels, piledrivers, crabs, over the knee back breakers and much more. Well versed in moves depending on safety/set up. My leg strength is my main squeeze ;) Ask my previous opponents....

Not into Cyber



Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Promission, Pool wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel
Fetishes: Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Rip and strip


  1. USA - Illinois, North Chicago (I'm here from 1/25/2018)
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 34-year-old Gay Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Gear: Shorts, Underwear, Speedo, Jock, Compression

Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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e townwrestlr is recommended by islndboy84

There are two things you need to understand about E Townwrestlr. 1) He is not to be underestimated and 2) He has a wicked arm bar. We went several rounds between some submission and some promission and this dude can pack a punch. He is a ton of fun and easy to roll with. Very chill guy to chat with and safe on the mats as well. I made the mistake of thinking he would be a pushover opponent and I man enough to admit that I misjudged him. I will not be underestimating him round 2!



islndboy84 is recommended by chicagopiledriver

This man is strong and has some great holds including the rear naked choke which I have to admit he got a submission off of me with it. We rolled with a couple of wrestling buddies of mine for 3-4 hours and he fit right in. He's aggressive but plays safe. Looking forward to many matches with this guy.



chicagopiledriver is recommended by islndboy84

Great Guy and Gracious Host. Strong is an understatement! He also knows how to use some wicked holds to get the tap. Welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to some future friends and matches. His recommendations speak for themselves and I add my stamp of approval as well. Next time, I might get 2 taps out of him instead of 1…



islndboy84 is recommended by phoenix

This guy is a ton of fun! Had a really great time with him amd sleepermuscle. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard during a match. This was a lot of fun give and take action. He even coached me a bit on more fun ways to punish sleepermuscle. Definitely get together with this one if you have the chance.



phoenix is recommended by islndboy84

Phoenix is a great guy! Super easy to roll with and highly skilled in technical moves and pro wrestling. We got to experience a lot of give and take action as well as some three way match action with SleeperMuscle. He is a blast and do not miss out on a chance to roll with him!



islndboy84 is recommended by maineagle93

We've been talking for a while, but weren't able to make a match happen until recently through lack of space and schedules adjusting, and it was worth the wait!

Tough competitor, and a strong guy that was able to throw me around, but also enjoy some give and take. Started with sub style, moved into pro, but most of all, had some fun. Great attitude, friendly guy. Hope all the Chicago guys can keep him warm.



maineagle93 is recommended by islndboy84

A match 4+ years in the making, worth the wait! I am man enough to admit I underestimated him! Skilled in submission and technique and can really work you over but also able to roll in pro back and forth! Easy to chat with and get along with. I'll have to train hard and be more prepared for his skill next time!



islndboy84 is recommended by shawty333

FIRST MEET: (Early 2017)
Big Rich is a respectful and cool guy off the mats, and a strong yet sexy heel on he mats! There's a handful of heels that make my punishments enjoyable, and he's no exception! I still tried to fight back and got some licks in but he was just too strong! You guys really should try to wrestle with him if you can because it's worth it! ;)

SECOND MEET: (Late 2017)
I got to see one of my fav. heels two days in a row during the beginning days of my mega trip. I went to Norfolk VA first. He showed me a great time, whether he was stretching/squeezing me to bits, or showing me around. He's still too damn strong and knows what makes me tick! Can ever make him give in to me?



shawty333 is recommended by islndboy84

This is a little guy with BIG Heart. Don't let his short stature fool you. This is one tough guy and he is capable of taking loads of punishment as well as squirm his way out of holds and take some control. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get the upper hand and I had to teach him a few lessons and some manners. Very chill guy off the mats. Easy to talk to and very respectful. We are already making plans for our next battle and Im ready to dish it out anytime he is ready to take it!



islndboy84 is recommended by restlerva

Rich is a great guy on and off of the mats. He is tough and has a killer leg scissors. We went at it in sub and promission style matches. He won the majority today. I look forward to our next match.



restlerva is recommended by islndboy84

Had a blast with my gracious host WrestlerVA today. Sometimes the spur of the moment matches are the best and it was! We rolled submission for about 20 minutes pretty back and forth and then switched over to some pro/promission. He knows his stuff and "plays nice in the sandbox" so to speak with lots of great back and forth action. One of the better roll players I've met. Sadly, he kept calling me little boy, so I had to show him who was boss and make him suffer. Maybe next time I won't go so easy on him ;)



islndboy84 is recommended by Boxingruff

I had and awesome match with rich most definitely and he really had me going! He had strength on his side so thinking creatively was key when I went against him. He also makes you feel very welcomed and he is definitely no stranger when it comes to getting along with people and very well respects all limits. Would definitely recommend him to anyone and hope for another chance to meet again!



Boxingruff is recommended by islndboy84

Awesome guy and kept me on my toes. He is able to wiggle out of just about any hold so he kept me challenged the entire time. Willing to learn new holds and roll any style. Very respectful and fun!



ChiWrestler is recommended by islndboy84

Great guy. Easy to talk to and easy to roll with. Very strong and knows a lot of great punishing technical holds. Watch out for those strong legs of his!~



islndboy84 is recommended by rock20087

A deliverer of devastating wicked hold and body slams. Takes delight in making his opponents submit completely and unconditionally. Cool guy on the mats and off, look forward to a rematch soon.



rock20087 is recommended by islndboy84

Great guy! Kept me on my toes and even pulled off a few technical holds which kept me pinned. He's stronger than he lets on and very easy to roll with. Great guy off the mats too. Will be hitting him up for round 2!



islndboy84 is recommended by Prosubswrestler

Had a great wrestle with this fella. He is really good at subs and pro. Knows a lot of technical holds too. Made me tap a few times and I got him back a couple of times. Really lovely guy too. Roll on round 2.



Prosubswrestler is recommended by islndboy84

Awesome Guy! So glad I had the chance to meet up with him while he was state side. Very skilled and put up a good challenge and knows how to roll pro, submission, whatever you wanna throw at him. Down to earth and safe. Preparing for round 2!



islndboy84 is recommended by Jobber4943

Really fun guy to wrestle, and a great heel! Creative holds, with just the right amount of pressure, and very verbal. Nice guy to talk to outside of the match too!



Jobber4943 is recommended by islndboy84

Great guy! A heels dream opponent. Tougher than he looks and really tests his own limits to withstand holds before tapping out. If he comes to a city near you, hit him up and set up a match. You won't be disappointed!



islndboy84 is recommended by PopeyeN

He's a strong guy and easy to talk to. Respectful but competitive; I'd wrestle him again!



PopeyeN is recommended by islndboy84

Strong and skill with submission, Sadistic heel with pro. Great guy and well rounded. Not to be missed if you get the chance to wrestle him. Next time I'll know not to underestimate his abilities!



islndboy84 is recommended by lspowerhouse

This guy knows how to put on and use pro holds. Had a blast fig4. Rack. And I even bodyslams this stud. Rematch for sure Looks hot in gear. Wrestled for several hours putting on holds on each other. Sweaty match loved it



lspowerhouse is recommended by islndboy84

Great guy. Strong and skilled in wrestling.Kept me on my toes for several rounds of fun fill pro wrestling action. Next time I won't take it so easy on him!



islndboy84 is recommended by sleepermuscle

Definitely will hit this guy up again. Very strong guy! Versatile with pro styles and role playing. Don't miss a chance to roll with this one.



sleepermuscle is recommended by islndboy84

Sleepermuscle is such a great opponent. Strong and skilled in multiple submission moves. Wicked sleeperhold which he trapped me in several times. No nonsense. Does what he says and shows up when he says. Loves to talk trash and has the muscle to back it up! There will definitely be a re-match in our future.