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Fit friendly guy - still a novice but keen to learn.

Looking for fun sub wrestles, light boxing - body and gut punching, and someone to help improve my technique and skills.

Up for horny fun too if mutual.




  1. United Kingdom, Bushey
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Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedos, jocks, naked

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innerspace is recommended by readyforit

Met Innerspace at long last and the wait was well worth it. He is in amazing shape with an impressively strong, lean, defined and muscular body, and despite his protestations to being quite new to wrestling his stamina and instinctive ways of defending himself made him an exciting and hard to defeat opponent.
Go get this sexy, intelligent wrestler before he learns too much and becomes unbeatable.



readyforit is recommended by innerspace

Met Yves at the Barnet Mat Room this afternoon for a long overdue wrestle. What a great guy he is, polite, friendly, experienced, fit and sexy.
A very enjoyable, hot, sweaty and horny wrestle ensued with both of us having spells on top. In the end his experience came through as he got the all important taps from me. You won't hear me say this very often but it was a pleasure losing to the little man.
When we wrestle again I will have gained more knowledge and skills so Im going to make him work a whole lot harder for his taps. I will be also be looking to get a few myself - be warned.



innerspace is recommended by HardfightFfm

I met him Saturday 21st at Grove park after a longer chatting. As Jon came later I had the possibility to recover from the fight before. As I saw his muscled body it seemed to be clear who would dominate this match but what a surprise that I could hold again and at the end it was a up and down with more and more sweating bodies and no clear submission or dominance. Sad that we had to stop after he throw me from his back and my neck comes down bad and hurts like after my car accident two years ago. So we decided to made a rest and finish our match in hot horny erotic round which ended for both with big smiles. Thanks Jon
Hope to see this powerful man again. Highly recommended for all who wanted to be powered out.



HardfightFfm is recommended by innerspace

Met Saturday 21st at Grove Park. It took me twice as long as I expected to get there and the venue was hot and airless. Uwe and I chatted for a while and then got down to it. We seemed quite evenly matched and dominance went from one to the other as the heat wore us down quickly. It was difficult to get a good hold or a submission as our bodies were sweaty . Uve is a similar height and weight to me, both tall and lean. Without either really getting on top we had to stop when Uwe got a neck injury.
After a rest we enjoyed a bit of erotic fun to finish, and I left with a big smile on my face.
Thanks Uwe - hope to do more next time



innerspace is recommended by fitman

Not only is this guy very fit and sexy he is really strong. Although he had no real training he made me work hard and we had a fantastic match. We were on the same wavelength and I look forward to my next match with him...definitely worth meeting.



fitman is recommended by innerspace

Met fitman at the Barnet mat rooms on 19th July. I knew David was a very experienced and skilled wrestler but was I in for wrestling lesson. Im not trained at all so was only able to slow him down and stop him from getting more submissions because of my fitness, strength and determination.
David took time after to explain a few moves, both offensive and defensive which was really helpful.
Nice guy, thoroughly enjoyed the meet.



innerspace is recommended by FightNHB UK

I had been planning to meet Jon for some time and when we did finally get to meet it was well worth the wait. He has a fantastic body, slim, fit, nicely muscular and although the space in the room was limited we had a hugely enjoyable wrestling session. I am very much looking forward to meeting Jon again for a follow-up session.



FightNHB UK is recommended by innerspace

Met Peter in an Eastbourne hotel room. After chatting for some time we were both fired up for the meet. This slim, compact little guy has lots of energy and looks great in his gear - which definitely got my attention. We had limited space so we didnt go full on, but I enjoyed dominating him, pinning and playing with him.
Round 2 when you're up for it Peter.



Frankboy is recommended by innerspace

Met Frankboy today at my place and what a nice guy - friendly and easy to talk to.
He looked good in his gear - slim waist and light but had strength to resist most of my moves. Limited time and space for us to wrestle more energetically but enough for a quick horny roll around. Needless to say we both got very distracted - great fun.



innerspace is recommended by DenverWrestler

This guy will surprise the heck out of you. He's totally ripped, not an ounce of fat on him, and he isn't very heavy at all, so you'd think he wouldn't be strong at all. Quite the opposite, he has muscle and tendon strength to fend off and then control much bigger guys (like me!). In addition, he's reliable, friendly, interesting, and an all-round nice guy. Was easy to arrange a match with him, and he showed up as scheduled. He's one of the scrappiest lighter-weight guys I've wrestled, and I recommend him very highly. (And certainly want to wrestle him again and again!)



DenverWrestler is recommended by innerspace

Finally met Denver wrestler on Sat 24 March - w'eve been trying to get it on for a year or more so when he messaged me recently to say he was coming over I had to make myself available for him.
Allen is a big friendly guy, easy to talk to and is enormously experienced with 600 matches under his belt. Was I starting to feel a little inadequate - you bet.
However to my surprise we seemed quite even. I quickly got him in a headlock and went for an armbar, but he countered with some vice like holds - head scissors and a headlock - just to remind me of his immense experience and technical advantages. Allen has some great guns on him so it was a mix of pleasure and pain in the headlock - he even teased me that the sleeper could come at any second.
Wrestling with Allen was great fun and a good workout. You may have won the wrestling but I won the stakes buddy.



innerspace is recommended by chrislean

Was really good to meet this guy - fit and toned, strong and agile - lots of lovely close holds and then a glorious cock to finish with. Definitely on for plenty of rematches.



chrislean is recommended by innerspace

Chris visited me on 16th May. Big guy who looks great in his gear. We had an even tussle, some great pins and a lot of fun. Good to chat with after too. Looking forward to a second meet.



innerspace is recommended by Southcoast Guy

What A nice guy Jon is. we had been chatting online for a long time so at last i got the chance too meet him .
Drove up for a match he immediately made me very welcome.
Great guy to wrestle it was a very even and intense match which i very much enjoyed.Think it ended up as a draw.
Jon made Supper and Breakfast the next day, Great guy on and off the mats one you should try to meet if you can
Thoroughly Recommended & 100% Reliable
Ten out of Ten !!



Southcoast Guy is recommended by innerspace

Colin drove up to me from Dorset so was instantly impressed by his keenness and willingness to meet.
We chatted for quite a while beforehand (well Colin chatted and I Colin is easy to get on with and was great company the whole time.
Was a good even wrestle with no one on top, but I was only at half strength and flexibility due to a pulled muscle in my back.
Colin gave me a good massage after which helped loosen my back and rounded off our meet nicely.
Lovely guy, and I hope we stay in contact.



innerspace is recommended by Playfight64

Met with Jon yesterday. Jon is totally reliable, he is a strong guy and I'm glad I had weight advantage to equal it up. Recommend you to meet him. Great guy to talk to before and after match.



Playfight64 is recommended by innerspace

I hosted our meet and Steve travelled down from Grantham to Bushey just for the wrestle. Steve's a really friendly, personable guy and was easy to chat to. We had a tough battle with Steve's additional weight advantage and the power he generates from that against my strength and fitness. Steve edged it in the end with his pincer like scissor holds. Nearly squeezed the life out of me.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by innerspace

Met John in Basingstoke and what a great guy, friendly and welcoming off the mat and very experienced, skilled and knowledgeable on the mats. In fact I want him to be my mentor. I'm still raw and a bit tentative at times, but John was patient, took time to explain and demonstrate moves and then got me doing them - I couldn't ask for more.

I might be fit, but I'm aching a bit today - just the kind of workout I like. I doubt I'll ever be as good as you buddy but it'd be great to learn from you. See you again for lesson 2.



innerspace is not recommended by leanmuscles

  • Unreliable / no show



innerspace is recommended by northfighter

I met with Jon at his place and we had a long very enjoyable session. He is very friendly and easy-going. We didn't need a fixed plan at the beginning, but just let things happen that we both enjoyed and were happy with. We did sub wrestling, some body punching and some boxing with 16oz gloves (without serious punches to the head). Jon is extremely handsome, has a beautiful body and is very fit. He's also interesting to talk to. I strongly recommend him.



northfighter is recommended by innerspace

Met Jamie on Saturday 4 June and had a very enjoyable meet with a combination of wrestling, boxing and some gut punching.

Jamie is a very friendly guy and was willing to travel from Sheffield to my home on the edge of nw London. Top guy for that alone.

We have similar interests so it was easy to get on with Jamie. We had a good even match over several hours. It was a pleasure to meet him.



innerspace is recommended by matguy

Had an energetic bout with Jon. Not only is he quite strong and fit (nice upper body musculature), but also he find wrestling huge fun, and so it was too for me to lock up with him. I shared what I know with him so he can add that to this armoury: he'll give you a good run for your money. Highly recommended and I look forward to another match with him before too long.



matguy is recommended by innerspace

Was good to meet Paul on Friday in Southwark and had a very enjoyable wrestle with him.

It felt like we were well matched, and holds swung from one to the other throughout.

I am still very raw so Paul showed me some new moves and improvements to my technique. Paul is an experienced wrestler and has been on this site for several years so it was great for me to have the chance to wrestle him. Paul is a great guy on and off the mat, very friendly and considerate, and good to chat to after.

Looking forward to a second meeting next time he's in London.



innerspace is recommended by musclehorn

This fit friendly guy has the abs of steel u would all dream of.he could take a fair deal if punishment to them before you could weaken his defences...he is a lithe agile and very wirey but strong opponent whose relative leanness conceals some decent levels of power...we were matched in terms of height though I was probably about 1.5 stones heavier. .greater muscle size and weight differential together with greater experience told in the end as I was able to take Jon down and break through his defences..great guy to spend a bit of time with chatting too..of u are offered the chance test yourself. .this guys confidence will undoubtedly be on the rise which is just as it should be.



musclehorn is recommended by innerspace

Met Joe in Manchester and we had a chat beforehand. He's a friendly guy and easy to talk to. I tried to charm him to get him to like me so he would go easy on me.

But in the hotel room, stripped to his speedos he became serious and focused and I knew I was onto a hiding. It took all my strength to fend him off and limit the damage, he was like a charging bull, and just as powerful. His 2.5 stone weight advantage (yes 2.5 stone Joe), bigger muscles and wrestling knowledge made an instant impact as I was taken down and held time after time. Joe was very enthusiastic and probably doesn't know how powerful he really is. In fact I thought I was in danger of injury after one move. The only break I got from the punishment was when Joe got a bit breathless due to the oppressiveness of the confined room. I thought I might be able to exploit this using my fitness to my advantage, but I only got on top once for single pin, the rest of the time I was back on the receiving end.

It wasn't difficult for Joe to dominate me as the lighter, inexperienced guy so next time Joe - pick on someone your own size - lol

Joe says he is still a novice but he already has all the tools to go far on this site and I'm sure he will surprise quite a few people.



innerspace is recommended by alane

Meet Jon today very strong fit. Man , he is into wrestling ,and likes gutpunching,if he got some coaching he would make a v/ good boxer, nice man to chat to after, highly recommended .



alane is recommended by innerspace

Was good to meet Alane, never done any boxing before so Alane pitched it at my level. He brought a sack full of boxing gear, and it was good to slip on a pair of gloves for the first time. It was a great introduction to boxing for me - so thanks for that. We had a good body punching session and I let him have a go at gut punching me for a bit. I have strong abs but was surprised how well they held up - hit me harder next time mate!!

Alane was a good company after and we had a chat with a cuppa. Nice guy - well recommended.



innerspace is recommended by davyboy1964

met innerspace on 17-12-2015.and i must admit what a wonderful guy he his.although we are both novices we practised some moves and holds.given a few more bouts he will do really well against more formidable opponents.a great guy for a friendly wrestle.or in time a good wrestler.would highly recommending to anyone.and look forward to round 2



davyboy1964 is recommended by innerspace

Davy is a great guy, very friendly and helpful. As I have not wrestled before this was a good introduction for me. We are both novices so it was good to wrestle with someone of a similar standard. We had limited space but we were still able to practice some moves and pins on each other. For me it was really good to get my first match under my belt and Davy gave me confidence to go on to meet other guys on here.

Looking forward to meeting Davyboy1964 again for more of the same, nice guy and I thoroughly recommend him.