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Prefer Pro - but can do other styles. Hit me up if you would like a battle.



  1. USA - Utah, Salt Lake City
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Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

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cubby is recommended by indianawrestler

Had a terrific match with Cubby in January. That was our rematch from a couple of years earlier. As always - a great time and a terrific wrestler and person. I highly recommend him. One of my favorite opponents - and a friend.



indianawrestler is recommended by DCJobber

I highly recommend this MAN for pro wrestling fans. He is the ultimate pro wrestler. I hope our rematch is in a ring. But any chance you can get, ring or no ring, take it !!



indianawrestler is recommended by dallaswrestler162

Indianawrestler was a great host and very experienced wrestler. Very knowledgeable about pro style wrestling and I learned all kinds of new techniques and holds from this tank! Really nice guy too, total class act. Hope for another match in the future!



dallaswrestler162 is recommended by indianawrestler

Had a great time with Dallaswrestler162. Eager to learn and while having had more experience in submission, seemed to move to pro with relative ease (a lot more ease than some sub guys I know!). Super polite, well spoken guy too. Would recommend you try to get on his calendar if you are in the DFW area.



indianawrestler is recommended by SlimScrapper

Great match with this guy! Had a good pro fantasy style match and was an amazing time. Really gets into character and loves to dish it out. While he dishes out he does take the punishment quite well too. Very nice guy, kept good communication before his trip, follows through. Looking forward to the rematch!



SlimScrapper is recommended by indianawrestler

I had a delightful match with SlimScrapper. It was basically a pro match that went back and forth. His jobbing skills are exceptional as he sells really well. It was fun having him push back and is quite capable of offensive moves and this made for a well rounded, super fun match. Aside from the battle, he was very polite, on time, kept in touch leading up to the match - and made what would have been a dull business trip to Minneapolis a great time. I hope to get with him again for a rematch (sooner rather than later) - and more great fun with a skilled, personable guy. I am glad to have a new friend.



indianawrestler is recommended by Slater Jackson

One of my most bitter rivals on the pro circuit. Everytime we have rumbled it has been epic. In the ring and in pvt hotel matches, this pro guy knows his stuff and ain't afraid to use it. Creative and fun. Some of my best matches are with Indianawrestler. Look forward to the next one.



Slater Jackson is recommended by indianawrestler

You can call him jobber. You can call him Slater. You can call SPJ - just don't call him a novice or a wanna be. Slater Jackson is legit, and great fun in a match - ring, hotel, back alley, you name it - he brings it. The attitude, the moves, and the fun! Bring your "A" game - he deserves nothing less



indianawrestler is recommended by Hammer

Awesome pro wrestler! Great guy, knows his stuff and a lot of fun too!



indianawrestler is recommended by snoopy

Wrestled Indiana and once again, wish that we had a longer time together. The hours just flew by when I was with him. Just wish that I could wrestle with him on a regular basis. He's one in a million and because of that, he's a good and dear friend of mine. He's an excellent guy.



snoopy is recommended by indianawrestler

Snoopy is a fantastic, special person and a VERY good friend. A fun pro wrestler who can heel and face equally well. 5 out 5 stars for him!



indianawrestler is recommended by bobmiller

Indiana is fun to wrestle and knows some good moves. A nice guy off the mats too.



bobmiller is recommended by indianawrestler

Had a great time wrestling him when I was visiting Toronto. Super person off the mat as well. I would certainly recommend him to anyone!



indianawrestler is recommended by Delmir

A helluva lot of fun to wrestle, and a great friend on top of that! He's been really friendly to me... looking past what goes on in the ring of course!



Delmir is recommended by indianawrestler

Wrestled Delmir when I was visiting Montreal on business. He speaks of his inexperience, but we had a great pro match and I would recommend him to anyone for a match. The thing that made the experience even greater is that he is a super person and a real gentleman. I certainly look forward to a rematch on my next trip to Montreal



indianawrestler is recommended by chileno10

great opponent - Nice fighter , very strong . A lot of fun to wrestle him .



indianawrestler is recommended by clewrslr

Indianawrestler is a great guy and even more fun opponent. He, at least with me, loved to talk trash and when we battled it was really something! We have battled several times since AOL was king of the internet. I look forward to our next battle.



indianawrestler is recommended by Indypindent

Indy was the first guy I ever wrestled. I wasn't much competition too him (he's really good) but he was an amazing guy and very helpful in giving me advice. Great guy!!