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I'm into gut punching as a puncher or receiver. Fairly fit and sporty. Occasional wrestler! Started boxing recently.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights
Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Leather, Gut punching, Nipple play, Trampling


  1. United Kingdom, Stevenage
  2. Spain, San Bartolomé de Tirajana (I'm here between 12/25/2017 and 1/01/2018)
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
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Age: 43-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 159 lbs (72 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

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hertsdog is recommended by dan9692

13/01/18- Met at this very friendly gent's house, hes a great guy to socialise and fight with.

Due to space, we didnt do any gound work, so had a couple of rounds of stand up body punch scrapping. This guy can hit hard, amd will deffo put you through your paces!!!

Afterwards we had several rounds of gut punching, my first time of having a match dedicated solely to gp. I strongly suspect my (non existant) abs will hurt tomorrow haha!!!! This guy can take one hell of a beating and keep coming back for more, really impressed.

I had a great time, and id happily trade punches any time with him. Next tine we need to get a mat room or something so we can really go for it!!!



dan9692 is recommended by hertsdog

13 Jan 2018: Had a great meeting with Dan at my place. To prevent injury against various pointy furniture we restricted ourselves to some rounds of body punch scraps and a load of gut punching. Dan was pretty fearless and left me with a fair few bruises up my arms! He's a good hard puncher and I got my abs beaten up good. He can take a fair load of GP himself too. Great guy to fight and socialize with - recommended!



hertsdog is recommended by skinfightboi

Had an amazing afternoon with Ade, who although relatively new to fight sports certainly gave as good as he got in the ring and didn't look the novice at all - in fact quite the opposite - and gave me a good fight as we alternated between submission wrestling, boxing and mma. One of the strongest guys for his size I have met and because he is in such good shape he looks great in his fight gear. Was a real pleasure to spend the afternoon together.

Another great encounter with Ade who gets tougher and stronger and is in even better shape than ever. One of the nicest guys you could meet on the fight scene too. Has amazingly tough abs by the way!



skinfightboi is recommended by hertsdog

04 Aug 2017: I had a great meet with Johnny - my first time in a real ring and it was awesome. I'm not an experienced wrestler and Johnny was really kind to show me some awesome moves - we had a lot of fun. We also did some light boxing sparring, mixed up with a lot of gut punching give and take. Johnny's in fantastic shape and a pleasure to spend time with - great session.
01 Sep 17: Another fantastic session. Remembered my mouth guard this time so were able to do a bit more boxing sparring. Also had time to do some more mma-style stuff, some wrestling and a good bit of gp. Again, Johnny was a real gentleman, bringing his level down to match my rookie status! Much recommended!
05 Jan 18: More fun! Some wrestling with body punches and a good gut punching session. Some vids of this one on the site. Great man! Fantastic!



hertsdog is recommended by barryg

I had a great wrestling, gut punching and MMA bout with Ade today. We met in Grove Park ring. Both of us are similar size and so it made for a good even bout. I might have had more wrestling skill but Ade is definitely the champion of GP. He looks great in his gear, very fit, strong and in great shape. A genuinely nice guy both in the ring and out of it. I look forward to our rematch.



barryg is recommended by hertsdog

19 Oct 17:- Had a great meet with Barry at Grove Park. Really nice genuine guy and good wrestler and punch buddy! Slim and fit. We did a couple of hours of mixed wrestling with body punches and some give/take gutpunching. Looking forward to next one!



hertsdog is recommended by danwrestle

I met ade at Barnet group session he a good wrestler and a nice guy to chat two look forward to future meets



danwrestle is recommended by hertsdog

12 Nov 17: Great to meet Dan for the first time today at Barnet. He's a gent to talk to and really fun on the mats - recommended!



hertsdog is recommended by latestarter

Had a great tussle with hertsdog. Did manage to get a couple of taps but he got the last one!! Super on & off the mats. Hope we get the chance to do it again - as long as its a wrestle, don't fancy my chances with gp. Certainly recommend



latestarter is recommended by hertsdog

12 Nov 17: Wow can't believe LS has only just started wrestling. At Barnet today he really knew his moves and had me tapping lots! Great friendly guy to talk to. Look forward to next time - recommend!



hertsdog is recommended by mikeswuk

Strong, fit, tough and flexible, he's a great guy to roll with. Definitely recommended



mikeswuk is recommended by hertsdog

12 Nov 17: Great to meet Mike for the first time at Barnet. He's a real friendly guy and a brilliant tutor. I learned loads from this skilled wrestler - mucho recommendo!



hertsdog is recommended by Squashlad

07/11/2017: It's always a pleasure to wrestle an enthusiastic newcomer and hertsdog was certainly that. He's also in truly amazing shape, and his strength, good cardiovascular fitness and stamina meant that this was a much tougher match than it should have been versus someone new to wrestling: when he gets you locked up, it's hard work to break free from all that muscle. But of course that just made it all the more fun! Between subs at the High Barnet matroom on a cold November evening he was pleasant, interesting and easy to talk to and the sort of guy you'd want to invite for a pint to continue to chat to, so hopefully we will get a chance to do that one night soon when we haven't wrestled till late. Safe, sane and highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by hertsdog

08 Nov 17: Great wrestling meet with Mr Squashy at Barnet. Really genuine nice person and amazing wrestler. I've not done much before and learned so much from him. We did around 90 minutes and I was pretty exhausted by the end! Had me tapping every time, and the few times I had him in a hold he just waited until I was worn out then got me back! Must do it again soon!



sub aqua is recommended by hertsdog

06 Nov 17: Met Dan for the first time for a bit of gut punching. Really nice enthusiastic lad. He's fit and I can report he can punch very hard and could take a good bit himself! I've heard he's also an amazing wrestler, so hope to meet for a roll soon! Much recommended!



hertsdog is recommended by pshawfocus

Ok so in this case the camera really does lie....Hertsdog is far, far fitter in the flesh :-) His 'gentleman's play room' provided the perfect venue for our first gut punching meet. He's a very competent, accurate, creative and solid puncher, so my abs got a fantastic, long, hot work over. And his midsection - a very enticing target - resisted a fair few hits when we briefly switched roles. When he's not working you over he's a warm, friendly and welcoming guy. I'm defo up for another round when diaries allow!
15th Jul - had the pleasure of a fun private meet at the Barnet mat room where my stomach was put through a couple of hours of solid, creative and intense abuse - it was soooo good!! Herts is an amazing puncher and knows how to keep up the pressure, introducing different positions and sensations. I also got the chance to return the favour on his abs which was equally enjoyable. Can't wait for our next meet!
14th Oct - met at Collared for an impromptue GP session. As always, it was super hot and wish I'd had the confidence to go on - not used to being punched in front of a large audience but to be fair, few guys batted an eyelid as I got worked over by HertsDog. I also got the chance to give him a few hits too but he's such a good puncher I was more than happy to let him work my abs over.



pshawfocus is recommended by hertsdog

02 Jun 17: Met for the first time today. Genuinely nice and honest guy. A very experienced gp opponent. Could take anything I could give without a flinch - rock hard abs. Great puncher too - went at my pace and level and mixed in loads of positions. Must do it again soon!
15 Jul 17: Another great rematch on the mats today! A quality mix of all types of abs abuse both ways. Great man!
14 Oct 17: I coerced Mr Focus into a gp session at collared. We did a few rounds of me punching and a quick swap over. Fantastic time!



hertsdog is recommended by MikeWLM

Hertsdog is a fit and friendly guy. Had spoken for ages beforehand and finally got around to meeting each other. Several rounds of 2 mins taking it in turns to gutpunch each other and occasionaly trample during some of the rounds. This guy has abs of steel and can take a lot of punishment. Thoroughly enjoyable session and we were both truly worn out by the end.



MikeWLM is recommended by hertsdog

13 Oct 17: Amazing meet with this great friendly and fit guy. We did an hour or so or 2 minute rounds of give/take gut punching with loads of positions and gear. Fit lad who can take it hard. His powerful right had me aching after a few rounds! Looking forward to the next one.



hertsdog is recommended by fight32uk

HD kindly hosted our match at his place. Did some hard punching which was fun. Really nice guy.



fight32uk is recommended by hertsdog

Met L at my place for some give and take gut punching. We did a load of 2 minute timed rounds in various positions with bare fists, wraps, MMA gloves, 16oz gloves. He's a great friendly guy who can really take some punches even when against the floor or wall. Gave me a good pummeling too! Really recommended. So looking forward to another meet with this guy!



Muscle-test is recommended by hertsdog

I had a great meet with Mr muscle-test. I gave his abs a good working over with fists, mma gloves and boxing gloves and he took everything I gave. Really fit guy with hard abs and a nice guy too. Looking forward to next time! Much recommended.



hertsdog is recommended by abs2000

Had an awesome Gut Punching session with Hertsdog, he is an great shape and his abs can take a good beating which I fully enjoyed 😜 and look forward to our next meet. Highly recommend him



abs2000 is recommended by hertsdog

Great fun meet with the abs man! He's a really nice genuine guy. Awesome give/take gut punching in a variety of positions. Great fit body able to take all my punches. Really good puncher was a match for me! I think we entertained the hotel room next door with the noise :) Looking forward to the next one!


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