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No professional wrestler guy but open to learn, for hot wrestling encounters and safe fun.



  1. United Kingdom, London
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Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 139 lbs (63 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, shorts,

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henri70 is recommended by Churd

What a fantastic way to spend a Friday afternoon. Feisty, strong and ever so sexy on the mats. Chatty and interesting off them. I am looking forward to our next hot encounter. Great that he was my 100th on here.



Churd is recommended by henri70

Very glad to be the 100 opponent of this experienced and skilled wrestler we had have great stamina, good fun wrestling and nice Friday evening, very nice guy out of matts and yes definitely we will meet again.



henri70 is recommended by JackBC

What can I say about henri70, what a great start to my 1st official MeetFIghters match which was everything of intense, sweaty and overall fun. He is a very tactile wrestler regardless of my height and weight advantage. I did make him tap twice though :P
Do I hear a rematch calling? 👍
Very genuine and friendly guy off the mats too and more than accommodating. Communication was key between us!



JackBC is recommended by henri70

This handsome young guy is going to be a great wrestler with his knowledge and his passion about wrestling , we had have an intense, good fun match, I am extremely recommend this very nice guy with good conversation out of matts, definitely we will have a rematch.



henri70 is recommended by wannabe123

Great match, and possibly my most even opponent to date. Ended up in a tie so we will definitely be meeting again to settle the score. Highly recommended!



wannabe123 is recommended by henri70

It was an immense fun match with this feisty wrestler we have a great combat and definitely we will have another wrestling to tie-breaker, very nice guy and highly recommend.



henri70 is recommended by back2pin4fun

Updated 6/11/17
Met with henri70 again after too long a gap.
Another great session back and forth. As fiesty as ever and he even made me tap this time ;-)
A lovely guy, definitely recommend, and I won't be leaving it so long until round three!!

Highly recommend this man.
Perfect host.
Good solid wrestler. His stamina never seems to wane.
Spent an excellent few hours wrestling this tough and feisty grappler interspersed with some excellent conversation.
Will definitely meet again :-)



back2pin4fun is recommended by henri70

I had have a very intense and fun match with back2pin4fun a very good and strong wrestler with a very powerful legs who catch me most all the times,
Very nice and reliable guy out of matts and of course I will like to meet him again.



henri70 is recommended by Southcoast Guy

Met this guy on Sunday. What a great guy. He's fit and strong and don't let his size fool you he can wrestle for ages.
All round such a nice guy very much worth a meet if your in London
Thank-you and looking forward to the next match
25/09/2016 Met henri again today arrived on time, as good[even better] than last time we met. Well worth the wait to meet again really hot guy great wrestle nice body and a good guy on and off the mats.
wish there were more guys like henri. Thanks my friend



Southcoast Guy is recommended by henri70

I had have a very good time wrestling with this very experience wrestler, I learn that day from his very good skills and I had have a pleasure to meet a very nice guy too.
Of course well meet again.



henri70 is recommended by DenverWrestler

It was very enjoyable wrestling Henri at the group meet at Barnet. He has a magnificent body – totally ripped and defined, and very very fit. He is a good sport who didn't mind taking on bigger and more skilled guys like me, and he gave 100% in each match. Off the mat he is a charming handsome pleasant guy to meet and to know. I look forward to much more wrestling time with him in the future.



henri70 is recommended by blackwrestleruk

Met Henri for the first time for a very small group meet. He's exactly as you see him in his pix. He's light but fit strong and tenacious with lots of energy. Well worth wrestling this relative newcomer. I can't wait to wrestle him again!!



blackwrestleruk is recommended by henri70

I really had have a good time and fun on this day with this small group and the strong blackwrestleruk gave me some very good advice and tips because he is a skill wrestler and of course would be great meeting again, very nice guy and good conversation out of matts.



henri70 is recommended by readyforit

Met henri70 at a group meet and was delighted to wrestle someone my size for once. I loved his tenacity and will not to give up until he really had to. A lovely man whom I'd be very happy to wrestle (manhandle) again anytime ;-)



readyforit is recommended by henri70

I had have a real pleasure and challenge wrestling readyforit because he is an incredible strong and professional wrestler besides a tough but fun opponent with a witty and nice personality.



henri70 is recommended by Sleek

Met Henri for the first time yesterday. He has a fine body which is fit and strong. He's very determined and held his own against my greater weight and strength, which made for a great wrestle. He also has a very pleasant personality. I very much look forward to a second meeting.



Sleek is recommended by henri70

I did really enjoy wrestling with Sleek, he is a mix of strong, good fun, wrestling skills and a very fit body, i hope we meet again is a very nice guy too.



henri70 is recommended by surfboard

Met Henri - very fit guy - and more than held his own despite the weight difference.



surfboard is recommended by henri70

I have been a very intense match with surfboard, he is a strong opponent, with very good wrestling skills,good fun and very nice guy.



henri70 is recommended by ben

We had an intense and very enjoyable match a while ago. When is round 2?



ben is recommended by henri70

Ben was hard opponent and as the same time enjoy and fun to wrestling of course would be cool for another round.



henri70 is recommended by reslograppler

Henri is a good wrestler with a great body. He is strong and quick amnd can turn defence into attack very quickly. Had a great time with Henri and looking forward to Round 2!!



reslograppler is recommended by henri70

reslograppler besides been strong wrestler, powerful with his legs, have good wrestling skills which make good fun and plenty of action, he is reliable and very nice guy.I am ready for a rematch.



henri70 is recommended by Toppler

Had an excellent, heated, session with this tough, determined but sane wrestler. He wont give up and will be even more formidable as his skills improve. Off the mats, a really nice guy and a good host. Looking forward to a rematch.



Toppler is recommended by henri70

Strong and skilled wrestler with very good technique, we have been a hot match and great time, I hope we meet up again.



henri70 is recommended by LdnGrapple

I recently met henri70 and can recommend him. Future matches will help him focus his considerable strength and stamina on applying his increasing range of skills.



LdnGrapple is recommended by henri70

Very good and strong wrestler with skills technique, I have had a great work out and I am learned important holds at the same time having a good fun with a reliable and nice guy.



henri70 is recommended by westox

A great guy to meet. Absolutely reliable and friendly. Enthusiastic and strong wrestler. Would happily meet again.



westox is recommended by henri70

Westox is my second ever meet we had have a very good work out, he know his holds very well he's a very reliable guy and friendly and i hope we meet up again.