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I will be out of town from July 10th and return July 18th

Short muscular hairy tattooed guy here looking to have a fun time.

Love head-locks, head-scissors, figure 4 head-scissors, reverse head-scissors, face sitting, choke holds and college/submission style wrestling.

Like overpowering someone and keeping them in long humiliating holds, back and forth with applying pressure and easing off or being overpowered and then I am totally up for being punished.

Have lots of singlets, lycra/spandex and speedo's and love wearing hot wrestling gear.

Like certain pro style holds (camel, boston crab...) and am open to learning more but much prefer "real" submission.

Not just looking for muscle guys, I like lots of different body types and ages, from young twinks to muscle beasts and everything in between. Just PLEASE don't be offended if I am not interested in grappling with you, we can't all be everyone's "type"

I have wrestling mats at home so I can host.
Erotic wrestling with the right guy is great but not interested in full on sex! Does not have to be erotic at all, just looking for both of "us" to have fun whatever type of match it is.

Local or visiting guys, please hit me up!

All pics are taken very recently. Not big into chatting and if I give you my direct number it means I am very interested in meeting.



  1. USA - Florida, Wilton Manors
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I am willing to travel 15 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (163 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Gear: Singlets, spandex, speedo's, trunks, fetish wear

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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israeli hye Lucho Peter Xue slowsubs



headscissormuscle is recommended by Lucho

When I saw this guy I thought "This match will be easy because I'm taller and big". I was wrong. He is very stronger bull and surprised me in the first round. He was a tough opponent. We took a little time to train some techniques and he learned very fast. The last matches were very tough. This guy is very competive. I really hope we get to wrestle again. Maybe he can be a training buddy. He is a very nice person. Highly recommend 👍



Lucho is recommended by headscissormuscle

WOW, I seriously can't say enough GREAT things about this guy!
He is a SUPER NICE person, built like a muscle monster, strong as "Samson" and knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to skilled wrestling. I will freely admit that he absolutely KICKED MY BUTT....LOL!!
He is skilled and big and strong but totally safe and sane and respectful and was really happy to take time teach me many things that he knew. I honestly learned a lot from him in the 3 hours that we wrestled and want to learn more so I can whoop his butt one day...NOT!!!
I am so happy he is local and up for some regular matches.
It really was an amazing was fun, exhausting, and I got to learn from him all at the same time! I can not wait for our next match and hope I have made a new buddy in the process!
If you are interested in some REAL wrestling fun, this is the guy to contact.
I have a sneaky feeling I am gonna be sore tomorrow...HAHAHA!!!



headscissormuscle is recommended by Peter Xue

headscissormuscle is an super strong man! he has a really good shape! Also he is a skillful person! I have no idea how can I beat him. so after I lose the game, I punching on his strong body a lot! then trampled on his chest! you cannot imagine that how strong his abs is. we have a good time. highly recommendation! if you saw him in meetfighters, text him!



Peter Xue is recommended by headscissormuscle

Peter is a great guy with a wonderful personality. We had a lot of fun and a great wrestling match. He really enjoys the gut punching aspect of things and so I totally got into it myself with him, he made my abs work very
He was very open to "my style" of submission wrestling also which made for a good time for us both.
I look forward to a rematch ;-)



headscissormuscle is recommended by israeli hye

Headscissormuscle is a powerhouse to say the least, once he gets a hold of your head, either with his legs or arms, get ready to tap. That’s pretty much your only exit strategy. He’s patient but strategic and has some great instincs to turn you over just when you think you have him pinned down. He’s incredibly nice, hospitable and a great person on and off the mats. Did I mention he’s super sexy and 💪🏽. Don’t miss the opportunity to wrestle him if you’re in town. Can’t wait for my grudge rematch with this stud.



israeli hye is recommended by headscissormuscle

Had my second match and it was ten times better than the first!! We had a great time for over 2 hours and love that he is local. There is not enough great things I can say about him. I can't wait for round 3!!

This guy is incredible! It was my first match in a long time and I can't say enough great things about him!!
He is strong and tough, handsome and sweet and just an all around super cool guy.
I had an amazing time with him and can't wait to do it again.
He has left every muscle in my body aching the day
The BEST!!! Plain and simple. The rematch is going to be a "grudge match" HAHA!!!



headscissormuscle is recommended by slowsubs

This guys profile is spot on! From his his pics to his wrestling style preferences. Now and then pics get posted and first reaction is "to good to be true" and the assumption is fake profile. Not the case here, this guy is for real and as amazing as pics look its a bit shocking seeing him in person. Beyond the physical add in a super friendly personable balanced human being. Locking up within seconds you know you messing with a powerhouse. Soooooo much fun, sane and safe, total compact muscle. Like being trapped in a hydrologic press when those arms or legs lock up. Smack talk and all are rt on point and talk about staying power. 6 hours later and we were both laid out and completely exhausted. Off the mat just an instant buddy. Easy to talk with, warm hearted guy that Im happy to say will be a life long friend. Reach out to this guy and be prepared receive a warm response and a power packed meet. I could go on forever praising this guy but gotta leave somthing to your imagination.



slowsubs is recommended by headscissormuscle

Seriously, what can I say about this guy except he is just THE BEST!! I knew he was gonna be a nice guy and I knew he was gonna be fun to roll with but little did I know to what extreme on both counts!
Instant buddy and a buddy forever, that I know. Just the nicest guy and so easy to be around. I enjoyed my time with him "off the mats" as much as I did "on the mats". This guy is one solid human being and I am very happy we met.
Now as for wrestling him....yikes!! He has boundless energy and is one strong guy. Once he wore me down after about an, he then spent 5 more hours just "toying" with me, hold after hold after hold, honestly, he is like the energizer bunny and I could not keep up but it was still an absolute BLAST!!
If he hits you up, make a point of making time for him, you won't be disappointed.
Can't wait to get with him again and make sure that the extra 5 hours will be spent "toying" with him....Grrrrrrrrr