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Interested in meeting guys who like give and take matchs to determine winner.Safe and sane but competitive match.



  1. USA - Texas, Houston
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Age: 64-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 173 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: shorts

Boxing Boxing

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Start of membership: 10/13/2010 5:40 AM


hboxer is recommended by viper

Good competitor who can spar or have a rough fight. If you are going to Houston meet up and have a great match. highly recommend.



viper is recommended by hboxer

Met up with Viper after a long period of period, was press for time but made the time worth while, we started off with 4 rounds of bare fisted punches to body a warm up before we went into the serious fighting 12-2 min rounds of boxing. Both matches sweaty and was close but granted Viper got the edge. If and when there is a rematch the decision will be mine. He is a fun guy easy to chat with keeps it safe. Highly Recommended



hboxer is recommended by scubawrestler

We’ve been trying to get together for many years but our schedule has never permitted until this past week. The setting wasn’t too great because the room was small. So we may do as best we could and did a few rounds had some fun throwing punches in leather back-and-forth he’s got a good game when it comes to bobbing and weaving and he’ll make it difficult for you to land anything. We’ve got plans for another match when we can get together again. So if you pass through Houston make sure you give him a call.



scubawrestler is recommended by hboxer

Met up with Scubawrestler while he had a layover. We boxed for a short time due to limited space. He is a tuff opponent enjoyed the match speaking of having more matches down the road when he is in Houston . Dont pass up the chance to glove up against him for he will give u a competitive match. Highly recommended



muscldfighter is recommended by hboxer

After many years of chatting online finally met up with muscldfighter. He did not disappoint was the match that I expected a tough opponent. Enjoyed his company good guy to hang out after the match, looking forward to second match if he ever gets the chance to come this way again.



hboxer is recommended by PHLBoxer

It's been many years since I tangled with Pete, and this recommendation is long overdue, but well-deserved.

I was in Houston on business and arranged to get together with this skilled boxer. Did plenty of sweaty rounds in various gear, trading quality shots back and forth. Only regret is that we've never had a rematch!



PHLBoxer is recommended by hboxer

As PhlBoxer mention he and I met years ago, we boxed several rounds in various gloves and gear. It was an enjoyed match plenty of punches exchange between us. If the chance comes where we cross paths again I will not hesitate to jump in the ring and mix it up with him again.



hboxer is recommended by btler

Though long time I was last in TX and since we boxed, can easily say, he's a tough hombre and will punch it out. Also nice guy, reliable and good rep. Suspect we'll glove up sometime in the future. Highly recommend.



btler is recommended by hboxer

Met with this tuff opponent years ago. He was a tuff opponent and came down to my level for I was just starting to get into boxing. I highly recommend him and hopefully we will cross paths again for I enjoyed the one time we did have the chance to go a few rounds.



hboxer is recommended by Brown Bomber

HBoxer is a great fun guy, outside of the boxing ring that is! Inside that ring he is all business and his goal is to be the one raising his arms up at the end. So if you want to step in the ring with him BE READY, because he will be and you might end up on the canvass.



Brown Bomber is recommended by hboxer

Met with Brown Bomber this weekend guy is great competitor gives it his all. will mix it with u not backing out, looking forward to next meeting.



hboxer is recommended by flexboxer

Taught me all the foundations to boxing. He's a tough champ with solid punches and knows how to pressure you into mistakes. Box him and you won't be dissapointed.



flexboxer is recommended by hboxer

Met up with FlexBoxer years ago, had some good matches, he is a tough competitor will not back down, loves to mix it up which I like from an opponent.