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hi big muscled wrestler pro-erotic wrestling...a good match with begging, screaming, real and fake pain and suffering, rough talk, umiliation, domination, dirty tricks,this all in tiny trunks or nude...



  1. Italy, Milan
    (I'm here from 8/01/2018)
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Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (192 cm), 201 lbs (91 kg)

Gear: trunk

No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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hanky is recommended by greenman

One of my first pro fights, with a nice, easygoing, powerful wrestler. It was fun to know him and to have the chance to fight together. Recommended!



hanky is recommended by Andrea Fighter

Hanky è un vero lottatore del pro wrestling. Tecnica, forza, esperienza e fisico imponente sono le sue peculiarità. Le grandi capacità di gestire il match sul tappeto e la varietà di mosse e momenti proposti, hanno reso la serata estremamente piacevole e divertente, anche perché entrambi amanti dello stesso stile.
Spero di poterlo rincontrare, poichè indubbiamente piacevole lottare con lui.
Persona cordiale e piacevole fuori dal ring e assolutamente corretta e rispettosa degli accordi presi. Inutile dire che è superconsigliato



Andrea Fighter is recommended by hanky

It is rather unique to find a person with exactly the same passion ,who likes the same style and likes to do what you like! We had a very nice match !!! Andrea has a nice toned body !! We surely will meet again. And ofcourse he is higly recommended by me...



hanky is recommended by sicwre88

Nice wrestler, very into promission with gear and attitude. A well mannered host, knows a lot of pro holds and will give a safe and safe match. Very strong and recommanded.



sicwre88 is recommended by hanky

Really nice good looking wrestler !! We had a really nice match. I enjoyed a lot and i hope we will have a rematch !!! Highly recomended !!



hanky is recommended by Brakus

Great wrestler! I met this guy some weeks ago, and we spent great and funny time together. He knows a lot of moves he is competitive, strong, and good ability! He is muscular and great body. I learned from him a lot of thinghs! Very friendly also and nice person! Definitively i hope to meet him again!



Brakus is recommended by hanky

Wrestled this guy some weeks ago.we had a nice match. Nice lean body, knows a lot of moves, was really a great match. But also important we had a lot of fun. Very educated guy...surely wanna meet him again!!!



hanky is recommended by Rik

I was very much looking forward to meet this hot guy ! We had a rough and fun match. Both pro and submission in alternating roles but it was fun to mostly dominate this tall and handsome man ! Apart from that Hanky is a very nice and easy going guy who can tell a lot of interesting stories about his life in Italy. H, thanx for visiting me and for the great and hot match ! Def hope to dominate you again ;-)



Rik is recommended by hanky

Met this guy and it was a great match. He is big and strong and i was forced to be the jobber in this match.!! He is a great dominator and the match was hot and rough!!! Apart from the match he is a great person . I am glad that i met him.Hope to meet him soon again !! In one word AWESOME....



hanky is recommended by Superfly

This guy is a great wrestler, strong, fit quick, agile and his staying power was good. His pro wrestling skills are good and knows his stuff. Hanky was safe and sane throughout, reliable and was the perfect gentleman. I would def meet again, highly recommended!



Superfly is recommended by hanky

if you meet up this guy you surely will have a great time and match. very strong, reliable, really nice person, surely we will meet again,i hope soon.....



hanky is recommended by frenchprowrestler

Don t hesitate in wrestling this smart guy. He loces pro wrestling and gear and he has very nice pecs and sexy buttocks. Love his nipples. You ll be happy to roll on mats on ring with him
Beau catcheur intelligent qui adore le catch. N hesitez pas à catcher avec lui sur tapis ou sur ring. Beaux pecs et jolis tetons à travailler et petits fessiers sexy dans un joli maillot rouge ! Allez y !
Vale la pena encontrar este luchador pro muy sexy y muy gracioso. Buen luchador
Lottatore dd catch molto bene !



frenchprowrestler is recommended by hanky

i had a really good time with frenchprowrestler. he is a great guy and knows how to pro wrestle in a ring. the match was fantastic and i can recommend him for 100 percent !!!!!



hanky is recommended by blackwrestleruk

Sexy hot heel..woof!