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Hi guys
Into fun wrestling matches with like minded guys,all styles considered but love brit pro and submission mainly.
particularly like long submission holds give or take see who can last the longest in a hold before giving up.
Favorite holds are boston crab,camel clutch and scissor holds but whatever else we can manage just bring it on.
Can do competitive but always save and sane and always the aim is to enjoy a good grapple.



  1. United Kingdom, Barwell
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Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 254 lbs (115 kg)

Gear: trunks,speedos,briefs,shorts.

Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Judo Judo

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Antheus pjon2000 TARZAN



gym runner is recommended by pjon2000

Finally met with Tony after communicating with him for a very long time . He arrived at my place on time and we settled straight into our hot and sweaty session that lasted just under 2 hours. Tony showed me some moves and holds and was a great teacher in that respect. He’s way out of my league in terms of both experience and knowledge and has a lot of strength too! Thanks again Tony.



pjon2000 is recommended by gym runner

finally met after ages trying,well worth it,although he admitted to not knowing much wrestling we had a great time messy about with holds and moves.
he is very keen to learn and is very easy to get on with,and would happily recommend anyone to meet this guy.
would certainly meet again if we could get it together



gym runner is recommended by Antheus

Great, strong bloke all around who doesn't give in easily and is safe and sane. We had an intense bout today that lasted about 1 hour, thoroughly enjoyed the holds and recommend him 100%. Looking forward to next time!



Antheus is recommended by gym runner

met this guy after a few attempts to get together,well worth the wait,strong guy who loves close contact. with a bit more wrestling skill would be a formidable opponent.I"m a big guy and he had me well pinned a few times,keen to learn and picks things up quickly.
great guy,try him guys he"s worth a meet.



gym runner is recommended by TARZAN

Really nice guy, very honest & friendly. A very strong & confident wrestler with great technique & knowledge of holds & how to apply them in a safe & sane manner. Highly recommended, would definitely like to wrestle him again!



TARZAN is recommended by gym runner

what a nice guy,although smaller than me had a real good session,he shows a lot of potential and with someone nearer his own size would be a worthy opponent.has his experience grows he can only get better,had a great time with him.